Armored Core 6: Loghunt & Combat Logs (Full List)


Combat Logs serve as a form of collectibles within Armored Core 6. These precious records of battle are more than just trophies – they’re the key to enhancing your arsenal and climbing the ranks in the fierce Loghunt program in Armored Core 6. These valuable Combat Logs are possessed by specific adversaries. Overcoming these foes in battle will result in the acquisition of their corresponding log.

Key Takeaways

  • Combat Logs are invaluable records of battle that enhance your arsenal and ranking in the Loghunt program in Armored Core 6, categorized as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • After completing Chapter 1’s Operation Wallclimber, the Loghunt program is introduced.
  • Defeating marked adversaries yields Combat Logs, boosting your rank.
  • Utilize the Mission Replay feature to locate and acquire Combat Logs missed during your initial playthrough.
  • Distinct markers signal enemies with Combat Logs in Armored Core 6.
  • Altering decisions triggers different endings, enabling you to gather Combat Logs with varying choices.
  • Gathering every Combat Log grants you the coveted Combat Log Collector trophy.
  • Achieving Tier 15 and collecting all Combat Logs grants the Elite Hunter Decal and accolades, showcasing your prowess.

What Is Loghunt In Armored Core 6?

The Mission Replay section shows hints regarding Combat Logs (image credit: eXputer)

Once you finish Operation Wallclimber in Chapter 1 of your initial playthrough, you’ll be greeted with a notification introducing you to Loghunt, a mercenary support initiative by ALLMIND.

After this point, specific adversaries will be marked in several of the upcoming missions. When you locate and defeat these targets, you’ll acquire a Combat Log. As you gather these Combat Logs, your tally will grow, leading to an elevation in your rank within the Loghunt program. This progression will grant you access to additional Parts for your AC with each advancement in levels.

Discovering Combat Logs

To unearth Combat Logs, your priority is to identify levels featuring enemies carrying these valuable logs. On your initial playthrough of a level, it might not be evident, but you can make use of the Mission Replay feature. 

A prudent approach involves visiting the Replay Mission section each time you complete a new level during your first playthrough. Here, you can delve into the mission description and find clues under the Battle Log subsection. You’ll come across three possibilities:

  • No Content (Blank): This indicates that the level does NOT house any Combat Logs.
  • PENDING: If you encounter this status, it means there are adversaries you haven’t yet defeated within the level, and they possess Combat Logs.
  • COMPLETE: Here, you’ve triumphed over all designated enemies, and there are no more Combat Logs awaiting collection.

A distinct marker adjacent to the health and stagger indicators will appear when you’ve come across an enemy holding a Combat Log. These logs are categorized into different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each contributing varying amounts to your Loghunt progression.

Armored Core 6 Loghunt Locations In The First Ending

Destroying a Tetrapod for LOGHUNT Armored Core 6
Destroying a marked Tetrapod for a Combat Log – Loghunt Armored Core 6 (image by us)

Throughout this playthrough, you’ll encounter what are referred to as Decision Missions. These missions have been highlighted with the (DECISION) tag in the Chapter-wise tables. To achieve the first ending, it’s advisable to consistently opt for the top mission choice during the first playthrough. Then, on your second playthrough, make a point of selecting the bottom choice for these missions.

I have listed all the Combat Logs that you can find for the Loghunt in Armored Core 6 in the first playthrough down below:

Chapter 1

Mission 1: Illegal Entry No Combat Logs
Mission 2: Destroy Artillery Installations No Combat Logs
Mission 3: Grid 135 Cleanup No Combat Logs
Mission 4: Destroy the Transport Helicopters Silver Log: Positioned on the elevated platform where the four requisite helicopter targets are located, precisely amidst the central buildings.
Mission 5: Destroy the Tester AC Silver Log: The primary mission target provides the log, ensuring you don’t miss it.
Attack the Dam Complex Silver Log: Following the destruction of the second objective, on the right-hand side of the subsequent objective area, there exists a substantial frozen lake. Ascend to the second level to locate this quadrupedal target.

Gold Log: On the expansive frozen lake preceding the fourth objective, you’ll confront an AC adversary that engages both you and your allied units. It’s distinctly mentioned in the dialogue and indicated by a health bar at the top of the screen. Defeat this adversary prior to obliterating the fourth objective.

