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In the world of Armored Corps 6, the mysterious figure known as Raven, or Nightfall, emerges as a formidable antagonist. As players embark on their journey, they will find themselves embroiled in an intense battle with Raven. Defend the Old Spaceport. The mission is set amidst the intense scenes of Rubicon 3. Armored Corps 6 Ravenhead and built up Guides you to the best loadout you can choose when facing this enemy.

Key takeaways

  • Armored Corps 6 Introduces Raven, a strong boss encountered during the encounter. “Defend the Old Spaceport” Mission
  • Obtaining Nightfall specific headgear, HC-2000/BC Shade Eye Red I include clearing Chapter 3. New Game+ Mood and specific completion Field of analysis Challenges
  • The Armored Corps 6 Raven Build Guide provides detailed equipment recommendations, ensuring you’re well-prepared to face Raven’s relentless onslaught.
  • Key components viz HML-G2/P19MLT-04 Missile launcher and AR-012 Melander C3 Armor contributes to Raven’s construction of Armored Corps 6.
  • Raven uses a variety of attacks, including Homing missile salvos And Explosive cannonballs.
  • Keeping a distance, monitoring Using a repair kit And strategic patience are key tactics in defeating Armored Corps 6’s strong Raven.

Who is Raven in Armored Corps 6?

Armored Corps 6 Raven
Armored Corps 6 Raven (Image credit: Exporter)

Raven, also known as Nightfall, stands out as a formidable boss. Players first encounter Raven during the Defend the Old Spaceport mission, set on the Old Bertram Spaceport in the Central Icefield. The mission focuses on protecting a spaceport from the planetary blockade administration’s attempts to recapture it.

Players learn about Raven’s role in the game’s story during this pivotal encounter. They also come face-to-face with the surprising revelation that Raven has a significant connection to their own character, who initially came to her. Southern Baileys Rubicon 3 area with the task of clearing the mercenary license from the wreckage of the Armored Corps in order to gain a Corps ID for himself.

How to get Armored Core 6 Raven Head

Armored Corps 6 Ravenhead
Armored Corps 6 Ravenhead (photo courtesy of us)

In Armored Corps 6, acquiring Nightfall’s exclusive headgear, HC-2000/BC Shade Eye Red A unique process is involved. During the mission Defend the spaceport., you encounter the original Raven who pilots an AC that is featured prominently in the trailers. In particular, the headgear of this AC exhibits an element that descends from the top, similar to features found in medieval knights’ helmets.

To secure Nightfall’s headframe, players must be cleared. Chapter 3 in New Game+ modewhich unlocks access to three of them. Field of analysis Challenges Completing one of these challenges as part of your journey in New Game+ will reward you with the Nightfall Headgear.

Statistics Value
A.P 770
Antikinetic defense 174
Anti-Energy Defense 167
Anti-explosive defense 181
Attitude stability 448
Bringing the system back into use 115
Scan distance 450
Duration of scan effect 10.8

Best Armored Corps 6 Raven Blood

Best Armored Corps 6 Ravenhead
Best Armored Corps 6 Raven Head and Blood (Image taken by us)

To help you prepare for this memorable display, a well-crafted and comprehensive equipment construction guide is presented in the following tables.


Ingredients Recommended ATK Power Effects of Total Rounds
left arm HML-G2 P19MLT-04 missile launcher 216×4 175×4 180
right hand DF-GA-07 GOU-CHEN grenade launcher 1450 1197 32
Left back unit SONGBIRDS grenade cannon 754×2 745×2 42
Write-back unit BML-G1 P20MLT-04 missile launcher 103×4 72×4 140
  • Left Arm – HML-G2/P19MLT-04: A medium-range missile launcher that provides lock-on capability and sustained damage output to maintain defenses.
  • Right Wing – DF-GA-07 GOU-CHEN Grenade Launcher: The GOU-CHEN grenade launcher significantly increases the tactical versatility of the Raven build, providing essential explosive firepower.
  • Left Back Unit – SONGBIRDS Grenade Cannon: Releases two high-explosive grenades on impact, causing devastating explosions even at close range.
  • Right Back Unit – BML-G1 P20MLT-04 Missile Launcher: Its ability to track targets and cause explosions on impact makes it an invaluable addition to the Raven build, offering a high tension build and multi-lock capability.

The frame

Ingredients Recommended A.P Attitude stability The weight
The head HD-012 Melander C3 970 416 3300
compulsory VP-40S 3160 446 15030
Weapons AR-012 Melander C3 2010 12300
the legs 06-041 Mind Alpha 4360 794 22110
  • Head – HD-012 Melander C3: Offers an excellent compromise for medium weight constructions, providing ample. coach without sacrificing agility.
  • Core – VP-40S: Strikes the perfect balance between protection and weight while allowing efficient management of armor points (AP) and mobility.
  • Weapons – AR-012 Melander C3: These weapons contribute to the consistent damage output of the Raven build, ensuring continued effectiveness in battle.
  • Legs – 06-041 Brain Alpha: Maintains health above 10,000 while providing the necessary mobility to avoid Raven’s constant attacks.


component Recommended
Booster Fluegel/21Z
The generator DF-GN-06 Ming Tang
  • Booster – Fluegel/21Z: Matching the Raven’s speed and agility, navigating a constant barrage of missiles and high-explosive grenades is essential.
  • FCS – FCS-G2/P05: Maximize medium support to maintain a safe distance of at least 100 feet from the Raven, avoiding easy target status.
  • Generator – DF-GN-06 Ming Tang: Balances recharge speed and supply, ensures boosters stay active and weapon Ready for action.


component Recommended
Extension Pulse Armor
  • Expansion – Pulse Armor: A great choice for an upgrade OSTsoffering damage absorption and tactical control against Raven’s constant attacks.

