Armored Core 6: Hardest Bosses (Top 12)



Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the latest installment from FromSoftware, showcases a dazzling array of challenging boss battles, bearing the studio’s signature mix of spectacle and strategy. Bosses like Walter, ALLMIND, and especially Ayre, who mirrors the relentless fury of Elden Ring’s Maliketh and Malenia, are set to test the mettle of even the most seasoned pilots. That is why I have ranked 12 of the hardest bosses in Armored Core 6 that will test your prowess of controlling and combating AC mechs in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Armored Core features a total of 33 boss encounters for players to triumph in the game. 
  • There are 3 final bosses players can encounter in all endings of Armored Core 6.
  • Beating some major and mini-bosses in AC6 becomes vital, otherwise, further story progression is blocked.
  • FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6 boasts a spectrum of bosses, each offering unique encounters reminiscent of their “Souls” game legacy.
  • Many of the AC6’s bosses are inspired by previous titles, seamlessly blending familiar moves with new combos.

12. AH12 HC Helicopter

AH12 HC Helicopter
AH12: HC Helicopter (picture credits: eXputer)

Players encounter the AH12: HC Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6 at the end of the first mission on the planet Rubicon. This formidable attack chopper poses a significant challenge, especially given players are limited to a default loadout comprising a machine gun, missile pods, and a laser blade. The AH12: HC Helicopter boasts a powerful arsenal, including Gatling Guns and various missile systems, demanding strategic thinking and rapid reflexes from players.

Boss Attack Patterns

Attack Type Description Best Evasion Method
Gatling Gun AP Rounds Fires AP rounds from either or both sides. Take cover behind buildings or get directly underneath the helicopter.
4-Missile Cluster Pods Fires a cluster of four missiles per attack with a significant blast radius. Quick boost left or right, or go airborne. Buildings can also serve as cover.
High Volume Small Missiles Launches a barrage of smaller missiles with strong homing capabilities. Time your dodge using a quick boost left or right as the missiles close in.

Best Strategy To Defeat AH12: HC Helicopter

AH12 HC Helicopter
AH12: HC Helicopter (picture credits: eXputer)

The initial approach should be aggressive against HC helicopter, another hardest boss in Armored Core 6. You should utilize the assault boost to charge at the helicopter and unleash a combo with the laser blade.

  • This deals with substantial ACS strain, potentially staggering the helicopter.
  • Once this is accomplished, distance yourself slightly, targeting the helicopter with missiles and gunfire, all while deftly evading its counterattacks.
  • It’s paramount to stay close, positioning oneself beneath the helicopter when feasible since its attack capabilities are limited in that direction.
  • Exploiting this weakness and maintaining the described strategy should lead to the defeat of AH12: HC Helicopter.

11. AA P07 Balteus

AA P07 Balteus
AA P07 Balteus (picture credits: eXputer)

Chapter one of Armored Core 6 introduces players to various challenges, climaxing with the formidable boss battle against AA P07 Balteus. This boss fight signifies a significant ramp-up in difficulty compared to previous encounters, testing both the player’s strategic acumen and their Armored Core (AC) build. Balteus is an autonomous PCA mech that concludes the “Attack the Watchpoint” mission.

Boss Attack Patterns

Phase Attack Type Description Best Evasion Method
1 Missile Swarm Fires a sequence of missiles either from a hoop or as a “dome” that converges on the player’s position. Stay close and sidestep; use Quick Boost to dodge.
1 Shotgun A close-range weapon that can kill an AC in 2-3 hits. Stay mobile; avoid being extremely close.
1 Grenade Cannon Periodically fires while moving, signaled by a lock-on warning. Stay airborne and quickly boost around Balteus’ flanks.
2 Enhanced Missile Swarms Similar to Phase 1 but faster and more frequent. Maintain distance; use Quick Boost efficiently.
2 Blade-like Flamethrower Attacks Includes two horizontal swipes, a vertical cleave, a spinning attack, and a ramming move. The floor flame attack is also introduced. Watch for telegraphs and maintain distance; aerial evasion for floor flame attack.
Both Pulse Armor Shield Prevents direct damage to Balteus until broken. Maintain consistent and aggressive fire to stagger and break the shield.