Mission 7: Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship No Combat Logs
Mission 8: Operation Wallclimber 3 Bronze Logs: While facing the Wall, these logs are positioned on the far left of the “city” region in the front, adjacent to the playable area’s edge. There are three unnamed MT enemies in this vicinity that are counted as targets.
Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs Gold Log: Set your heading to 230° from the mission’s starting point. Leap off the left side of the platform and descend to the lowest area containing extensive wrecked machinery. An AC adversary will engage you upon interacting with the distant log in this section.
Mission 10: Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2 No Combat Logs
Mission 11: Attack the Watchpoint Gold Log: This log is automatically obtained upon defeating the main objective target, “Sulla,” who serves as a mid-level boss. Missing this log is not possible.

Chapter 2

Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086 Silver Log: Automatically obtained upon defeating a main objective target named “Invincible Rummy.” He’s located at the end of the straight path ahead, upstairs from your starting point. Defeating him is essential to progress and cannot be missed. 

2 Bronze Logs: During the objective “Reach center of Grid 086’s power grid,” follow the path until reaching the upper road on the same level as the objective. Instead of proceeding to the objective, turn around and move to the edge of the mission area. Look towards 180° to spot MT robots on a platform slightly below this level.

2 Silver Logs: Proceed towards the objective until you’re about 1800 meters away. Then head to 180° where you’ll find two quadrupedal MTs patrolling a platform.

Gold Log: In the furnace room, opposite the side with molten metal pouring in, there’s an opening you can enter. Follow the path below to a small room containing an AC that awards a Gold Log, along with a Part Container in the opposite corner.

3 Bronze Logs: After exiting the building, ascend at a heading of 20° to a covered area. There you’ll find 3 MTs that give Bronze Logs.

Mission 13: Eliminate the Doser Faction No Combat Logs
Mission 14: Ocean Crossing 2 Bronze Logs: Upon exiting the elevator at the start of the chapter, you’ll find a platform with red lasers targeting you from above. Move forward to the end of this platform and drop down to the large bridge straight ahead (3° direction on the compass at the bottom of the screen). After dropping down, turn around (direction 186° on the compass). There will be two flying drones that yield 2 Bronze Logs.

2 Bronze Logs: From the elevated position, face 90° and drop down to another path leading back the way you came. At the end, you’ll encounter another pair of the same flying enemies, each providing Bronze Logs.

Chapter 3

Defeating an enemy AC for a Log
Armored Core 6 Loghunt Locations – Defeating an enemy AC for a Combat Log (image captured by eXputer)
Mission Names Logs
Mission 15: Steal the Survey Data Silver Log: On the large road area between the 2nd and 3rd farthest logs (heading 180° from the start), there is a single tetrapod MT with this log.
Mission 16: Attack the Refueling Base Bronze Log: Under the bridge over a large valley, a laser-shooting enemy below yields this log.

Bronze Log: At 270° from the bridge, two thin bridges cross the valley. On the right side of the second bridge, another enemy yielding a bronze log is present.

Mission 17: Eliminate V.VII Silver Log: On ground level near the objective (heading 90°) in the “city” area’s far left, a tetrapod MT offers this log.

Gold Log: Defeating V.VII Swinburne, the mission’s target, awards a Gold Log.

Gold Log: During the battle with Swinburne, he will shield himself and offer to retreat. Accept this offer to face AC Rokumonsen. Defeating Rokumonsen yields the second Gold Log.

Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage Bronze Log: Upon receiving a comm about the PCA force, ascend to the left (heading 90°) instead of proceeding down the tunnel. A room with ground enemies and a laser-shooting LC awaits, granting this Bronze Log.
Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City Silver Log: After the second fog control device, proceed past flying enemies. When the beacons turn right (relative to your direction), continue straight to find an enemy near a round structure on the ground. This yields the log.
Mission 20: Heavy Missile Launch Support No Combat Logs
Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (DECISION) No Combat Logs
Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft (DECISION) No Combat Logs
Mission 23: Attack the Old Spaceport Silver Log: From the start point, go 90° and reach the second level of the outdoor area (left of the large hangar with one of the targets). An enemy shield LC here offers this log.

2 Silver Logs: Heading 150° from the start point, on the higher level on the opposite side of the area (before the single ship outside on that side of the map), two more LCs near round and cylinder fuel tanks yield Silver Logs.

Mission 24: Eliminate “Honest” Brute Bronze Log: On the first platform with red lasers, drop to the lower one (heading 230°). Go right off the large central pillar to find a rolling robot that holds this log.

