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In Armored Core 6, weapon selection surpasses raw power, reflecting strategic finesse, especially with the in-game shotgun options. From the impactful Zimmerman Shotgun to the versatile Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E, wielding elite shotguns offer combat edge and highlight pilot prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the Armored Core 6 best Shotgun categories to elevate your combat strategy and dominate the battlefield.
  • Unleash agile precision with the WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun, obliterating opponents up close with well-timed shots.
  • Equip the SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun for versatile medium-range support, maintaining tight grouping and substantial damage.
  • Confront heavily armored foes with the SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun’s unmatched power, strategically engaging in close proximity combat.
  • Harness laser technology with the Laser Shotgun VP/66LS, delivering controlled bursts of energy that redefine combat at intermediate distances.
  • Empower your arsenal with the Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E, creating short-range energy spikes for devastating impact.
  • Make informed choices to amplify your pilot prowess in Armored Core 6 battles, selecting the ideal shotgun for your combat style.

Best Shotguns In Armored Core 6

Here are the top five shotguns in Armored Core 6 showcased along with stats, and ranging from lethal precision to adaptable power, redefining combat strategy:

STAT WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun Laser Shotgun VP/66LS Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E
Attack Power 85×13 900 576 560 504
Effective Range 155 184 169 259 235
Ideal Range 76 102 88 130 130
Impact 61×13 840 360 304 405
Rounds 546 53 66 60 66
Accumulative Impact 41×13 420 280 88 14
Direct Hit Adjustment 205 205 205 145 145
Recoil 100 90 90 20 20
Reload Time 3 2 1.3
Ammunition Cost 30 350 200 300 200

1. WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun

The Sweet Sixteen Shotgun - Armored Core 6 Best Shotgun
Armored Core 6 Best Shotgun – WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun (image credit: eXputer)

The WR-0777 operates as a deadly shotgun rifle for creating agile configurations. This allows you to obliterate an opponent’s cranium in AC6 or make a substantial dent in a boss’s health. Perfect for lighter loadouts, it delivers satisfying results through AP, achieved with precisely timed and accurate shots.

It is crafted by RaD, operating as a multi-barreled launcher that triggers the release of distinct projectiles from multiple barrels concurrently, resulting in substantial damage for close-range combat and enabling assaults across a broad expanse.

  • One of the most strategic maneuvers involving the Sweet Sixteen is the dual-wielding technique.
  • Dual-wielding allows you to fire with one shotgun and quickly switch to the second one for a rapid double shot, leaving minimal chance for your opponent to react but to escape.
  • If timed correctly, you can quickly recharge by alternating between the two.
  • When confronting bosses, you can choose to pair it with an assault boost, followed by a kick, and then follow up with two rapid shotgun discharges for a more significant effect.
  • It is available at the Garage’s Parts Shop, it can be acquired for 49,000 COAM.

Presented below is the table for all the statistics for WR-0777 Sweet Sixteens:

Attack Power  85×13
Effective Range 155
Ideal Range 76
Impact 61×13
Rounds 546
Accumulative Impact 41×13
Direct Hit Adjustment 205
Recoil 100
Reload Time 3.0
Ammunition Cost 30

2. SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun

SG-027 ZIMMERMAN Shotgun – Armored Core 6 Best Shotgun (image captured by us)

The Zimmerman stands as the subsequent shotgun worth investing in, as it is not restricted to short distances but can be used for weightier projectiles that maintain their tight grouping over medium-range combat. Each projectile will travel across moderate to extended ranges and cause substantial, high damage, resulting in essential support for mech pilots in AC6.

  • Its adaptability enables aviators to engage adversaries from distances usually reserved for automated weaponry, establishing a tactical balance between firepower and positioning.
  • This capability can be acquired by completing Mission 3: Ocean Crossing in Chapter 2, and it is attainable for 115,000 COAM.
  • This investment promises a game-changing experience in battles.

Presented below is the table encompassing the Full Statistics for the SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun:

Attack Power  900
Effective Range 184
Ideal Range 102
Impact 840
Rounds 53
Accumulative Impact 420
Direct Hit Adjustment 205
Recoil 90
Reload Time 2.0
Ammunition Cost 350

3. SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun

SG-026 HALDEMAN Shotgun (image by us)

Next up in the Armored Core 6 Best Shotgun guide is the Haldeman shotgun. Balam has designed the Haldeman shotgun, which delivers unmatched power in situations involving close proximity combat, making them useful against slow, heavily armored bosses.