Raven’s Attacks

Raven is attacking the player.
A warning sign indicating an impending strike of explosive cannonballs (picture taken by us)

Before delving into the intricacies of Raven’s formidable battle tactics, it’s important to understand their weapons. Raven uses a variety of attacks, each requiring a different strategy for survival.

Here is a summary of the various attacks Raven uses in combat:

attack Description Counter
Homing missile salvo The Raven launches a barrage of homing missiles. Quickly move to the side or take to the air to avoid.
Rifle shots Raven fired a relentless barrage of rifle shots. Sidestep to avoid this, as these shots are non-homing and can be easily dodged.
Charged Grenade Launcher After a brief charge, Raven fires an explosive grenade. Anticipate and dodge immediately after the charging phase to avoid the explosion.
Boost Kick Raven quickly closes in and tries a power kick. Move quickly to create distance and avoid kicks.
Bunker Raven charges forward, delivering a jab or powerful strike. Give a quick boost immediately and maintain a suppressive fire.
Pile Bunker (charged version) When Raven’s Assault Armor Active, they can fully charge Counter with your Assault Armor and Quick Boost to avoid damage.

The following is a description of the various offensive moves you will face in this high-stakes battle:

Long Range Barrage

When engaging Raven from afar, prepare one. A barrage of bullets and missiles as their primary forms of attack. Dodging bullets is relatively straightforward, accomplished by nimble hover strafing. However, to effectively dodge incoming missiles, execute one. Immediate promotion The direction in which they exit before impact.

Explosive cannonballs.

Take care of yourself Warning signs As it indicates the coming of the Raven. Explosive cannonballs. Sideways Quick Boosts can help you avoid these projectiles, though if you find yourself grounded, there’s a chance the explosive radius can still deal damage. try to Stay in the air For added security.

Random quick boosts

When Raven launches random quick boosts towards your position, respond with quick boosts of your own to create distance. Maintain space This is very important, as it gives you the flexibility you need to master one of Raven’s three possible attacks.

Close quarter attacks

In close circles, Raven can activate them. Assault Armorlaunch cannonballs, or perform destructive actions. Riot strike Using their stack bunker. Keeping the Raven from closing is paramount, making sure you have room to execute effective Quick Boost dodges.

Surprise strikes

Avoid being staggered by cannonballs or Raven’s assault armor. If you should be proactive, Raven will take advantage of the opportunity with one. Charged pile bunker strike, possibly resulting in immediate death or critical health. This is an attack. Raven’s deadliest.

Armored Corps 6 Strategy to Defeat the Raven

Fighting Raven
Fighting Raven (Image credit: eXputer)

Winning battles against strong opponents requires not only flexibility but also thoughtful strategy. When facing a raven, endurance and a systematic approach are key.

Here are the strategies and guidelines that will lead you to victory in the battle against Raven:

  • Maintain a Safe distance From Raven using Missile Fire for sustained damage.
  • Keep an eye on Using the Raven Repair KitGenerally moving around 50% health.
  • Up to Raven can use repair kits. Three timesso monitor their partner’s messages for signals.
  • Pay attention to Raven’s partner’s messages, especially when they “This rental has potentialAs this is a sign that Raven has exhausted his repair kits.
  • Save your repair kits when your armored corps’ health drops. 50% for maximum effectiveness.
  • The battle doesn’t have separate stages, so focus on avoiding Raven’s attacks and Continued use of missiles.
  • Invest when opening Raven stammers.making sure your weapons are fully loaded for critical damage.
  • Be patient throughout the battle to secure victory, even when you run out of missile launchers.

Armored Corps 6 Nightfall Parts

Armored Corps 6 Nightfall Parts
Armored Corps 6 Nightfall Parts (Image credit: Exporter)

Here are Armored Core 6 Raven accessories in different categories, including the head, listed to give you an insight into their sturdy construction:

parts of the body Equipment
The head HC-2000/BC Shade Eye
compulsory CC-2000 ORBITER
Weapons AC-2000 tool arm
the legs 2C-2000 crawler
Right wing unit RF-025 Scudder
Left wing unit PB-033M Ashmead
Write-back unit Songbirds
Left back unit BML-G1/P32DUO-03
Booster BST-G1/P10
The generator DF-GN-02 LING-TAI

Don’t forget to check out the details as you prepare for your epic encounter with Raven in Armored Corps 6. Armored Corps 6 Trophy and Achievement Guide. It provides valuable insight into how to unlock various in-game achievements, enhancing your overall experience. Moreover This Reddit thread Discusses what happened to Raven at the very beginning of Armored Corps 6.

Additionally, if you’re looking to improve your AC mobility, take a look at the guide. Armored Corps 6 Best Legs.. It offers recommendations on the best leg components to increase your AC’s agility and combat effectiveness. So, read these guides and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to overcome the challenges that await you in the world of Armored Corps 6.


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