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In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, players face a significant challenge in the eleventh mission with the appearance of Sulla. This agile and powerfully equipped mech is a hunter of Handler Walter’s hounds, not serving as the mission’s final boss but certainly demanding attention. With a diverse weapon arsenal akin to the player’s mech, including a Bazooka, Pulse Gun, Shoulder Plasma, and Missile Launchers, Sulla tests every pilot’s skill, regardless of players wearing the best weapons and best armor in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Encountered in the eleventh mission of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, Sulla is not the final boss, but a significant adversary that players need to defeat & progress the game.
  • Sulla is equipped with Bazooka, Pulse Gun, Shoulder Plasma, and Missile Launchers.
  • Sulla is a first-generation augmented mercenary, who has proven combat prowess, and defeated several of Handler Walter’s charges.
  • Known as one of Handler Walter’s hounds, Sulla’s presence tests players’ mastery over Armored Core 6 mechanics.

Who Is Sulla 

SULLA in Armored Core 6
SULLA in Armored Core 6 (Image Credits: eXputer)

Sulla is a formidable opponent encountered in the eleventh mission of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. A hunter of Handler Walter’s hounds, Sulla is not the final boss of the mission. Armed similarly to the player’s own mech, Sulla possesses weaponry like the Bazooka, Pulse Gun, Shoulder Plasma, and Missile Launchers, testing players’ mastery of game mechanics.

Moreover, Sulla is distinguished by his agility, the capability to stagger players swiftly, and his utilization of repair kits. The mech backstory reveals that he’s a first-generation augmented mercenary with notable combat prowess and has previously defeated several of Handler Walter’s charges.

All Attack Patterns of Sulla

Attack Pattern Effect
Bazooka High impact, can stagger your mech.
Pulse Gun Fires bubble-like volleys, hard to dodge in air.
Shoulder Plasma Launchers Three tracking shots, lingering AoE damage.
Missile Launchers Rains down, pressures opponent.
Flying Kick Attack Moderate damage, decent impact, potential stagger.

Sulla Boss Phases 

When players first encounter Sulla, they face a nimble and powerful opponent. Sulla’s AC is known for its rapid movement and heavy artillery, making the initial engagement daunting. He enters the battle equipped with an array of weapons: a Bazooka, Pulse Gun, Shoulder Plasma, and Missile Launchers.

This phase demands players to stay constantly on the move, given Sulla’s capabilities to deal heavy damage. The primary objective is to familiarize oneself with his attack patterns and to avoid being cornered.

Sulla Boss phases in Armored Core 6 (Image Credits: eXputer)

1. Aerial Dominance

One of Sulla’s defining combat strategies is his affinity for airborne attacks. When Sulla takes to the skies, he poses a significant threat, especially when he starts firing his Bazooka towards the ground.

  • The resulting explosion can severely damage the player’s AC.
  • Counteracting this requires players to also ascend and challenge Sulla in the air, ensuring that they maintain a higher or at least equal altitude to dodge his aerial assaults more effectively.

2. Ground-based Harassment

On the ground, Sulla utilizes his Pulse Gun extensively, a weapon that fires bubble-like shots that can be challenging to avoid, especially while airborne.

  • These shots can cause significant stagger, leaving players vulnerable to Sulla’s subsequent attacks.
  • Additionally, his Shoulder Plasma Launchers project three energy shots that explode into AoE orbs of electricity, posing another threat to be wary of.
  • To combat this, players are encouraged to manage their Energy meters effectively, ensuring they have enough reserves to dodge these devastating projectiles.

3. Close-Quarters Combat

Close-Quarters Combat
Close-Quarter Combat with Sulla (Image Credits: eXputer)

Despite not having melee weapons, Sulla isn’t defenseless in close combat. He employs a flying kick attack, which, while not excessively damaging, can stagger players.

Furthermore, the high-impact potential of his Bazooka becomes especially threatening at close range. During this phase, players need to anticipate his movements, avoiding his kicks and ensuring they aren’t directly in the line of his Bazooka or Pulse Gun.

4. Recovery Phase

Another factor that sets Sulla apart is his ability to heal in Armored Core 6. Equipped with Repair Kits, Sulla can recover during the battle. Players should be aware of this mechanic and be prepared for a longer engagement than initially anticipated.

To counteract this, continuous and relentless offense is recommended, ensuring that the damage dealt surpasses his recovery rate.

5. Environment Utilization

Smart players can use the environment to their advantage. Given Sulla’s speed, leading him towards obstacles or small buildings can hinder his dash, allowing players to hide and recharge weapons or dodge Sulla’s artillery more effectively. This phase can be a turning point, offering players the chance to strategize and regain control of the battle.

Best Strategy To Defeat Sulla Boss In Armored Core 6

Before engaging with Sulla, preparing your AC (Armored Core) is of paramount importance. I highly suggest that players might benefit more from a heavier build, focusing on high Attitude Stability, given Sulla’s penchant for staggering attacks.

Defeat Sulla
Defeating Sulla in AC6 (Image Credits: eXputer)

1. Build Optimization

Equipping your AC with tetrapod legs, for instance, could provide a surprising edge.

