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In Armored Core 6, the Chapter 4 climax introduces players to the formidable boss IB-01: CEL 240 during the mission Reach the Coral Convergence. Renowned for its striking agility, this mech challenges even seasoned players, requiring precision and adaptability. Despite its intimidating presence, CEL 240’s vulnerability lies in its low health, which undergoes a resurgence in a subsequent phase of the battle.

Key Takeaways

  • CEL 240 In Armored Core 6 is a boss encountered in Chapter 4’s mission Reach the Coral Convergence.
  • The boss’s agility poses a significant challenge, even for Armored Core series veterans.
  • CEL 240 can regenerate its health in a second phase.
  • The first phase showcases the mech’s extreme mobility.
  • Laser potshots and melee strikes are the primary attacks in the first phase.
  • A second phase emerges after initially defeating CEL 240 in Armored Core 6.
  • New attacks, such as the energy wave and floating swords, debut in the second phase of CEL 240.

What Is Cel 240 In Armored Core 6

Amrmored Core gameplay
Armored Core CEL 240 boss fight (Picture credits: eXputer)

In Armored Core 6, the boss IB-01: CEL 240, encountered during the Chapter 4 mission Reach the Coral Convergence, stands as a daunting challenge even for series veterans. CEL 240 boasts extreme agility, demanding a specific strategy to defeat.

Although formidable, the CEL 240 boss has low health in AC6 but regenerates it in a second phase. At first glance, I for one couldn’t unsee it but this mech is easily comparable to Elden Ring’s Malenia, demanding precision and adaptability to kill it.

CEL 240 Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Effect
Melee Strikes Close-combat, high-damage hits
Laser Pot-shots Ranged, precision laser damage
Sweeping Melee Attack Wide-arc, knockback capability
Floating Swords Grabbing or immobilizing move
Blade of Light Lunges Swift, high-damage lunge

CEL 240 Phases In Armored Core 6

Cel 240 Phase 1 Ends
Cel 240 Phase 1 Ends (Picture credits: eXputer)

IB-01: CEL 240 is a formidable boss in Armored Core 6, emerging as a major challenge in the mission titled Reach the Coral Convergence. This Chapter 4 ending boss comes in 2 boss fight phases and learning what it does in each one is half the battle won. 

First Phase of CEL 240

Cel 240 Attack 1
Cel 240 Laster Attack in AC6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

During the first phase, players will observe CEL 240’s extreme mobility. It’s so agile that many of your best weapons will often miss unless fired during certain openings when the boss slightly slows down. The CEL 240 primarily employs laser potshots and devastating melee attacks in this phase.

The mech’s ability to launch a rain of lasers, followed by a sweeping melee attack, is notable. While lasers can be dodged by swift lateral movements, the melee attack requires players to fly or jump straight up, allowing the boss to pass underneath, thus opening it up for counterattacks.

Another key feature of this phase is the boss’s use of its sword to release energy waves. Quick boosts are crucial to dodge these, especially if the mech releases multiple waves in succession.

Second Phase of CEL 240

Cel 240 Attack
Cel 240 laser barrage Attack (Picture credits: eXputer)

Upon defeating it once, players will find that the battle is far from over. CEL 240 regenerates its health for the second phase, presenting new challenges and attacks. At the beginning of this phase, the mech showcases an intensified laser barrage, signaling the fight’s elevation.

Several new attacks make their debut, such as the three-part energy wave assault and the use of floating swords for sweeping attacks. One of the most perilous additions is the close-range grab attack using these floating swords, which can inflict colossal damage.

As the phase progresses and the CEL 240’s health diminishes, it adopts a blade of light form, darting around the arena and lunging at the player. Mastery over vertical dodging becomes pivotal here, as the mech lunges multiple times in rapid succession.

Best Strategy To Defeat CEL 240 Boss in Armored Core 6

Cel 240 attack 2
Cel 240 best attack strategy in AC6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

CEL 240, the imposing boss of Chapter 4 in Armored Core 6, has perplexed and challenged me multiple times before I managed to take it down because it has strange but fluid movements, a deadly arsenal, and unpredictable attack patterns.

Understanding CEL 240’s behaviors and adopting a meticulously planned strategy can make a difference between a successful encounter and yet another failed attempt. That is why I have listed a detailed strategy to take down this behemoth.

CEL 240 First Phase Strategy

Amrmored Core gameplay 2
Armored Core Cel 240 best First phase strategy (Picture credits: eXputer)
  1. Maintain Distance: During the initial phase, maintaining a moderate distance allows you to dodge CEL 240’s melee strikes and laser pot shots effectively. You’ll also be in an optimal range to retaliate after dodging its attacks.
  2. Reading Its Patterns: Observe CEL 240’s color-coded cues. For instance, a red glow might precede a series of laser barrages, while a blue aura may signal a sweeping melee attack. Recognizing these can prepare you for evasive maneuvers.
  3. Vertical Evasion: Focus on vertical dodging during this phase. This will not only help you avoid the ground-based attacks but will also position you for a counter-strike, especially after the sweeping melee attacks.
  4. Weapon Selection: Use your sniper rifle or pulse gun to land critical hits after dodging its energy waves. If CEL 240 adopts a defensive stance, this is a good opportunity to launch a missile barrage.

CEL 240 Second Phase Strategy

Amrmored Core gameplay 3
Armored Core Cel 240 2nd phase (Picture credits: eXputer)
  1. Be Aggressive, But Cautious: CEL 240 becomes more aggressive in this phase, which means you’ll need to balance your offensive and defensive strategies. Striking quickly after evading its attacks is key.
  2. Anticipate the Grab Attack: When CEL 240 deploys its floating swords, be wary of its grab move. Engage your boosters and shift laterally, dodging the swords and subsequently capitalizing with a powerful counter.
  3. Use the Environment: If the battle arena has any structures, use them as a temporary cover to regain energy and reposition yourself.
  4. Blade of Light Evasion: The mech’s blade of light lunges are fast and deadly. Rather than dodging horizontally, adopt a zig-zag flight pattern, making it harder for CEL 240 to predict your movement and land a successful lunge.

Before even engaging CEL 240, it’s paramount to configure your AC (Armored Core) for mobility and damage output. Equip high-speed boosters and generators with efficient energy output.

  • As CEL 240 is heavily shielded, equipping kinetic and laser-based weaponry that deals concentrated damage over a short period, like sniper rifles and pulse guns, can help penetrate its defenses.
  • Also, consider carrying a versatile missile launcher for indirect engagements and supplementing damage.
  • Lastly, include a rapid energy recovery module if available, as dodging and boosting will be essential to your survival.

The CEL 240 in Armored Core 6 epitomizes the series’ dedication to presenting players with intricate and memorable challenges. While its agility and multi-phase mechanics test a pilot’s skill and adaptability, mastering its patterns promises a rewarding victory. Truly, CEL 240 stands as a testament to the game’s rich combat intricacies.

That’s all for this guide, if you are interested consider reading How To Beat HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6, and How To Beat Sea Spider guides.


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