2 Bronze Logs: On the next level up of the platforms (heading 350°), navigate around the large pillar on the next platform for another round robot. A second one nearby provides a second log.

Silver Log: On the large open platform (train turntable in the middle), a yellow tetrapod MT grants this Silver Log.

Bronze Log: Progressing to the last platform outside, an enemy sets up a shield. Inside the shield, defeat the round robot deploying it for this log.

Platinum Log: Defeating the main story objective “Honest Brute” awards an automatic Platinum Log.

Mission 25: Defend the Old Spaceport Platinum Log: Automatically obtained from the mission boss “Raven,” unmissable.
Mission 26: Historic Data Recovery No Combat Logs
Mission 27: Destroy the Ice Worm No Combat Logs

Chapter 4

Mission Names Logs
Mission 28: Underground Exploration – Depth 1 No Combat Logs
Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2 Gold Log: Automatically obtained upon defeating the mid-mission boss “G5 Iguazu.” Defeating him is the main objective.

2 Bronze Logs: After defeating the G5 Iguazu AC miniboss, proceed through an underground canyon and encounter a blue laser after passing through a door. Turn right at this door to access a small side room containing 2 x Bronze Combat Log enemies + 1 Parts Container.

Mission 30: Underground Exploration – Depth 3 Silver Log: On the back rooftop of the initial large building (the one with snipers shooting blue lasers), a Silver Combat Log is located.

Silver Log: Near the first log, on the back rooftop of the starting building, two silver log enemies are present.

Gold Log: Automatically obtained upon defeating the “Ayre” main boss while exiting the pressure chamber.

Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns (DECISION) Platinum Log: Automatically rewarded for defeating the main enemy, “G1 Michigan.”
Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers (DECISION) Gold Log: Automatically rewarded for defeating one of the two main targets, “DUAL NATURE.”

Gold Log: Automatically rewarded for defeating one of the two main targets, “RECONFIG.”

Mission 33: Unknown Territory Survey Platinum Log: Automatically rewarded for defeating the main boss, “V.IV Rusty.”

Gold Log: Dropped by “TSUBASA / Middle Flatwell” alongside the main boss.

Mission 34: Reach the Coral Convergence 2 Gold Logs: Automatically rewarded. At the mission’s start, defeat two ACs marked as Targets, each yielding 1 Gold Log.

Bronze Log: After defeating the initial group of enemies, cross a bridge and find a rolling enemy with the log.

Chapter 5

Mission Names Logs
Mission 35: Escape No Combat Logs
Mission 36: Take the Uninhabited Floating City No Combat Logs
Mission 37: Intercept the Corporate Forces (DECISION) Platinum Log: Automatically gained as a story-related reward upon defeating the main boss, “V.I. Freud.”
Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (DECISION) Platinum Log: Automatically gained as a story-related reward, dropped by the main target “V.II Snail.”

Platinum Log: Automatically gained as a story-related reward, dropped by the main target “FULL COURSE / Cinder Carla.”

Gold Log: Automatically gained as a story-related reward, dropped by the main target “CIRUS / Chatty Stick.”

Mission 39-A: Breach the Kármán Line (CHOICE DEPENDENT) No Combat Logs
Mission 39-B: Destroy the Drive Block (CHOICE DEPENDENT) No Combat Logs
Mission 40-A: Shut Down the Closure Satellites (CHOICE DEPENDENT) No Combat Logs
Mission 40-B: Bring Down the Xylem (CHOICE DEPENDENT) No Combat Logs

Combat Logs In Subsequent Endings

Attacking The Dam Choice in New Game+
Attacking The Dam Choice in New Game+ (image credit: eXputer)

Armored Core 6’s Loghunt features Combat Logs that you can obtain by replaying it with different decisions in Decision Missions. Altering the decisions triggers a new ending for the second time. You can also obtain a third ending after finishing the second ending storyline.

I have discussed the locations of Combat Logs that you can find in these subsequent endings for the Loghunt in Armored Core 6 down below:

Second Ending (New Game+)

To achieve the second ending, ensure to opt for the opposite decision compared to your choice in the first playthrough.

Mission Names Logs
Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex (ALT MISSION) (NEW GAME+ EXCLUSIVE) Gold Log: During New Game+, choose “ACCEPT” to fight against your allied AC friends. Defeat “CANNON HEAD / G4 Volta” for the Gold Log.
Mission 26+: Safeguard the Dam Complex (NEW GAME+ EXCLUSIVE) Platinum Log: Automatic story-related upon defeating the main target, “UMBER OX.”