  • This build ensures that your AC can withstand the barrage from Sulla’s pulse gun and shoulder plasma.
  • Furthermore, enhancing your AC with fast weapons, like kinetics for hands and homing weapons for shoulders, is advised.
  • Such weapons can counteract Sulla’s evasiveness and help keep him in check with the potential for high-impact staggers.

2. Environment Leveraging

Sulla’s agility is one of his primary strengths. Instead of facing him in the open expanse of the lake, luring him close to the smaller buildings at the arena’s far end is more strategic.

  • These obstacles can hinder Sulla’s dash and movement in AC6.
  • By darting through these structures, players can shield themselves from Sulla’s onslaught, recharge weapons, and even cause Sulla to get stuck occasionally.
  • Such environmental disruptions can create opportunities for players to deliver heavy damage.

3. Predictable Projectiles & Aerial Combat

Sulla’s Pulse Gun fires bubble-like projectiles, which, though powerful, have a predictable pattern.

  • Staying on the ground makes dodging these shots more feasible.
  • Conversely, when Sulla ascends, the player should also take to the skies.
  • Achieving air dominance over Sulla is vital.
  • By maintaining an altitude above Sulla, players can avoid the devastating explosions from his ground-targeted Bazooka shots.
  • Aerial superiority also offers opportunities to exploit his weaker defense against airborne opponents.

4. Stagger Strategy & Melee Engagement

Sulla, despite his formidable appearance, has a vulnerability: his susceptibility to stuns.

  • Equipping your AC with high-impact weapons and melee options is a wise choice.
  • Since Sulla can’t endure much punishment before getting stunned, an offensive stance is essential.
  • Keeping Sulla immobilized frequently can quickly shift the battle in the player’s favor.
  • When opportunities arise, and Sulla appears vulnerable, players shouldn’t hesitate to go in for a close-range melee attack, especially if they see an opening.

5. Flexibility & Adaptable Combat Range

Given Sulla’s adaptability in shifting between close and long-range combat modes, players need to mirror this flexibility.

  • Sulla’s missiles and laser weaponry make any static combat range dangerous.
  • Therefore, players should maintain a fluid approach, changing distances based on Sulla’s actions.
  • When building up for a stun, it’s beneficial to start from a distance, evading his attacks, and then gradually close in for the strike.

Avoid Making Following Mistakes While Sulla Boss Fight

Facing Sulla in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a demanding challenge. Drawing from my experience while dying at least 10 times by Sulla in AC6, here are the primary mistakes to avoid during this high-stakes boss fight.

1. Engaging in Open Space

One major error players might make is facing Sulla in the vast openness of the lake area. Given Sulla’s agility, rapid movement, and an arsenal of heavy-hitting weapons, battling in an unobstructed environment can place the player at a distinct disadvantage.

Instead, leverage the environment—specifically the smaller buildings at the arena’s far end. These structures can not only obstruct Sulla’s dash and movement but also offer protective cover against his persistent attacks.

2. Remaining Grounded During Aerial Assaults

Sulla is adept at aerial combat and will exploit any advantage this provides him. If players remain grounded while Sulla takes to the skies, they risk getting caught in the splash damage of his Bazooka shots.

It’s essential to counter his aerial superiority by ascending yourself, ensuring you can dodge effectively and retaliate from an advantageous position.

3. Neglecting Attitude Stability

Underestimating the impact of Sulla’s staggering attacks can be fatal.

  • His Pulse Gun and Shoulder Plasma, in particular, target the player’s Attitude Stability.
  • Without adequate preparation in this aspect, players might find themselves constantly staggered and vulnerable to follow-up assaults.
  • Ensuring a high Attitude Stability in your AC build is crucial to resist and recover from these debilitating attacks.

4. Over-Relying On A Single Combat Range

Sulla’s versatility allows him to be equally threatening at both close and long-range distances.

  • Sticking to just one combat range can be a significant mistake.
  • His Pulse Gun can rapidly deplete energy defenses at close range, while his missiles and lasers provide potent long-range options.
  • To counter this, players should adopt a flexible combat strategy, fluidly shifting between distances based on Sulla’s current attack pattern.

5. Underestimating The Pulse Gun’s Potency

The Pulse Gun, while having a predictable pattern, is exceptionally effective, especially when players are airborne.

  • Getting caught repeatedly by these shots can lead to rapid staggers and place players on the defensive.
  • It’s vital to prioritize dodging these projectiles, especially when in the air, to avoid the brunt of their damage and associated effects.

6. Ignoring Sulla’s Repair Kits

Finally, another oversight is neglecting the fact that Sulla possesses Repair Kits. This means he can heal during the encounter. Engaging him without recognizing this can lead to prolonged battles and wasted resources.

Players need to maintain consistent damage output and monitor Sulla’s health, ensuring they can overcome the healing provided by these kits.

In conclusion, Sulla stands as a defining challenge in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. Representing a culmination of agility, formidable weaponry, and tactical acumen, he pushes players to the zenith of their skills. A testament to the AC6’s intricate design, Sulla encapsulates the series’ essence, demanding adaptability, strategy, and mastery from every player.

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