Strategy to Defeat AA P07 Balteus

AA P07 Balteus
AA P07 Balteus (picture credits: eXputer)

The battle against Balteus is a two-phased encounter, and the encounter is easily the hardest boss in Armored Core 6 if you’re not well-versed with the game mechanics.

Phase One

The primary goal is to break Balteus’ blue shield to deal significant damage.

  • With its reliance on missiles, staying grounded allows for quick dash recharges, ensuring swift evasive actions.
  • The key here is aggression.
  • Stay close, dodge missiles, and when the opportunity arises, deal damage using a combination of sword strikes and your own missiles.
  • At 50% health, Balteus prepares an energy surge, signaling the player to retreat to avoid the ensuing blast.

Phase Two

A more defensive approach is needed. Maintain a distance, primarily relying on aerial combat to evade the boss’s fiery combos.

  • While defense becomes more crucial, players still need to watch for windows to launch aggressive attacks.
  • Balteus continues its missile attacks, but the real threats are its more potent melee swipes and ground-igniting flame attacks.
  • Focus on staggering the mech to make it vulnerable, using weapons that offer sustained fire, like rifles, machine guns, and fast-firing missiles.

10. HA-T-102 Juggernaut

HA-T-102 Juggernaut
HA-T-102 Juggernaut (picture credits: eXputer)

The HA-T-102 Juggernaut in Armored Core 6 is the first major boss encounter, serving as a litmus test for the player’s piloting skills and AC customization. Defeating the Juggernaut isn’t about overpowering it through sheer firepower, but understanding its weaknesses and employing precise tactics. 

Boss Attack Patterns

Attack Pattern Description
Cannon Shot A potent ranged attack with no homing capability. Avoid by simply dodging in any direction.
Missile Launcher Fires powerful missiles that do not track the player. Avoid by sidestepping or ascending into the air.
Ram A high-speed charge that causes significant damage. Ascend quickly to evade. It can also reverse into the player, although it’s less damaging.
Land Mines Deploys multiple mines across the battlefield, hindering the player’s mobility on the ground and posing significant damage threats. Constant awareness and aerial movement are vital to avoid these hazards.

Best Attack Strategy To Defeat The HA-T-102 Juggernaut

(picture credits: eXputer)

To defeat the hardest boss in Armored Core 6 of Operation Wallclimber mission, Juggernaut, players should focus on the vulnerable battery located on its back.

  • Initially, the Juggernaut will target your ally, allowing you to land easy hits.
  • However, once you’re alone, maintain aerial superiority.
  • Ascending prevents you from being a target for the Juggernaut’s devastating ram attack and allows you to avoid land mines.
  • Utilize weapons like the Plasma Rifle while in the air to deal damage, aiming close to the battery to exploit the weapon’s electric splash damage.
  • Constant mobility and aerial evasion, coupled with precise attacks, will be the key to taking down this behemoth.

The massive machine primarily uses a direct-line approach, relentlessly firing rockets while charging at its opponent. Its defining feature is the battery on its back, which is the primary weak point. With the right strategy and mindset, the Juggernaut becomes a manageable obstacle rather than an insurmountable challenge.

9. IA-02 Ice Worm

IA-02 Ice Worm
IA-02 Ice Worm (picture credits: eXputer)

The IA-02 Ice Worm, encountered in the “Destroy the Ice Worm” mission of Chapter 3 in Armored Core 6, is a giant mech that poses a significant challenge to players. Its formidable appearance and varied attacks can make it intimidating.

However, with a unique gimmick, the correct weaponry, and strategy, this mechanical monstrosity can be defeated. The VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher is essential to break through the Ice Worm’s protective shields and strike its vulnerable face, offering a window for a takedown.

Boss Attack Patterns

Body collisions Direct damage from the worm’s body.
Heat-seeking coral missiles Tracks the player and explodes on contact.
Coral explosion Area-of-effect damage in proximity.
Project coral energy Directed energy beam causing damage.
Drones (Phase II distraction) Secondary enemies causing minor damage.

