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Armored Core 6 Karasawa, known as the 44-142 KRSV is the most powerful multi-energy rifle in Armored Core 6. Developed by ALLMIND, the Karasawa is unique in its ability to utilize laser, plasma, and combined energy fire. The rifle can discharge successive shots rapidly, or pilots can charge its attacks in two stages.

Key Takeaways

  • Karasawa is called 44-142 KRSV in Armored Core 6 as a multi-energy rifle.
  • Varied shot options make KRSV extremely versatile among energy rifles.
  • Karasawa in Armored Core 6 is developed by ALLMIND corporation with advanced tech.
  • The two-charge system enables immediate, partial, and full damage shots.
  • Fully charged shots unleash unmatched devastating power.
  • Reach LOGHUNT rank 12 to acquire the Karasawa in Armored Core 6.
  • Need Combat Logs across two playthroughs to rank up.
  • It is not found in loot, only via LOGHUNT progression.
  • Timing a two-step charge is critical for maximizing damage.

What Is The Karasawa In Armored Core 6

karasawa armored core 6
Karasawa Via: Shaftronics Schadenfreude

The Karasawa is an energy rifle that makes it stand out from others due to it’s versatility. The rifle has a two-stage charge system, allowing the pilot to fire off shots immediately, after a partial charge, or after a full double charge. Uncharged shots do minimal damage, while the fully charged blasts unleash incredible power, making it ideal to wait for the full charge when using the Karasawa.

With its unmatched fully charged attack power, the Karasawa’s damage output surpasses any other rifle in Armored Core 6. The multiple energy options and tiered charging system combine to make the Karasawa one of the most advanced and hard-hitting weapons an Armored Core can equip.

Location Of Karasawa In Armored Core 6

Obtaining the formidable Karasawa rifle requires putting in work to rank up in Armored Core 6’s LOGHUNT program. The Karasawa cannot be found in any lootable chests or containers scattered throughout missions. Instead, pilots must reach rank 12 in the LOGHUNT program. 

Here’s how you can get Armored Core 6 Karasawa:

  1. This is accomplished by first completing a full playthrough of Armored Core 6 story mode.
  2. During the playthrough, it’s essential to collect the Combat Logs that are hidden in various missions, which can be reviewed later in the Replay Mission menu.
  3. After finishing the campaign once, players need to start a New Game and progress partway through it to unlock extra missions containing additional Combat Logs.
  4. Maxing out the LOGHUNT rank requires gathering Combat Logs across two playthroughs.
  5. With perseverance and dedication to finding all of the hidden Combat Logs, pilots can obtain this formidable multi-energy rifle via LOGHUNT rank progression.

What Is The LOGHUNT Program 

Combat Logs armored core 6 karasawa
Combat Logs Via: OrcCorp

The LOGHUNT Mercenary Program is introduced in Armored Core 6 as you progress. Certain enemies are designated targets, rewarding you for defeating them. After finishing Chapter 1’s “Operation Wallclimber,” you’ll be welcomed to LOGHUNT, one of ALLMIND’s programs.

From then on, special enemies in missions will have Combat Logs. Taking them down earns you the log, increasing your tally to rank up LOGHUNT and unlock new AC Parts.

  • Combat Logs are distinct from Data Logs for lore – they purely rank up LOGHUNT in Armored Core 6.
  • You can’t tell which enemies have them on your first run.
  • Mission Replay reveals if a level has logged via the “Battle Log” subtitle.

It will say the following:

  1. “PENDING” – Enemies with unclaimed logs are present.
  2. “COMPLETE” – All logs collected.

Explore thoroughly, as most log enemies are off the main paths. A special icon by their health bars indicates they have a log. The logs have tiers that contribute different amounts to LOGHUNT progress. Defeating these enemies and collecting logs will rank you up in LOGHUNT and unlock new Parts.

Karasawa Description

Description armored core 6 karasawa
Karasawa Description Shaftronics Schadenfreude

This table is all about Armored Core 6 Karasawa stats and why it is the most powerful multi-energy rifle:

Stat Value
Blast Radius 20
ATK Heat Buildup 120
Full Charge Attack Power 2522
Full Charge Impact 1930
Recoil 40
Rapid Fire 3.4
Full Charge Time 4.5
Cooling 167
Ammunition Cost 600
Energy Capacity 2500
Attack Power 312
Impact 112
Total Rounds 80
Weight 10,120
Energy Load 707

The 44-142 KRSV is another name for the Karasawa rifle in Armored Core 6. It stands out as the only weapon classified as a ‘Multi Energy Rifle’ due to its unique development by the corporation ALLMIND. This allows the KRSV to utilize three distinct energy fire modes: laser, plasma, and a combined laser-plasma shot.

The rifle is engineered with a two-stage charge system as well. Pilots can fire off immediate unaimed shots, partially charged blasts for moderate damage, or fully charged shots for maximum devastation.

  • Fully harnessing the KRSV’s capabilities requires timing the two-step charge to unleash enormously powerful attacks.
  • With the varied energy shot options and tiered charge system, the 44-142 KRSV offers unmatched versatility and damage potential compared to any other rifle.
  • Its ALLMIND origins and multi-energy capabilities make the KRSV a highly advanced weapon at the peak of Armored Core technology.

How To Use KRSV Optimally

Charged Fire armored core 6 karasawa
Charging shots before firing Via: Shaftronics Schadenfreude

To utilize the 44-142 KRSV to its maximum potential, pilots should focus on fully charging shots before firing. The base damage of unaimed and partially charged shots is relatively low compared to other weapons. 

  • The full attributes of the 44-142 KRSV are 80 rounds with a 10-round cost for fully charged blasts, along with the various laser, plasma, and combined shot options.
  • Though it takes practice, expert pilots can leverage the KRSV’s two-step charge and massive fully charged attack damage to overwhelm enemies.
  • By fully charging every shot, the versatility, and tiered charge mechanics make the Karasawa one of the most powerful rifles an Armored Core can wield.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know all the secrets of Armored Core 6 Karasawa! While you’re here, check out eXputer’s take on Armored Core 6: Best Armor and Armored Core 6: Game Length.


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