Armored Core 6: The Best Swords and Blades (Top 6)



Armored Corps 6 Makes many changes to the core mechanics of the franchise, and one of them is the importance of melee combat and weapons. Melee weapons Close quarter combat and heavy amounts of base and surprise damage are essential to deal with. So, while the dual gun makes Still viable, having an excellent sword and blade in Armored Corps 6 is essential for survival in its many encounters and boss battles.

Key takeaways

  • There is 12 Riot weapon In Armored Corps 6.
  • They are divided into chains, daggers, blades, slicers and sticks.
  • The pulse And Laser Blade Armored Corps 6 has the best swords in the early game.
  • Laser slicer It is a great alternative to twin blades and one of the best swords in Armored Core 6 for single target enemies.
  • Redshift and Chandni Armored Core 6 has excellent blades, capable of handling all kinds of conditions.
  • WLT 101 All have the ultimate reward to find. Battle Logs in Armored Corps 6.

Best Swords in Armored Corps 6

Here is a list of the 6 best swords in Armored Core, along with their Attack Power, Impact, Continuous Hit, Charged Attack Power, Direct Hit Adjustment, Weight and I load:

Weapon Name Attack power Effects of Consecutive hits Charged Attack Power Direct hit adjustment The weight And load
HI-32: BU-TT/A – Pulse Blade 963 710 2 1586 230 1800 213
Vvc-774LS – Laser Slicer 1615 900 2 1615 225 3260 328
Vvc-770LB – Laser Blade 1630 1100 1 1170 x 2 195 2680 325
IB-CO3W2: WLT 101 – Choral Oscillator 1350 960 1 1950 210 2030 642
IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFT – Coral Oscillator 727 530 2 1614 190 2200 544
IA-C01W2: Moonlight – Light Wave Blade 615 495 2 2010 175 2200 544

6. HI-32: BU-TT/A – Plus Blade

HI-32: BU-TT/A
Rank 6 – Plus Blade (Image credit: eXputer)
Attack power 963
Effects of 710
Cumulative effect 450
Consecutive hits 2
Charge Attack Power 1586
Effect of charge 1200
Charge collection effect 650
Direct hit adjustment 230
PA intervention 147
Cooling 282
The weight 1800
EN load 213

How to unlock: Available as a starting weapon in AC6.

The Plus Blade is not only one of the most balanced blades, but one of them. The best starting weapon in Armored Corps 6. This is the main disadvantage. 963, to which is extended. 1586 On a charged strike. Additionally, its incredible range also helps with landing a lot. Continuous strikes.

Every time the melee attack button is pressed the AC automatically does a mini-boost, allowing it to travel extra distance and land a guaranteed strike. It also has a good effect damage, which also makes it a great choice for filling enemies. Staggering bar While there are certainly weapons with better damage and range that are unlocked later, the Plus Blade is definitely a viable option until the end game.

5. Vvc-774LS – Laser Slicer

Level 5 – Laser Slicer (Screenshot Grab: Exporter)
Attack power 1615
Effects of 900
Cumulative effect 225
Consecutive hits 2
Charge Attack Power 1615
Effect of charge 900
Charge collection effect 225
Direct hit adjustment 185
PA intervention 122
Cooling 267
The weight 3260
And load 328

How to unlockAvailable at Garage for : 339,000 COAM After completing the last mission of Chapter 3 In NG+.

The laser slicer has the highest attack power of the melee weapons, slightly below it. Bunker. It’s the closest thing to a twin blade in Armored Core 6 and even has similar animations to its soul-like counterparts.

His charged attack also covers a decent range and is capable of hitting multiple enemies. However, the entries below are much better in terms of wide range damage. The laser slicer is an excellent overall. Single target nuking blade Which not only has cool melee animation, but also has the damage to back it up as one of the best blades in Armored Core 6.

4. Vvc-770LB – Laser Blade

Level 4 – Laser Blade (Image credit: eXputer)
Attack power 1630
Effects of 1100
Cumulative effect 330
Consecutive hits 1
Charge Attack Power 1170 x 2
Effect of charge 750 x 2
Charge collection effect 280 x 2
Direct hit adjustment 195
PA intervention 127
Cooling 317
The weight 2680
And load 365

How to unlock: Unlocked after completion. Operation Wall Climber The laser blade is available in Chapter 1. 210,000 COAM In the garage

Laser Blade easily takes most of mine. Early to late game In Armored Corps 6, and it was only because of two reasons: absolutely incredible range and damage. His charged attack is so broad and his damage so high that you can cut through piles of enemy fodder with little effort.

