Armored Corps 6: Attack the Watchpoint (Tips and Rewards)



Assault on Watchpoint is the final mission of Chapter 1. Armored Corps 6. Here, you will face On As a late chapter boss and facing off against one of the hardest bosses in it Armored Corps 6, Baltes. Players will also meet. Ayre Here in a twist of events Armored Corps 6 story And will be rewarded with a new one Parts And weapon After the chapter ends.

Key takeaways

  • Armored Corps 6 Attack the watch point. Chapter 1 is the final mission.
  • It includes two notorious bosses, On And Belt.
  • The entire mission revolves around many explosive enemy units.
  • The best assembly you can go with here. Melander coach Set
  • Attacking a watch point will give the player a reward. War log.
  • Additional rewards include Armored Corps 6 in-game currency, 380,000 COAM.

Attack the Watchpoint Walkthrough

Sector 1 starting point
Sector 1 Starting Point (Screenshot Grab: Exporter)

The mission is Armored Corps 6 Attack the Watchpoint. The final mission You will encounter Chapter 1. It’s certainly not the easiest or shortest mission, but it can be successfully conquered if you know what to do.

You will find the entire mission divided into three phases, which are categorized chronologically and somewhat by difficulty. You will get related to the mission. Purpose log At the end of each “phase”, based on which phase will be covered.

Destroy the SG squads.

The starting point for this stage will be an enemy base over water. Follow the objective marker and clear out the enemies you encounter near the armored cover. Sector 1. If you don’t have a long-range weapon, start the fight from the left side of the armored cover and finish the enemy ahead with the pulse cannon. After clearing this area, you’ll find another Pulse Cannon ahead of you on the left. You can eliminate it using the same tactic.

Your objective marker will bring you. Sector 2 Next, a narrow area of ​​enemies between two large structures. There’s no sneaky trick to clearing the Plus Cannons, but incorporate the following steps into your strategy, and you’ll be just fine.

  • You can use it as a shield in the field while dodging the deadly pulse cannon shots (remember to manage your thruster levels).
  • For starters, clear out the enemy to your right, then the ones on the wall to your right again.
  • Hug the wall as you approach the objective marker to clear Sector 2.

Objective logs:

  • Eliminate the SG Squad in Sector 1.
  • Eliminate the SG Squad in Sector 2.

Defeat entangle/Sulla.

Armored Corps 6 Sixteen
Sola boss fight (Image credit: eXputer)

Once you’ve wiped out all the enemies in Sector 2, your objective marker will guide you. Sector 3. This will lead you to a higher platform, followed by a very high platform between two pillars. Ahead of you will be a bridge at the end of which is a famous, infamous boss enemy, Sula.

Walter and you will be scorned. On When you contact him.

Following are some important facts about Silla:

  • You can’t go past Sula, so you have to beat her to progress.
  • He is a very powerful enemy, far stronger than any armored corps you have faced so far.
  • It is equipped with a sling. Missile launcherHence it is very important to prevent its attacks regularly.
  • He corners himself into the wall at certain points in his attack style, which is a perfect moment to dish out good damage.

Objective logs:

  • Proceed to Sector 3.
  • Destroy AC of unknown affinity.

Destroy BALTEUS.

Boss fight Baltius
BALTEUS Boss Fight (Image credit: eXputer)

Your next objective in Armored Corps 6 Attack the Watchpoint will point to a hub on the ground floor. Once you’ve hacked it and gotten in, you can shut down your supply again (always resupply). Continue following the objective marker into a large chamber with a device Walter will want to destroy you. It will go down in a few hits and trigger a. Cut scene.

When you wake up from the explosion you’ll be greeted with another Armored Corps AAP07: BALTEUS. Its power is only as strong as its fearsome missile launchers make it out to be.

It’s best to keep the following in mind when you fight it:

  • The best tactic to defeat him is to wait until he fires a missile and defend or attack when he moves around.
  • He has a strong close-range explosion, so always be on your toes if you see him attack.

Objective logs

  • Hack into the control center and destroy the target device.
  • PCA SP Destroy autonomous craft BALTEUS.

Mission rewards and collectibles

COAM Weapon Shop
COAM Weapons Store (Image via eXputer)

Collectors are an essential mechanic in Armored Corps 6. Some difficult enemies will drop items which War records, which you can eventually use to increase your Hunter class rank. Defeating ENTANGLE/Sulla will give you one of the many battle logs in Armored Corps 6.

Regarding the mission rewards, successfully completing the mission will give you 380,000 COAM. COAM is an in-game currency that you can use to make purchases. Best starting weapon And other parts of the armored corps of your dreams built up.

Recommended assembly

Assault on equipment assembly watch point
Assembly Loadout (image taken via eXputer)

The Armored Core 6 Attack The WatchPoint mission is one of the most challenging missions you will encounter in Chapter 1 of your playthrough. Therefore, it would be wise to dive in fully prepared for the explosive and deadly dangers you will encounter.

gave Melander The set will give you the best chance of survival. High pulse damage You will receive from most enemies. However, depending on your playstyle, you can also run a tetrapod set.

You can always go. Playground And use your own OST Chips To get some upgrades listed below:

  • HD-011 Melander (The head)
  • BD-011 Melander (Core)
  • AR-011 Melander (weapon)
  • LG-011 Melander (the legs)
  • VP-20D (Generator)
  • BST-G2/P04 (Booster)

This concludes the walkthrough. Armored Corps 6 Attack the Watchpoint mission. If you like this guide, consider checking it out. Juggernaut boss fight leader. Additionally, you can also take a look. Armored Corps 6 Cell 240 Combat walkthrough


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