Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log (Guide)



Venture into the heart of Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 and uncover the crucial battle log insights. Delve into encounters with formidable foes, from the central adversary AC “Invincible” Rummy to the elusive Light MT Units. Navigate the mission landscape meticulously to seize Silver, Bronze, and Gold Logs, each holding valuable secrets. Keep your wits about you as you decode the hidden room’s enigma. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log is one of the major missions in Chapter 2 and demands reaching Grid 086’s center and defeating enemies.
  • “Invincible” Rummy, a formidable boss, requires exploiting his immobility after a melee attack.
  • Timely missile strikes during Rummy’s immobility maximize damage opportunity.
  • Defeating Rummy rewards Silver Logs and advances mission progress.
  • Light MT Units and quadrupedal MTs guard the mission’s path, offering Bronze and Silver Logs.

What Is The Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Mission?

In the second chapter of Armored Core 6, players are assigned the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission, where they must make their way to the center of Grid 086’s lower level and deal with a range of adversaries, including the autonomous and formidable Smart Cleaner unit.

A notable challenge in the mission involves confronting the “Invincible” Rummy, a minor boss. Completing the mission rewards players with 160,000 COAM and several Loghunt combat logs for engaging different adversaries.

Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Infiltrate Grid 086
Infiltrate Grid 086

AC “Invincible” Rummy Boss

AC “Invincible” Rummy takes the spotlight as the main objective in the mission Infiltrate Grid 086 in Armored Core 6. Engaging with this adversary initiates a crucial encounter that demands strategic finesse and precise combat execution. Here’s what you need to know about facing this formidable opponent:

Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log AC Invincible Rummy
AC Invincible Rummy
  • Rummy appears early in the mission within the initial sections.
  • You’ll find yourself squaring off against this adversary amidst an industrial setting.
  • To gain an edge, bait Rummy into using his melee attack, leaving him momentarily immobile and creating an opportunity to unleash your arsenal effectively.
  • Timing is key; when Rummy launches his melee attack, stay in proximity to provoke it.
  • Seize this moment to retaliate with your missiles and weapons in AC6.
  • Staying close to Rummy during his melee attack phase minimizes his evasive options, increasing your chances of dealing significant damage.

Successfully defeating AC “Invincible” Rummy progresses the mission and contributes to your overall performance metrics. Your accomplishment is rewarded with valuable Silver Logs and progress towards the mission’s completion.

Additional Targets & Acquiring Logs

As you dive into the heart of the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission in Armored Core 6, you’ll encounter the mission’s primary objectives and additional challenges that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. These engagements offer more than combat; they provide a pathway to valuable logs that offer insight, achievements, and rewards.

Light MT Units (Bronze Logs)

Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Light MT Units (Bronze Logs)
Light MT Units (Bronze Logs)
  1. In your quest to reach the center of Grid 086’s lower level, a trio of Light MT Units stands in your way.
  2. Defeating these agile foes brings you closer to your mission goals and rewards you with Bronze Logs.
  3. Approach these units cautiously, maintaining a safe distance to avoid their attacks while delivering precise fire from your arsenal.

Quadrupedal MTs (Silver Logs)

Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Quadrupedal MTs (Silver Logs)
Quadrupedal MTs (Silver Logs)
  1. Progressing further into the mission, you’ll come across a platform hosting two quadrupedal MTs.
  2. Successfully taking down these adversaries yields Silver Logs, offering valuable insight and a sense of achievement.
  3. Leverage your ranged weaponry to your advantage, engaging the quadrupedal MTs from a distance while ensuring accurate targeting.

AC Ambush (Gold Log & Hidden Room)

  1. A significant twist in the mission occurs when you exit the furnace area.
  2. Be prepared for a surprise ambush orchestrated by an AC enemy.
  3. Conquering this challenge rewards you with a Gold Log and unveils a hidden room with additional opportunities.
  4. To prep for the ambush, use the following tactics:
    • Preparation & Caution: Equip yourself with weaponry suitable for close-quarters combat, anticipating the AC enemy’s assault, and approach with vigilance to secure victory.
    • Hidden Room Discovery: Within the furnace room, an unassuming opening on the side opposite the stream of molten metal conceals a secret room, which you venture inside to face the AC enemy and access valuable loot.

Bronze Log MT Ambush

Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Logs
Bronze Log MT Ambush
  1. As you exit the building and progress, a covered area emerges.
  2. Within this location, three MTs lie in wait.
  3. Overcoming this challenge adds to your accomplishments and grants you Bronze Logs, enriching your battle log collection.
  4. Engage these MTs from a distance, employing calculated tactics to minimize risk and ensure a successful outcome.

And thus, the tale of Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 battle log concludes. From the heart-pounding clash with “Invincible” Rummy to the hidden room’s discovery, these logs hold the essence of strategic warfare. This is the culmination of your journey, where Silver, Bronze, and Gold logs intertwine, narrating your conquests.

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