Best Attack Strategy To Beat IA-02 Ice Worm

IA-02 Ice Worm
IA-02 Ice Worm (picture credits: eXputer)

When battling the IA-02 Ice Worm, players must continually adapt, focusing on evasion and striking at opportune moments. Proper preparation and knowledge of the worm’s patterns and behaviors can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Ice Worm Phase I Strategy

  • Focus on understanding the worm’s behavior. Keep a distance to observe its movement.
  • When the worm rises, aim the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher at its face to momentarily stun it.
  • Use this opportunity to unleash powerful attacks on its exposed facial area.

Ice Worm Phase II Strategy

  • Phase II introduces drones as distractions.
  • Clear these quickly with area-of-effect weapons.
  • When the Ice Worm returns, its new attacks, especially body collisions and coral missiles, demand quick evasion.
  • Maintain speed and agility, especially when it prepares its coral explosion.

Ice Worm Phase III Strategy

  • The final phase is challenging and makes Ice Worm their hardest boss in Armored Core 6.
  • Remain evasive, utilizing boosters and agile equipment.
  • With the worm’s capability to project coral energy and missiles from varied points, never remains stationary. Seize opportunities to target its face, especially after stunning it.

8. IA-13 Sea Spider

IA-13 Sea Spider
IA-13 Sea Spider (picture credits: eXputer)

The Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 emerges as a daunting foe that follows a two-phase battle sequence. Beginning its assault on land, its primary weapons include the fearsome Red Beam and the Mandible Beam Sabers. However, evading these attacks by maintaining altitude is possible. The real challenge begins when the Sea Spider transitions to its aerial phase, brandishing a barrage of deadly red beams and high-speed assaults. 

Boss Attack Patterns

Red Beam Long-range staggering beam.
Mandible Beam Sabers Close-combat dual beam slashes.
Two-legged stomp Explosive clamping attack with laser daggers.
Charged laser shot High-powered, back-dashed laser cannon.
Laser wave Massive coral energy blast produces a damaging wave.
Beyblade lasers Spinning lasers with potential for instant elimination.
Two-hit laser shot Predictable twin laser assault with a red signal.
Two-legged lung attack Forceful forward leap resulting in possible stagger.
Spinning attack Swift circular motion targeting the nearby area.
Energy missiles Fierce airborne missile strikes.

Best Strategy To Beat Sea Spider

IA-13 Sea Spider
IA-13 Sea Spider (picture credits: eXputer)

Best Phase 1 Strategy

  • The primary approach for the initial phase is aggressive engagement.
  • The Sea Spider remains largely terrestrial, so focus on rapid, decisive damage.
  • Aerial evasion should be used to dodge its Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers, capitalizing on moments when the Sea Spider is staggered.

Best Phase 2 Strategy

  • Upon entering the aerial phase, players should switch to a defensive stance.
  • Prioritize staying above the Sea Spider, exploiting its blind spots and dodging its tracking lasers.
  • The boss’s limited top defense provides opportunities for diving and executing charged melee strikes, especially during moments when it is staggered or stationary.

Key to defeating Sea Spider is a combination of aggressive engagements during the initial phase, strategic dodges during its aerial phase, and the use of powerful weaponry such as Gatling Guns or plasma rifles.

7. IB-01: Cel 240

IB-01: Cel 240
IB-01: Cel 240 (picture credits: eXputer)

Players are introduced to the Malenia like the hardest boss in Armored Core 6, the IB-01: CEL 240, during the climactic Chapter 4 mission, Reach the Coral Convergence. This mech, known for its incredible agility, proves to be a formidable challenge, even for series veterans. Its distinct phases present various attack patterns, making adaptability and strategy crucial.

Interestingly, CEL 240’s design and gameplay mechanics can be likened to Elden Ring’s Malenia, demanding precision and adaptability from players.

