Armored Corps 6: How to Use Paint Codes



While players have the option to create their own Maxes, they can also apply different decals to make their bots even better! The easiest way to do this is to use a pre-made one. Armored Corps 6 Paint codes. These custom decals feature unique designs with vibrant colors and patterns that truly stand out from the game’s regular color palette.

Key takeaways

  • gave Armored Corps 6 Paint Codes Unique custom made decals are available for players to apply on their Macs.
  • To get different decals, go to the Image Editor tab in the AC Design menu and click on it. Download Button to Redeem Share ID.
  • Once the paint job is achieved, it can be applied to the Mac. AC Design Menu.
  • Players must have one. online Internet connection to redeem paint codes, which can only be used on one platform, so paint codes will not work on PC. PS5.
  • AC6 includes various paint jobs. Minecraft Paint job, a Wall-E Paint job, and more!

How to use paint codes in Armored Corps 6?

Redemption of Share IDs
Screen displayed while redeeming Share IDs (Screenshot via eXputer)

Share once, Emblems codes in Armored Corps 6 Can be downloaded via paint codes. Image editor In the AC Design menu, then go to the Downloaded tab and enter the correct Share ID.

Sharing IDs for these decals would be useless if they were never used in practice, so redeeming these codes is necessary to gain access to the decals they offer in AC6. This is a fairly simple task that should not involve more than a few steps, which are listed below.

  1. move on to The garage And visit AC Design Menu.
  2. Click on the tab labeled Image editor.
  3. Click on Download Icon
  4. Paste what you want. Share ID In the Redemption box, press write, And your paint job will be saved in the AC Design menu.

Now to apply these paint jobs to your matches, go to AC Design Menu And choose where to apply the paint job.

Top 10 Armored Corps 6 Paint Jobs

Louis Vuitton Custom Paint Job
Louis Vuitton Custom Paint Job (Photo by eXputer)

There are a ton of different paint jobs to apply and make your matches look as stunning as ever, so this guide has chosen the top 10 from the list. From Minecraft Decals to look like Squidward, and even a fully decorated one Louis Vuitton Paintwork, this list covers it all!

Name Share ID Platform
Barbatos lupus rex N048BRDMWXGS PC
Haiku Shiki 6RMFV5F46FSK PC
Waifu Hunter M3N2BNGL6VQV PC
Gundam Type-00 Command Qan KS4WERY271NX PC
Bodega Orrera 92557QBRPGJH PC
Titanfall Online RBLUFEV867L6 PS5
Minecraft Creeper HTG99CBM4MY8 PC
Squidward 1MHYHDR0XWK8 PC
Louis Vuitton cover 4MBSXWUGB5YR PC

That’s all there is to know about the different. Armored Corps 6 Paint Codes Available and how to use them on your Mac! Applying these different paint jobs can help your Mac stand out and generally look even better. While on the topic of Armored Corps 6, check out other guides such as Toughest bosses in Armored Corps 6 either or The best head armor in Armored Corps 6.

Also, be on the lookout for some creativity in the community, such as: AC6 Symbol Concepts Which resemble interesting narratives in the game. Finally, don’t forget to bookmark. The Ultimate Code Guides If you really want to get free stuff.


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