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Armored Core 6 is filled with a tonne of different enemies to battle against, but the Balteus is considered one of the hardest. Balteus is the last boss in Chapter 1 and a mighty tough one to beat. Having speed like no other, a tough shield combined with the flurry of missiles coming from Balteus, it is very difficult to beat this boss. So, follow this guide to overcome this challenge and beat Balteus in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Armored Core 6 has a tonne of enemies to fight against, but one of the most difficult ones is Balteus.
  • Balteus is known for its immensely strong shield and missile attacks, making it a very daunting boss to be facing. 
  • A Pulse Gun is best used to disarm the shield, coupled with a Plasma Blade and Missile Launchers to continue with attacks. 
  • There are certain Balteus attacks players in Armored Core 6 must stray away from since there is no way to attack back.
  • The most dangerous part of the battle will be when Balteus’ shield hits 40% health in AC6

Who Is Balteus In Armored Core 6?

Balteus is the Final Boss in Chapter One of Armored Core 6. This boss is fully equipped with tonnes of Missiles and Pulse Shields for protection, making it one of the most difficult bosses to fight against.

Winning a battle against Balteus does seem extremely daunting and the only way to beat it would be to have a specific build ready. 

Best Build For Balteus In AC6

the best build visualised
The Best Build against Balteus. (Image Credits: eXputer)

The first step to actually beating Balteus is a great build because, with sub-par weaponry, beating Balteus is out of the question. The table below includes the best build possible for a battle against this final boss of chapter one.

Position Weapon
Right Arm Pulse Gun
Left Arm Plasma Blade
Back Missle Launchers
Legs Bipedal
Booster Prioritize Quick Boost
Arms Prioritize AP
Core Prioritize AP

This build has been made keeping in mind Balteus, and all the best weapons in Armored Core 6 have been chosen that would provide an extra benefit. The most important weapon, and the most used one, will be the Pulse Gun in the right hand. This weapon is capable of taking down the Shield surrounding Balteus, allowing players to use their other weapons to take down when this happens.

Missle Launchers as the shoulder weapon have been chosen because Baletus is fairly easy to attack using missiles. Prioritizing AP allows for slightly more health, providing an excellent cushion for those inevitable hits. However, players should avoid any attacks. 

How To Beat Balteus In Armored Core 6

what balteus looks like
What Balteus looks like in Armored Core 6. (Image Credits: eXputer)

A great build will only get players so far, and some good tactics are required to complete this Armored Core 6 Balteus Guide easily. This includes knowing how to attack the boss and certain attacks that players must watch out for to avoid sustaining too much damage.

Balteus Attacks To Watch For

Balteus is not only the final boss in Chapter One but one of the most difficult ones to beat, if not the most. There are a few attacks that Balteus will always use, and the description of each of them can be found in the table below.

Type Of Attack Description
Flurry of Missiles This is the main attack where Balteus will launch a bunch of Missiles. There is no way to counter this attack, and the only possible way to defend yourself is to quickly boost out of the current position. Any attacks launched at this time will prove futile.
Shield Regeneration After hitting 40% health on the Shield, Balteus will begin Shield Regeneration. This is done in a spectacular fashion, using a great big bang. This in itself causes a bunch of damage to your character, so getting as far away as possible is highly recommended.
Flame Attacks After Shield Regeneration, Balteus will begin with its Flame attacks. These attacks cause extremely large amounts of damage and there is no real way to escape from them except for getting as far as possible. 

Best Strategy To Defeat Balteus

Before heading straight into battle against Balteus, there are a few tips and tricks that can be extremely helpful in this fight. Below, there are a few tips that can be used.

  • Launching normal attacks on Balteus is futile with the Shield up and running, so the first course of action is to disable that.
  • The Pulse Gun can be used to complete this task.
  • Players will need to get up close and personal and destroy the shield surrounding Balteus using the Pulse Gun.
  • Once the shield has dropped, other weapons, such as the Missiles, can be used to deal even more damage.
  • The most dangerous portion of the battle comes towards the end, once the shield has hit 40% health.
  • At this point, Balteus will start Flame attacks.
  • Players will need to dodge these as best as possible and avoid taking any damage. 

This is all there is to know regarding the Armored Core 6 Balteus guide. Although Balteus seems like a very daunting boss, if the above build and tips are taken into consideration, the task should be considerably easier. Whilst here for Armored Core 6, check out other guides such as the Armored Core 6 Plot & Story or How Long Is Armored Core 6 Make sure to leave a comment down below with any questions there may be or even a better way to go at defeating Balteus. 

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