Boss Attack Patterns

Melee Strikes Close-combat, high-damage hits
Laser Pot-shots Ranged, precision laser damage
Sweeping Melee Attack Wide-arc, knockback capability
Floating Swords Grabbing or immobilizing move
Blade of Light Lunges Swift, high-damage lunge

Best Strategy To Defeat CEL 240 Boss

IB-01: Cel 240
IB-01: Cel 240 (picture credits: eXputer)

Preparation is crucial. Players should optimize their AC for mobility and damage, equipping high-speed boosters, and efficient generators, and selecting powerful weaponry that can breach CEL 240’s defenses.

First Phase Strategy

  1. Maintain Distance: Stay moderately far from CEL 240 to effectively dodge its attacks and position yourself for a counterattack.
  2. Read Its Patterns: CEL 240’s attacks are often telegraphed by color-coded cues. Recognizing these can aid in evasion and counterattacking.
  3. Vertical Evasion: Prioritize vertical dodges to avoid ground-based attacks and set up counter-strikes.
  4. Weapon Selection: Utilize sniper rifles or pulse guns for critical hits post evasion, and use missiles during its defensive stance.

Second Phase Strategy

  1. Be Aggressive, Yet Cautious: CEL 240’s heightened aggression necessitates a balanced approach between offense and defense.
  2. Anticipate the Grab Attack: Dodge its floating swords and retaliate once you avoid the grab.
  3. Utilize the Environment: Use any available structures for temporary cover.
  4. Blade of Light Evasion: Adopt a zig-zag flight pattern to evade the swift blade of light lunges.

6. Raven

Raven (picture credits: eXputer)

In Chapter 3 of Armored Core 6, players are met with an unexpected twist. After arriving at a base to fend off PCA warships, the scene is littered with the destruction caused not by PCA, but by Raven. Raven, the original holder of the mercenary license stolen by players, is back for vengeance.

Notably, Raven stands out as potentially the hardest boss in Armored Core 6. Their persistent offensive tactics, paired with their extensive firepower, means players have to stay vigilant, prioritize evasion, and strategize their own attacks to reclaim their title and advance in the game.

Boss Attack Patterns

Bullets Can be dodged with hover strafing.
Missiles Dodge using Quick Boost in the missile’s direction.
Explosive Cannon Shells Evade by Quick Boosting laterally. Explosive radius can damage if on the ground.
Erratic Quick Boost Approach Precursor to one of three close-range attacks. Use Quick Boost to gain distance.
Assault Armor Activation Close-range damaging blast.
Cannon Shells (Close-range) Potent at close proximity.
Pile Bunker Melee Strike Devastating melee move, particularly deadly if the player is staggered by previous attacks.
Repair Kit Activation Heals Raven can be used thrice.

Best Attack Strategy to Defeat Raven

Raven (picture credits: eXputer)
  1. Loadout: Opt for a lightweight Armored Core with reverse-jointed legs for agility and enhanced jump capability. Equip dual rifles for the hands and dual missile launchers on the shoulders for long-range engagement and abundant ammunition.
  2. Offensive Strategy: Keep a safe distance from Raven. Use rifles and missiles consistently to maintain pressure, reloading rifles when Raven is staggered for optimal damage.
  3. Defensive Strategy: Maximize airtime, speed, and evasive maneuverability. Utilize Quick Boost to dodge incoming missile attacks and cannon shells. Steer clear of Raven’s close-range offenses, including their Assault Armor, cannon shells, and pile bunker melee strikes.
  4. Healing and Endurance: Be aware of Raven’s ability to use Repair Kits thrice. Listen out for Raven’s companion’s comment on the COM to gauge how many Repair Kits they’ve consumed. Use your Repair Kits strategically, especially when your health drops to around 50%.
  5. Victory: This fight is a test of patience and endurance. Successfully dodge Raven’s attacks while maintaining a consistent offensive until Raven is defeated. With Raven out of the picture, the player can then focus on the next challenge: the Ice Worm.

5. PCA Warrant Officer

PCA Warrant Officer
PCA Warrant Officer (picture credits: eXputer)

The PCA Warrant Officer is a formidable adversary in Armored Core 6. Distinguished by his potent shields, the capability to stagger players instantly, a missile arsenal, and a lethal melee weapon, this boss has left many players revisiting the mission multiple times.

