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In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, for the PlayStation 5, players embark on a quest to unlock 30 meticulously designed trophies, ranging from Bronze to the elusive Platinum. These challenges span various gameplay milestones and are also available as achievements for Xbox and PC gamers. While PlayStation enthusiasts have the exclusive chance to secure the Platinum trophy, each achievement signifies mastery over a particular aspect of this engrossing title.

Key Takeaways

  • Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon features a total of 30 trophies for players to pursue.
  • Unlocking all trophies grants the prestigious Platinum trophy, a sign of game mastery.
  • PlayStation 5 players have an exclusive Platinum trophy; however, PC and Xbox players can earn all other achievements.
  • Players need a minimum of three full playthroughs to obtain all trophies.
  • The S-Ranks in missions are obtained via mission replays, not during main playthroughs.
  • There are 11 missable trophies, highlighting the importance of careful Armored Core 6 gameplay and mission selection.
  • Achieving the Armored Core 6 Platinum trophy is a challenging endeavor, which is why I have ranked it an 8.5 out of 10 in trophy difficulty.

How Many Trophies Are There In Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon for PlayStation 5, there are 30 trophies available: 14 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Gold, and 1 Platinum trophy. Xbox and PC players can unlock these as achievements, but the Platinum trophy is exclusive to PlayStation. Each trophy corresponds to various challenges and milestones within the game.

1. All Bronze Trophies

AC6 bronze trophy "illegal mission"
AC6 bronze trophy  (picture credits: eXputer)
bronze Trophy Name How to Unlock
A New Thread Clear the mission titled “Attack the Old Spaceport.”
Illegal Entry Successfully complete the “Illegal Entry” mission.
Operation Wallclimber Finish the mission “Operation Wallclimber.”
Contact Conquer the mission: “Attack the Watchpoint.”
Ocean Crossing Complete the mission named “Ocean Crossing.”
Ayre and the Coral Destroy the Ice Worm in the specified mission.
Into Unknown Territory Dive deep and clear “Underground Exploration – Depths 3.”
Re-education Reach your destination in “Coral Convergence.”
The Floating City Secure the “Uninhabited Floating City” mission.
MIA Wrap up the mission labeled “MIA.”
Training Complete Finish all available training modules in the game.
Hardware Engineer Construct an Armored Core (AC) from scratch.
Software Engineer Upgrade the Operating System of your AC.
Graphic Designer Modify and personalize your AC’s color scheme.

2. All Silver Trophies

AC6 silver trophy "S rank mission"
AC6 silver trophy “S rank mission” (picture credits: eXputer)
Silver Trophy Name How to Unlock
The Fires of Raven Achieve the conclusion named “The Fires of Raven.”
Liberator of Rubicon Reach the finale “Liberator of Rubicon.”
Alea lacta Est Attain the ending designated as “Alea lacta Est.”
Weapon Collector Secure every weapon part available in the game.
External Parts Collector Collect all frame components.
Internal Parts Collector Gather all inner mechanism parts.
Expansion Collector Acquire each Core Expansion offered in the gameplay.
Combat Log Collector Get hold of every combat log.
Data Log Collector Accumulate a minimum of ten different data logs.
Testing Complete Finish all the combat readiness tests in the Arena section.

3. All Gold Trophies

AC6 gold trophy achievement S rank Mission
AC6 gold trophy (picture credits eXputer)
Trophy Name How to Unlock
Tuning Expert Execute upgrades on every part of your OS.
Asset Holder Obtain each and every part available in the game.
Master of Arena Conquer all challenges and opponents in the Arena.
Stargazer Successfully finish every mission presented in the game.
The Perfect Mercenary Achieve the top ‘S Rank’ rating in all missions.

What Do You Get After Unlocking All Trophies In AC6

After unlocking all the trophies in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon on PlayStation 5, you’ll receive the ultimate Platinum trophy named “Armored Core.” This trophy is the crown jewel of the collection, serving as a testament to your mastery over every challenge the game has to offer.

How Many Missable Trophies Are There In Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, there are 11 missable trophies. Here’s a breakdown of these trophies and how to ensure you don’t miss them:

  1. Stargazer: Always select new missions in each playthrough. Repeating old missions could lead to additional playthroughs.
  2. The Perfect Mercenary: Ensure you unlock every mission within three playthroughs. Otherwise, you’ll need an extra run.
  3. Combat Log Collector: Always unlock missions containing a combat log. Missing one would require another playthrough.
  4. Master of Arena: Defeat the last three arena bosses before completing New Game++. These bosses aren’t accessible post-NG++.
  5. Asset Holder, Weapon Collector, External Parts Collector, Internal Parts Collector: Always unlock missions holding part containers or logs. Additionally, if you overlook the final boss in NG++, it calls for another playthrough.
  6. The Fires of Raven, Liberator of Rubicon, Alea lacta Est: These represent the game’s three endings, and only one can be achieved per playthrough. Making incorrect choices might force you to replay the game.

How Many Playthroughs Are Required To Get AC6 Platinum Trophy

To secure the Platinum trophy in Armored Core 6, players are required to complete at least three full playthroughs: New Game (NG), New Game+ (NG+), and New Game++ (NG++). These playthroughs ensure that all missions and the three different endings are unlocked.

However, achieving S-Ranks in missions isn’t possible during these main playthroughs. Instead, players need to replay specific levels to earn these top grades.

Potential pitfalls to be wary of:

  1. Mistaken Mission Selection: If a player chooses the wrong mission or strays from the recommended Roadmap, an additional (4th) playthrough becomes necessary to rectify that mistake and unlock any missing mission.
  2. Arena Bosses in NG++: Failing to defeat all Arena Bosses before concluding New Game++ will also necessitate a 4th playthrough, specifically to tackle the final three Arena bosses once more.

It’s essential to note that attempting to “save scum” for different endings isn’t viable in Armored Core 6 because the NG++ playthrough features exclusive missions and endings. Thus, completing all three playthroughs is non-negotiable for those seeking the Platinum trophy.

How Difficult It Is To Unlock The Platinum Trophy In Armored Core 6

Unlocking the Platinum trophy in “Armored Core 6” is a challenge, requiring meticulous planning and multiple playthroughs. With the need for three mandatory playthroughs, replaying specific levels for S-Ranks, the potential pitfalls of missing missions or bosses, and the inability to “save scum” for different endings, players are bound to invest significant time and effort.

Moreover, with 11 missable trophies, there’s little room for error. Taking all these factors into consideration, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would easily rank achieving the Platinum trophy in Armored Core 6 at an 8.5 difficulty out of 10.

In short, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon offers a rich tapestry of achievements, challenging players across multiple playthroughs. The journey to Platinum is both rewarding and demanding, emphasizing precision and strategic gameplay. Collecting all trophies signifies true mastery, marking the player as an elite pilot in this intricate mech universe.


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