Platinum Log: Automatic story-related upon defeating the main target “ASTER CROWN.”

Third Ending (New Game++)

To secure the Third Ending, consistently opt for the exclusive New Game++ Missions (as provided in the list below). Note that these missions aren’t accessible during the first and second playthroughs.

Mission Name Logs
Mission 7-B: Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) (DECISION) No Combat Logs
Mission 09++: Prisoner Rescue (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) Platinum Log: Obtain automatically in NG++. Defeat miniboss “DEEP DOWN / G2 Nile” to obtain it.
Mission 10++: Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) No Combat Logs
Mission 19++: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City (ALT MISSION) (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) Platinum Log: Alternative version available in NG++. Defeat boss “ABSTGHIK / Thumb Dolmayan” at the end, which is the main objective.
Mission 26-B: Coral Export Denial (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) (DECISION) No Combat Logs
Mission 29-B: Underground Exploration – Depth 2 (ALT MISSION) (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) Platinum Log: Obtain from mid-mission boss “DEADSLED.” This alternate mission scenario is in NG++.
Mission 33-B: Eliminate V.III (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) (DECISION) Platinum Log: Obtained from the main boss “V.III”. Exclusive to New Game++.
Mission 35-C: MIA (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) No Combat Logs
Mission 36-C: Regain Control of the Xylem (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) No Combat Logs
Mission 37-C: Coral Release (NEW GAME++ EXCLUSIVE) No Combat Logs

Rewards from Loghunt

The Loghunt Program Progress Screen
The Loghunt Armored Core 6 Program Process Screen (Screenshot by: eXputer)

As you advance through the Loghunt in Armored Core 6, you’ll unlock various Parts to enhance your AC’s capabilities:

Loghunt Tier Unlocked Part
Tier 1 04-101 MIND ALPHA (Arms)
Tier 2 44-141 JVLN ALPHA (Detonating Bazooka)
Tier 3 06-041 MIND ALPHA (Bipedal Legs)
Tier 4 45-091 JVLN BETA (Detonating Missile Launcher)
Tier 5 07-061 MIND ALPHA (Core)
Tier 6 44-143 HMMR (Plasma Thrower)
Tier 7 06-042 MIND BETA (Reverse Joint Legs)
Tier 8 IB-C03G: NGI 000 (Generator)
Tier 9 45-091 ORBT (Laser Orbit)
Tier 10 20-081 MIND ALPHA (Head)
Tier 11 IB-C03F: WLT 001 (FCS)
Tier 12 44-142 KRSV (Multi Energy Rifle/Karasawa)
Tier 13 IB-C03B: NGI 001 (Booster)
Tier 14 20-082 MIND BETA (Head)
Tier 15 IB-C03W2: WLT 101 (Coral Oscillator)

Trophies And Elite Hunter Status

Upon successfully collecting all Combat Logs and attaining Tier 15 in the Loghunt in Armored Core 6, ALLMIND will commend your achievement and grant you the Elite Hunter Decal for your AC. By locating and obtaining all the Combat Logs, you’ll gain the coveted Combat Log Collector trophy and achievement. Moreover, these logs play a role in elevating your Hunter Class, a value visible on the Garage screen.

Every advancement in your Hunter Class unlocks a fresh component that adds to the accumulation of parts required for the attainment of the Asset Holder trophy and achievement, which mandates the acquisition of all available parts. It’s important to note that completing the mission following the defeat is crucial for the progress to be registered. Once these logs have been secured, they won’t reappear.

In the realm of Armored Core 6, the hunt for Combat Logs is your gateway to supremacy. As you gather these crucial records, you not only secure the coveted Elite Hunter Decal but also gain the power to elevate your AC. Remember, each log brings you closer to mastering your mech, conquering adversaries, and etching your name in the annals of armored glory. So, gear up, embrace the hunt, and forge your path to victory!

This concludes my guide on “Loghunt Armored Core 6”. If you’re looking to fine-tune your experience, The comprehensive guide on Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings will provide you with all the insights you need. And if you’re aiming to craft the ultimate machine, The guide to Best Armor in Armored Core 6 will definitely aid you. So dive into these resources and keep enhancing your AC prowess!

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