Boss Attack Patterns

Energy Shield Bash Can stagger and deal substantial damage.
Laser Rifle Shot Direct energy shot causing significant damage.
Four-cell Missile Launch Releases missiles that track the player.
Melee Attack with Weapon Extremely damaging close-range attack.
Staggering Blow Can immobilize the player with a single hit, setting up for subsequent attacks.
Charging for Melee Attack If given too much space, the officer charges up for a devastating melee strike.

Best Attack Strategy to Defeat PCA Warrant Officer

PCA Warrant Officer
PCA Warrant Officer (picture credits: eXputer)

Facing the PCA Warrant Officer in Armored Core 6 is a testament to a player’s skill, patience, and adaptability. With the appropriate tactics, defeating this hardest boss in Armored Core 6 becomes less a matter of luck and more a demonstration of mastery.

Beyond his power, reaching him is a challenge in itself, as players must first confront two of his underlings and an array of smaller ACs. However, with the right strategy and determination, the Warrant Officer’s defeat is achievable.

  1. Preparation: Ensure you enter the boss fight with around 3,500 AC and three repair kits. If you suffer excessive damage in the preliminary stages, consider restarting to ensure optimal chances against the Warrant Officer.
  2. Offensive Strategy: Engage the Warrant Officer at close quarters to prevent him from charging his melee attacks. Use your pulse blade to stagger him, then unleash a barrage of plasma rockets and napalm bomblets. If possible, integrate a boost kick into your assault.
  3. Weapon Suitability: While kinetic weapons prove ineffective against the Warrant Officer, the napalm launcher stands out as an exception. Plasma missiles, owing to their area effect, do not require a lock-on and can cause damage by exploding against walls behind the Warrant Officer, especially when he’s close to them.
  4. Defensive Strategy: The Warrant Officer wields a powerful shield and laser rifle. His four-cell missile launchers, positioned on each shoulder, are another threat. Prioritize evasive maneuvers and stay alert to his staggering abilities. Dodge around him extensively, focusing on maintaining close proximity to prevent his melee attacks from charging.
  5. Persistence: The fight against the PCA Warrant Officer is not just about skill, but also persistence. The mission might require multiple attempts, especially given the challenging lead-up to the boss. Properly tuning your build and following the strategy will eventually lead to victory.

4. Allmind

Allmind (picture credits: eXputer)

ALLMIND is the ultimate final boss in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. Exclusive to the game’s true ending (only available in NG++), it represents one of the toughest challenges in the game. This colossal adversary is uniquely daunting, with several attack phases and a collection of powerful weapons.

A significant number of players find themselves stumped upon their initial meeting with ALLMIND. To unlock the true ending, players must exploit the boss’s vulnerabilities, understand its phases, and devise a sound strategy for its defeat.

Boss Attack Patterns

Deployment of MT units Causes continuous attacks that can stagger the player if they remain stationary for too long.
Sporadic Beams Emitted beams that pose a considerable threat; failing to evade could lead to restarting the boss battle.
Rockets & Laser Beams Seen in the second phase, they cause increased damage output.
Charged Plasma Cannon Initiated at the start of the battle, can be evaded to the right for an offensive opportunity.
Charged Melee Swipe Potent melee attack which requires a backward boost for successful evasion.
Laser Lance Attack High-damage attack that can be sidestepped or distanced from using Assault Boost.

Best Attack Strategy to Defeat ALLMIND

Allmind (picture credits: eXputer)
  1. Understand ALLMIND’s Movements: The boss has movements similar to the player’s. With a lightweight build, match its pace to induce stagger and cause more damage.
  2. Engagement in First Phase: Start with a hard lock-on and focus solely on ALLMIND, ignoring MTs. Using a mid or long-range Fire Control System (FCS) helps in tracking its movements. Quickly lock onto it at the beginning, dodge its initial charged plasma cannon shot by evading right, and retaliate.
  3. Weaponry Suggestions: In close range, utilize high damage-per-shot weapons like Zimmerman. If having trouble landing shots, consider the Assault Armor expansion, which can cause impactful damage and possibly stagger the boss.
  4. Handling ALLMIND’s Second Phase: As ALLMIND transitions to a stronger configuration, remain close to induce stagger, dealing consistent damage. Weapons like plasma rifles or rail cannons are recommended. Once staggered, move in to cause damage with offensive weapons like Redshift and Zimmerman.
  5. Evasion Tactics: Be wary of two specific melee attacks: the charged melee swipe (dodge with a backward boost) and the Laser Lance attack (evade using Assault Boost or a skilled sidestep).