It’s base and impact damage Armored Core 6 is also at the top of the best sword and melee weapons. However, its only drawback was that its charged attack was kind of dangerous because if you missed it, the entire attack animation left you vulnerable for a long time. However, if you land it, it results in a lot of stagger and attack damage.

So this is one A high-risk, high-reward weapon, One that I definitely recommend checking out, especially in the early game.

IB-CO3W2: WLT 101
Level 3 – WLT 101 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Attack power 1350
Effects of 960
Cumulative effect 960
Consecutive hits 1
Charge Attack Power 1950
Effect of charge 1450
Charge collection effect 1450
Direct hit adjustment 210
PA intervention 140
Cooling 199
The weight 2030
And load 642

How to unlock: After arriving Hunter Rank 15 And collecting all War records.

WLT 101 is the ultimate reward for players who collect all of the game’s battle logs, which is automatically equivalent to doing everything available in Armored Corps 6. 1350 Basic damage by covering a reasonable distance, which guarantees a strike.

What’s really cool about it is the charged attack. WLT 101 exposes an extreme. wide Coral Beam Able to explode all normal mechs around it. Additionally, his Charged Impact damage is also one of the highest in the melee category, making him great for filling a fast stagger bar as well. However, his Charged Attack – while really cool to look at – is really slow, and it’s really hard to hit fast-moving machines, especially PvPalong with.

Additionally, the need to unlock it also lowers its ranking on my list because once you unlock it, you’re pretty much done with all the tasks. Armored Corps 6 Story, And the only thing left is the PvP component. You can for one more playthrough; However, his Stats in Armored Corps 6 Not the type who can one-shot everything.

2. IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFT – Choral Oscillator

Rank 2 – Redshift (Image credit: Exporter)
Attack power 727
Effects of 530
Cumulative effect 530
Consecutive hits 2
Charge Attack Power 1614
Effect of charge 820
Charge collection effect 820
Direct hit adjustment 190
PA intervention 126
Effective range 280
Cooling 209
The weight 2200
And load 544

How to unlock: To complete all Playground Challenges in NG+

Redshift and the next entry on my list are both very similar weapons in terms of moveset, but their differences go beyond just the color change. Redshift beats Moonlight Blade in terms of Base attack And Impact damage. Also, one of Redshift’s standout features is its ability to launch projectile attacks despite being a melee weapon.

His normal attacks send waves of coral energy while his charged attack unleashes a massive boat that obliterates everything in its path. And despite being able to send out ranged projectiles, it doesn’t use any ammo, making it a very viable option for dealing ranged damage if you’re low on ammo or melee.

1. IA-C01W2: Moonlight – Light Wave Blade

IA-C01W2: Moonlight
Level 1 – Moonlight (grab screenshot: eXputer)
Attack power 615
Effects of 495
Cumulative effect 495
Consecutive hits 2
Charge Attack Power 2010
Effect of charge 910
Charge collection effect 910
Direct hit adjustment 175
PA intervention 112
Effective range 280
Cooling 209
The weight 2200
And load 544

How to unlock: located in Chapter 4′The final mission of, “Reach the Coral ConvergenceAvailable at a price of 270,000 COAM Later in the garage.

Everything that is said about Redshift is true for Moonlight Blade, except for the fact that it has a reputation and a legacy to uphold. Moonswords are a recurring weapon. From the software games, and it’s safe to say that Moonlight Blade in Armored Core 6 does not disappoint.

Although its attack damage and impact damage are slightly lower than Redshift’s, it easily beats it by significantly more. Charged Attack, Impact, And Accumulated impact damage. Simply put, Moonlight’s charged attack that takes down a wide boat is far more lethal than its Coral sibling and is a better way to crowd control or attack a staggered elite enemy/boss.

Its legacy in the franchise, attack damage, and extensive combat potential make it easily one of the best swords and blades in Armored Corps 6.

This concludes my guide to the best. Sword and Blades in Armored Core 6. Once you’ve read it, why not try these swords on Armored Corps 6’s toughest opponents like Ayre, Belt, JuggernautAnd 240?


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