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Armored Corps 6 Many collectibles, such as hidden parts, are not available for purchase at the store. You need to get these parts by completing training missions or finding their hidden chests. Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Parts Also fall into the category of hidden objects, and you need to find their chests to collect them. Collecting hidden parts gives you some special privileges and helps you get “asset holder”. Success in Armored Corps 6.

Key takeaways

  • AC6 added Riker Parts as hidden objects, and Parts There are various chests scattered throughout that you need to find and collect.
  • You can get Ricker Head During the Chapter Two objective “Accessing the Lower Level Center of Grid 086” based on the 086 grid.
  • To achieve Riker coverFrom there, head to the Furnace section and down to its last floor, where you’ll find a container.
  • Armored Corps 6 Ricker Arms Can be found by entering the large pipe opposite the furnace and going down the trench that leads to a hallway.
  • Finally, you can get Racker legs When you reach “Enihilate Enemy MT Squad” and reach the rail section.

Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Parts

Here’s an overview of all the Wrecker hidden parts you can find in Armored Corps 6.

Name of the item location
Ricker Head During Chapter Two’s “Reaching the Center of the Lower Level of Grid 086”. On a grid basis.
Riker cover In the furnace section, on the base level of the basket.
Ricker Arms In front of the main furnace, the passage leading from the rusty pipe to the hallway.
Racker legs During the “Enemy MT Squad” objective. In the rails section.

Riker Parts and Their Locations

Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Parts
Chapter 2 Objectives (Photo by eXputer)

In Armored Corps 6, hidden Wrecker parts are scattered around the Rubicon, and you need to put some effort into finding the right spots. One thing that makes chests easy to find is their bright orange flashing light, which is located above each container.

You can start searching for Wrecker parts from Chapter 2, Infiltrate Grid 086, where you can collect all its pieces. So, make sure to know the exact locations of the containers so that you know where to find them without wasting your time.

1. HC-3000 Wrecker Head

HC-3000 Wreckerhead
HC-3000 Wrecker Head (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

To get the Rikerhead, you need to reach mission 12, where you will find the “Lower Level Objective of Reach Center of Grid 086”.

  1. Once you’re on the grid, jump down through the cracked mesh and fight the two. MTs Protect the surroundings.
  2. As you destroy matches, move forward. Backward of the compartment after jumping down.
  3. From there, keep moving forward until you reach a dead end.
  4. In the corner, you can see a Container With a flashing light.
  5. Approach the chest and interact with it to get it. HC-3000 Wreckerhead.

2. CC-3000 Wrecker Cover

Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Parts
CC-3000 Wrecker Core (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Once you’ve collected the Wrecker Head, you can start exploring the cover during Chapter Two.

  1. After getting the head unit, proceed. The bottom level of the grid to a basket of molten lava.
  2. As you explore this area, you’ll find some enemies around, so be sure to neutralize all threats to avoid any disruption.
  3. Once you take down the MTs, head down to the base, where you can find another container placed in the middle of the wall.
  4. Approach the container and interact with it to get it. CC-3000 Wrecker Cover.

3. AC-3000 Wrecker Arms

AC-3000 Armament
AC-3000 Wrecker Arms (Photo by eXputer)

After obtaining the Wrecker’s Core, you have collected half of the AC. Now, it’s time to assemble the main parts of the match, which are his arms the legs.

  1. To achieve Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Armsblow up the compartment and go in the opposite direction from the molten discharge area.
  2. Right in front The furnaceyou can see a small opening of a large one rusted Pipe
  3. Go inside the pipe and follow the drain, which will lead you to a moat.
  4. As you go down the trench, you may find a path that leads to an embankment. The hallway.
  5. In the basement, you’ll encounter an AC, which you can defeat without much effort if you have it. The best weapon.
  6. Make your way to the end of the hallway, where you’ll find a third container resting in the corner of a dead end.
  7. Open the container to get the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms.

4. 2C-3000 Racker Legs.

Armored Corps 6 Wrecker Parts
2C-3000 Wrecker Legs (Photo by eXputer)

After collecting all the other necessary Wrecker parts, you can find his legs when you arrive. “Destroy the enemy’s MT squad” the aim

  1. To reach the last section, fly up to the highest platform in the section, where you’ll encounter several. MTs scattered throughout the area.
  2. Once you’ve neutralized the targets, go to the rail section and follow it. Rail line.
  3. The rail line will lead you to a dead-end ramp, where you can see the last container resting in the middle.
  4. Go to the container and open it to get it. 2C-3000 Racker Legs..

This summarizes the AC 6 Wrecker Parts guide in Chapter 2. If you know exactly where to find them. Now that you’ve collected all the parts for the Wrecker AC, you can consider giving it a look. Armored Corps 6 EN Shortfall, AC6 difficulty settingsAnd Armored Corps 6 game length.


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