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Boosters greatly affect the moments of your mech, and as of now, ALULA 21E is the Armored Core 6 Best Booster you can get. This booster has great Thrust, Upward Thrust, and QB Thrust attributes, but it cannot be purchased from the shop. Along with the best booster, I will also discuss some other alternatives you can use that may unlock earlier, easier, and cheaper than the 21E. 

Key Takeaways

  • Improving the movements of a mech via boosters in Armored Core 6 is important as it helps to dodge the attacks.
  • These boosters range from different thrust types and speeds, so players must consider these factors when choosing the optimal component for their build.
  • The ALULA 21E is arguably the best choice, with the second-highest thrust in Armored Core 6, and it has three chambers.
  • The second-best booster is BST-G2 P06SPD, and it is a great alternative because it has the highest thrust in AC6.
  • IA-C01B: GILLS and IA-C01B are both good choices for the early and mid-game but won’t work well in the late game as they will struggle to perform in the area where the top two boosters dominate.

Best Boosters In Armored Core 6

The following are the four best boosters you can find in Armored Core 6 showcased along with Thrust, AB Thrust, Melee Attack Thrust, QB Jet Duration, and QB Reload Time stats.

Booster Thrust AB Thrust Melee Attack Thrust QB Jet Duration QB Reload Time
ALULA 21E 6668 9085 10868 0.30 0.35
BST-G2 P06SPD 6801 8685 10652 0.36 0.56
IA-C01B: GILLS 6317 8335 6184 0.28 0.30
FLUEGEL 21Z 6101 8668 9918 0.40 0.50

1. ALULA 21E

ALULA-21E (Image Credits: eXputer)
Thrust 6668
AB Thrust 9085
QB Thrust 21650
Upward Thrust 4650
QB Jet Duration 0.30
QB EN Consumption 690
AB EN Consumption 435
Upward EN Consumption 760
QB Reload Time 0.35
QB Reload Ideal Weight 62400
Melee Attack Thrust 10868

The ALULA 21E is arguably the best booster in Armored Core 6 so far. While it may not have the highest thrust, as the BST-G2 P06SPD takes that spot, the difference from the G2 isn’t very significant. In fact, the ALULA 21E has the second-highest thrust in AC6, so you won’t lack any mobility tactics with the ALULA 21E booster equipped.

Besides that, the 21E packs three chambers, making it the optimal piece of your mech that can help you avoid enemy attacks in-game. So, if you are looking to do runs that include avoiding most of the damage, then ALULA 21E is the right booster for you.

How To Get ALULA 21E

Getting the booster is not difficult at all; just continue your story and do all the training modes. The training modes will unlock as you progress through the story. There are a total of seven training modes in Armored Core 6, and completing each will give you some rewards. If you have completed Beginner Training: Basic Controls and Beginner Training 2: Combat Fundamentals, then you would already have MG-014 LUDLOW and  LR-036 CURTIS. 

Now, all you have to do is to do the third training mission, which is called Intermediate Support 1: Assembling an AC.

Completing this training will give you the following rewards:

  • Part: ALULA 21E (Booster)
  • Part: FC-006 ABBOT (FCS)
  • Part: VP-20S (Generator)

2. BST-G2 P06SPD

BST-G2 P06SPD (Screenshot Captured By eXputer)
Thrust 6801
AB Thrust 8685
QB Thrust 18600
Upward Thrust 4800
QB Jet Duration 0.36
QB EN Consumption 700
AB EN Consumption 381
Upward EN Consumption 672
QB Reload Ideal Weight 76000
Melee Attack Thrust 10652

BST-G2 P06SPD is the second-best booster in Armored Core 6 as it has the highest thrust. This monstrous booster will launch you the furthest than any other booster. You can clear the long-distance obstacles with ease by just using the normal thrust.

Regarding the things you have to get over, the Upward Thrust is more than enough to get the job done. If the BST-G2 P06SPD booster had a better stat for Quick Thrust, then it might have been the Armored Core 6 Best Booster.

How To Get BST-G2 P06SPD

You won’t have to do much to unlock the BST-G2 P06SPD booster, as it will naturally be unlocked in the shop as you progress through the story. BST-G2 P06SPD will be available in the shop after you complete Mission 26: Destroy the Ice Worm, and it can be purchased for 133,3000.


IA-C01B GILLS (Image Captured By Us)
Thrust 6317
AB Thrust 8335
QB Thrust 18850
Upward Thrust 5001
QB Jet Duration 0.28
QB EN Consumption 620
AB EN Consumption 391
Upward EN Consumption 580
QB Reload Ideal Weight 68300
QB Reload Time 0.30
Melee Attack Thrust 6184

While IA-C01B: GILLS is not among the 2 best boosters, it surely belongs in the top 3rd spot. Except for the aforementioned boosters, it can outperform any other booster available in Armored Core 6. The IA-C01B: GILLS booster is a great choice to use in the mid-game; however, you won’t be able to perform better with it in the late game. It doesn’t perform well in the two areas that ALULA 21E and BST-G2 P06SPD dominate. 

How To Get IA-C01B: GILLS

IA-C01B is not the best choice in the late game, but you should use it as long as you don’t have the better option. The IA-C01B: GILLS booster can be obtained as a reward for completing the mission Underground Exploration – Depth 2 in Chapter 4


FLUEGEL 21Z (Image Credits: eXputer)
Thrust 6101
AB Thrust 8668
QB Thrust 20000
Upward Thrust 5134
QB Jet Duration 0.40
QB EN Consumption 600
AB EN Consumption 398
Upward EN Consumption 680
QB Reload Ideal Weight 73800
QB Reload Time 0.50
Melee Attack Thrust 9918

FLUEGEL 21Z is the last booster on this list. BUERZEL 21D didn’t make it in the top 4 despite having better thrust than FLUEGEL 21Z due to the difference in EN Load and Weight. With the FLUEGEL 21Z booster, you will have much higher damage, and you will also have another advantage as it has a higher Quick Boost. You will be able to dodge while firing your opponents, and along with that, the Upward Thrust is also high.

How To Get FLUEGEL 21Z

While FLUEGEL 21Z isn’t the best booster, it can be helpful in the early and mid-game. The QB reload time is what’s concerning. Other than that, the booster seems quite good, so you can get it for 202,000 COAM from the shop after completing Mission 14: Ocean Crossing.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about Armored Core 6 Best Booster. ALULA 21E has proved to be the best, as it can help you dodge almost every single hit that is aimed at you. Along with that, it has the second highest thrust in Armored Core 6, and the difference as compared to the highest thrust isn’t much noticeable. You can, of course, use the other boosters discussed, as the best booster is based on my experience in Armored Core 6.

While you are at it, you should take a look at the definitive guide on Armored Core 6 EN Shortfall, as learning about it is a must to avoid impacting mission participation. When you are done with that, you should read the guide on the Best Early Parts in Armored Core 6 to make yourself formidable in the early-game phase. After that, make sure to visit this page on the Tips and Tricks in AC6 if you are having a hard playing it.

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