3. IB-C03: HAL 826 Handler Walter 

IB-C03: HAL 826 Handler Walter 
IB-C03: HAL 826 Handler Walter (picture credits: eXputer)

Handler Walter is a standout boss in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, offering a distinct challenge to players. Unlike many late-game foes, Walter doesn’t rely on a C-weapon but wields an AC outfitted with end-game weaponry, mimicking the player’s capabilities.

Even though Walter’s showdown isn’t categorized with the hardest boss in Armored Core 6 like Ibis Series, Ayre, and ALLMIND in terms of difficulty, facing him is no walk in the park. Besting him unlocks the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending and grants access to the HAL 826 frame.

Boss Attack Patterns

Charged Plasma Shot (Coral Rifle – IB-C03W1) A potent shot which can cause significant damage if not evaded.
Charged Attack (Coral Oscillator – IB-C03W2) Another high-damage move, requiring swift evasion.
Self-Heal Mechanism Walter can heal himself twice during the encounter, effectively elongating the fight and countering the player’s damage.
Direct Attacks on HAL 826 Core The core has high resistance, making direct attacks less effective. Utilize weapons with high-impact damage for better results.
Mobility and Evasion Walter possesses good mobility. Players need to be agile and exploit the arena’s size for dodging and positioning.

Best Attack Strategy to Defeat Handler Walter

IB-C03: HAL 826 Handler Walter 
IB-C03: HAL 826 Handler Walter  (picture credits: eXputer)

Defeating Handler Walter is a notable achievement in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. Implementing these strategies and understanding Walter’s attack patterns are pivotal for unlocking the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending and getting the HAL 826 frame.

  1. Single-Phase Combat: Unlike Ayre and ALLMIND, Walter’s confrontation consists of just one phase. Yet, he can heal himself twice during the battle.
  2. Attacks to Anticipate: The most threatening attacks include the charged plasma shot from the Coral Rifle – IB-C03W1 and the charged assault from the Coral Oscillator – IB-C03W2. Dodging these is feasible with quick or assault boosts.
  3. Exploit Weaknesses: The HAL 826 Core resists direct attacks well, but high-impact damage or plasma weapons can stagger Walter, opening him up to more damage.
  4. Mobility is Key: The battle benefits those who maintain agility, with a spacious arena in Armored Core 6 to exploit for movement. Keeping mid or long-range distance is wise against Walter. For efficient tracking from afar, utilize the VP-20C or VP-20D FCS.

2. AAP07A: Arquebus Balteus

AAP07A Arquebus Balteus
AAP07A: Arquebus Balteus (picture credits: eXputer)

Encountering BALTEUS in chapter one was challenging, but the ARQUEBUS BALTEUS in chapter five is another beast altogether. This advanced version, piloted by the vexing V.II Snail, is swifter, deadlier, and mocks players throughout the battle. 

Boss Attack Patterns

Pulse Gun BALTEUS shoots several pulse gun waves, capable of staggering the player, typically followed by a Laser Cannon shot. Dodge vertically to evade.
Laser Cannon Fires a swift, linear projectile, accompanied by an audio cue and targeting beep. Can be dodged both horizontally and vertically.
BIG Laser Cannon During “phase two,” BALTEUS charges up for a massive beam shot. Dodge in the opposite strafing direction when the beam fires.
Pulse Shield A classic BALTEUS defense. This version is easier to break with the Stun Needle Launcher.
Small Missiles (Phase Two) Occasionally, BALTEUS releases eight non-lock-on missiles. Maintain movement to avoid them.

