Armored Core 6: The Kotobukiya Model Kits (Explained)



It has been a tradition of the Armored Core series, where each new game is followed up with a set of model kits. These model kits are developed and produced by Kotobukiya even though Bandai Namco distributes the game. With the release of AC6, the tradition lives on as it has been confirmed that Kotobukiya will be making Armored Core 6 Model Kits along with some reissued model kits.

Key Takeaways

  • Model Kits are action figures you must assemble, paint, and decorate yourself.
  • Kotobukiya is producing the model kits of Armored Core 6, and they have confirmed that it will have model kits; however, there are no updates on them regarding Armored Core 6 yet.
  • The source of this confirmation was the official tweet that Kotobukiya published.
  • Still, some Armored Core classic model kits are making a return, such as the White Glint, Mirage-GAEA, and Malicious-R.I.P.3.

All About Armored Core 6 Model Kits

Now, as mentioned before, it has been confirmed that there will be model kits for AC6, and this conclusion was made on May 10, 2023, when Kotobukiya officially stated on Twitter the following: 

However, there are still no updates on when these AC6 model Kits will be released. For now, it is only known that Kotobukiya is working on releasing a model kit for AC6. Still, no one knows when this model kit will be released and what it will be based on.

Reissued Armored Core Model Kits

Mirage C01 GAEA Model Kit
The Mirage C01 GAEA Model Kit. (Credits: Kotobuikaya)

Furthermore, everything is not lost, as it is also known that Kotobukiya has started taking pre-orders for three reissued Armored Core Model Kits, which are as follows:

  • Mirage C01-GAEA (Reissue) for $31.05 (Releases in January 2024)
  • Lineark White Glint (Reissue) for $55.57 (Releases in February 2024)
  • CO3 Malicious R.I.P.3 (Reissue) for $63.74 (Releases in March 2024)

What Are Model Kits

Model Kits are action figures you must assemble, paint, and decorate yourself. Also, a model kit is a scaled version of the figure that comes along with a bunch of unassembled plastic parts. These parts can usually be snapped together or assembled using plastic glue. 

Model kits make the perfect gift for someone who is into a specific game or is inspired by a particular character. There are a bunch of different types of model kits, and there are many model kits for different characters. 

And with that, the AC6 Model Kits guide comes to an end. Where you learned about the upcoming reissued and new model kits of Armored Core 6, which Kotobukiya is producing. Also, if you are starting Armored Core 6, please go through the Best Builds in AC6 and check the Best PVP Build for AC6.

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