  • It discharges shots in a spread-out manner, leading to remarkable impact despite its limited range.
  • At this point, you have the option to employ your propulsion devices to swiftly approach the boss and obliterate them.
  • The Haldeman delivers a significant impact and can inflict 576 damage within an optimal range.
  • While this gun does possess a limited ammo capacity, it should suffice for any encounter.
  • Additionally, you can acquire this weapon early on from your Parts Store for around 75,000 COAM or after completing the missions that include: Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship and Attack the Dam Complex.

Below, you’ll find the table that covers the statistics of the SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun:

Attack Power  576
Effective Range 169
Ideal Range 88
Impact 360
Rounds 66
Accumulative Impact 280
Direct Hit Adjustment 205
Recoil 90
Reload Time 1.3
Ammunition Cost 200

4. Laser Shotgun VP/66LS

VP-66LS Laser Shotgun
VP-66LS Laser Shotgun (image credit: eXputer)

Arquebus has crafted a laser shotgun. Staying consistent with its blueprint, this armament demonstrates its dependability when employed at intermediate distances. To amplify the laser’s effect, you can charge it up, thus converging the laser beams and resulting in a burst of potent energy. It’s available for acquisition at the Garage’s Parts Shop for a cost of COAM 105,000.

Down below, you will discover the table containing the Full Stats for the Laser Shotgun VP/66LS:

Attack Power  560
Effective Range 259
Ideal Range 130
Impact 304
Rounds 60
Accumulative Impact 88
Direct Hit Adjustment 145
Recoil 20
Ammunition Cost 300
ATK Heat Buildup 190
Chg. Attack Power 1307
Chg. Impact 950
Chg. Blast Radius  45
Chg. Accum. Impact  460
Chg. Heat Buildup 650
Rapid Fire 0.8
Charge Time 0.9
Chg. EN Load 582
Chg. Ammo Consumption 4

5. Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E

Wuerger/66E Laser Shotgun
Wuerger/66E Laser Shotgun (image captured by us)

Schneider has developed a laser shotgun. It excels at short-range with spread-out laser rays. Power up the gun to focus the rays and make an energetic “spike” of power. You can obtain it for COAM 147,000 at the Garage’s Parts Shop.

Below, you’ll find the table with Full Stats for the Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E:

Attack Power  504
Effective Range 235
Ideal Range 130
Impact 405
Rounds 66
Accumulative Impact 14
Direct Hit Adjustment 145
Recoil 20
Ammunition Cost 200
TK Heat Buildup 180
Chg. Attack Power 1459
Chg. Impact 940
Chg. Blast Radius  45
Chg. Accum. Impact  360
Chg. Heat Buildup 1000
Rapid Fire 1.1
Charge Time 0.6
Chg. EN Load 484
Chg. Ammo Consumption 3
Cooling 244

In the high-stakes battles of Armored Core 6, the choice of shotgun can be the defining factor between victory and defeat. As you navigate the intricate dance of mech combat, these top-tier shotguns bring forth an array of strategic possibilities. Here’s what Reddit has to say about the efficiency of Double Shotguns.

The WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun offers surgical strikes with agile configurations, while the SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun redefines medium-range engagement. On the other hand, the SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun becomes the harbinger of close-quarter destruction. The Laser Shotgun VP/66LS and Laser Shotgun Wueger/66E, products of advanced design, harness the energy of lasers for an innovative approach to combat.

In conclusion, each shotgun represents not just raw power but the essence of strategic finesse. As you progress through Armored Core 6, remember that these shotguns are more than tools; they are the embodiment of your pilot prowess, enhancing your combat edge in the most intense battles. Choose wisely, adapt your tactics, and secure your position as a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive understanding of the Armored Core 6 landscape, be sure to check this explainer on Armored Core 6 all Stats. Moreover, if you’re keen to fine-tune your in-game experience and want to learn about the various difficulty settings, their impact, and how they shape the game’s challenges, the guide on Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings has got you covered. 

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