Best Attack Strategy to Beat ARQUEBUS BALTEUS

AAP07A: Arquebus Balteus
AAP07A: Arquebus Balteus (picture credits: eXputer)

With the right strategy and constant pressure, defeating ARQUEBUS BALTEUS, another of the hardest boss in Armored Core 6, is achievable. Utilize a balanced mix of firepower and mobility, deploying the Double Gatling Guns for damage and the Double Stun Needle Launchers to dismantle his shields. 

  1. Maintain Close Proximity: The key strategy is to stay close to ARQUEBUS BALTEUS—either above or below. This minimizes his targeting efficiency, making him waste time seeking distance.
  2. Stick to His Movements: When BALTEUS creates distance, tail him. Keep up the pressure, denying him any breathing space.
  3. Phase Transition: During the shift from phase one to phase two, BALTEUS deploys the pulse shield. However, its damage is low. Simply dash backward once or twice to avoid it.
  4. Stay Vigilant: While it’s essential to maintain aggression, be wary of his moves, especially during phase two. Recklessness can end the battle unfavorably.

Chasing the Liberator of Rubicon achievement, players confront ARQUEBUS BALTEUS in the penultimate mission. This boss might resemble the initial BALTEUS, but it’s enhanced in speed and combat tactics, emphasizing agility and perseverance to overcome its relentless onslaught.

1. Ayre

Ayre (picture credits: eXputer)

Ayre boss in Armored Core 6 is a climactic end boss, serving as a final obstacle in the Main Mission 40 titled “Shut Down the Closure Satellites.” Ayre emerges as the pinnacle challenge in the Fires of Raven Ending, demanding unparalleled precision and raw power. Facing this formidable opponent necessitates a combination of optimal mech configurations, mastering specific combat strategies, and understanding the boss’s behavior and attack patterns.

Attack Patterns of Ayre

Attack Pattern Description Counter Strategy
Homing Missiles Ayre launches missiles that home in on your AC. Dodge with Assault Boost or by quick boosting sideways.
Coral Blade Slash Powerful slashing attack using her Coral Blade. Unlock and Assault Boost away or quickly boost in the opposite direction. Pulse Protection is advised.
C-Weapon Projectiles (Phase 2) Ayre fires Multiple high-damage projectiles in succession. Use quick movements to dodge or Assault Boost in strategic directions.
Coral Energy Clones In her second phase, Ayre conjures clones made of Coral energy that can stagger your AC. Quick boost consecutively or Assault Boost towards Ayre while dodging sideways.

Best Strategy to Overcome Ayre

Ayre (picture credits: eXputer)

Remember that as with any boss in a game, familiarity with the boss’s patterns and adapting to them on the fly are key to victory. The key lies in understanding Ayre’s patterns, adjusting your approach, and utilizing your mech’s build to its fullest potential.

  1. Weaponry: Arm your mech with Gatling Guns and Needle Guns. Gatling Guns play a crucial role in staggering Ayre, while Needle Guns deal consistent damage.
  2. Engagement Distance: Maintain close proximity to Ayre. The effectiveness of the Gatling Guns diminishes over long distances, so it’s essential to keep the distance short.
  3. Positioning: Ensure an aerial advantage. The Needle Guns’ electric discharge can inflict splash damage on the ground, draining Ayre’s health further.
  4. Phase Exploitation: Use Gatling Guns to stagger Ayre, making him susceptible to increased damage. Once staggered, deploy Needle Guns for maximized damage output.
  5. Endurance: With an optimized mech build focusing on AP (Health) and Defense Stats, transform the combat from evasion-focused to a direct test of firepower and endurance.

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, FromSoftware once again proves their mastery over intricate boss designs. Ayre, drawing parallels with Maliketh and Malenia in Elden Ring, stands out as a formidable foe. Alongside Walter and ALLMIND, these titans encapsulate the game’s blend of ruthlessness and grandeur, challenging even veteran players.

That is all about the hardest bosses that you will face in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, If this article piqued your interest consider reading The BEST Shotgun in Armored Core 6, Best Lightweight Builds, and BEST AC6 Builds guides.


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