Armored Corps 6: How to beat G1 Michigan (Liger Tail Boss)



Armored Corps 6 Features a variety of boss fights that players must fight, whether in the campaign or in the arena. Included in one of the boss fights. G1 Michigan, also known as Lager Tail, and players might want to know how they can beat it. Armored Corps 6G 1 Michigan.

Important: G1 Michigan is a mandatory boss player fights during the Intercept the Redguns mission.

Key takeaways

  • G1 MichiganAlso known as Liger Tail, is one of them. Hardest bosses in Armored Corps 6 That players will have to fight.
  • Players will be able to fight it while doing it. Stopping Redguns mission, and you’ll need to defeat three waves of enemies before fighting Lager Tail.
  • G1 Michigan will have 5 attack patterns, including Bulletstorm Barrage, Detonating Missile Payload, Explosive Blast, Missile Salvo, and Sidewinder Attack.
  • mostly G1 Michigan Invasion Patterns. Armored Corps 6 can be stopped by quick boosting or strafing to the side.

Who is G1 Michigan in Armored Corps 6?

AC6 G1 Michigan
G1 Michigan

The G1 Michigan is a fearsome and terrifying boss players can encounter while doing the Intercept the Redguns mission in Armored Corps 6.

You will also need to kill and eliminate the main force you will be fighting.

Stop Redguns mission.

AC6 prevents redguns.
Stopping Redguns

Moving on, now that you know what the boss is, you’ll need to defeat it, which can be quite a challenge.

As you begin Stop Redguns mission., there will be a wave of enemies firing missile after missile at you, and the first wave of Armored Corps 6G1 Michigan enemies will continue to shoot at you. Still, with a few tricks, dodging these enemies shouldn’t be difficult.

  • One thing take notes This is so the first wave of enemies will be pretty scattered. So, players must move around to aim and shoot at them.
  • After that, there will be a total of 2 more waves that are similar to the first wave, including a range of different maxes.

Players will need a proper one AC6 G1 Michigan Build. To defeat the boss.

G1 Michigan Attack Patterns

AC6 G1 Michigan
G1 Michigan

Now, when it comes to overalls. Attack Patterns For Armored Core 6G1 Michigan, some players may look to use AC6 Flame Thrower To get this out of the way quickly, but strategy is what matters here more than anything else.

  • Bullet Storm Barrage: The boss will continue to shoot after being shot with a rifle, and you can easily move to the side to dodge the attack.
  • Explosive missile payload: It can fire a missile with a payload, and it will explode into smaller missiles that can hit you, and you can dodge it and block it towards the end where it’s going to attack you. .
  • Explosive explosion: This will throw a projectile at the player that will explode, and you can move on. Promote faster Your way out of it.
  • Missile salvo: It will fire missile after missile, and you’ll need to either quick boost or dodge from its side.
  • Sidewinder Attack: The G1 will instantly move towards the player, and you can quickly boost to get away from it.

G1 Michigan build in AC6

Last but not least, let’s quickly discuss one. Armored Corps 6G1 Michigan Bld Which you can use to stagger or stun the G1 Michigan, making it a bit easier to defeat, though players should be aware that it will still take a lot of effort to do so. Do you use one or not? AC6 Flame Thrower Depends on the player.

Assembly Description
L-arm unit Vvc-760PR
R-arm unit Vvc-760 PR
L-back unit VP-60LCS
R-back unit VP-60LCS
compulsory DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang
The head HD-011 Meander
Weapons DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang
the legs LG-022T Bornimus
FCS FC-006 Abbott
The generator VP-200
Booster No one.
Extension Terminal Armour

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. Armored Corps 6G 1 Michigan leader. While you’re here, why not read on? Armored Corps 6th Edition leader? gave Armored Core 6 OST Chips The guide will tell you everything you need to know about OST chips!

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