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Arena in Armored Core 6 (AC6) is a game mode where you can fight against AI enemies while progressing through the main plot and story. Additionally, fighting in the Arena gives you access to exclusive rewards that cannot be received through the story mode or the multiplayer mode. However, you can only access the Arena and the OS Tuning menu by completing the 05-A Retrieve Combat Logs or the 05-B Investigate Baws Arsenal No. 2 missions. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Arena is a game mode in Armored Core 6 where players can test their combat aptitudes against AI ACs.
  • Players gain exclusive rewards such as AC build presets, COAM, and OST Chips in Armored Core 6 from the opponents they defeat in the arena.
  • There are a total of twenty-nine fights within the arena, which are organized into seven ranks with increasing levels of difficulty. 
  • You can unlock each rank of encounters after completing specific story missions.
  • It will take almost one complete playthrough of the whole story to complete all Arena fights.  

Arena Encounters And Rewards In Armored Core 6

Here is a list of all Arena Encounter Ranks, their unlock points and rewards:

Encounter Rank Unlock Mission Number of Fights Rewards
Rank F 05-A Retrieve Combat Logs or 05-B Investigate Baws Arsenal No. 2 Three COAM: 35000- 40000/ An Emblem and a Build Data Preseet for each fight/ Two OTS Chips
Rank E Attack The Watch Point Four COAM: 43000- 50000/ An Emblem and a Data Preset for each fight/ Two OTS Chips
Rank D Ocean Crossing Six COAM: 52000- 62000/ An Emblem For each Fight and a Data Preset for each fight/ Three OTS Chips
Rank C Atttack The Refuling Base four COAM: 64000- 70000/ An Emblem For each Fight and a Data Preset for each fight/ Three OTS Chips
Rank B Attack The Old Space Port Five COAM: 72000- 80000/ An Emblem For each Fight and a Data Preset for each fight/ Four OTS Chips
Rank A Destroy The Ice Worm Five COAM: 83000- 95000/ An Emblem For each Fight and a Data Preset for each fight/ Four to Six OTS Chips
Rank S Underground Exploration Depth 3 Two COAM: 97000- 100000/ An Emblem For each Fight and a Data Preset for each fight/ six OTS Chips

What Are Arena Encounters

A Rank Arena encounter with "King" in Armoreed Core 6.
Screenshot of the last A-Rank Arena Encounter “King”.

The Arena in Armored Core 6 is a combat evaluation game mode by the AI system ALLMIND. Here, you can battle against simulated mercenary ACs in a controlled environment. These battles (encounters) are classified into seven ranks (F, E, D, C, B, A, S) with increasing difficulty levels.

  • Completing each fight gives you OS Tuning (OST) Chips for use in the OS Tuning menu to gain additional skills for your AC.
  • You also receive COAM and an Emblem for every fight.
  • A preset build of every AC you defeat is also rewarded so you can test and modify the mercenary build for yourself. 
  • Each set of ranked encounters is unlocked after you complete certain missions in the main story of AC6.

Arena Encounter Rewards In Armored Core 6

A photo of arena rewards received after defeating "King."
Arena rewards showcase after defeating “King.”

The rewards for every Arena Encounter can vary depending on their difficulty setting (rank). The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward for defeating each enemy. Generally, the OS chip rewards remain identical within the same encounters. However, the COAM rewards and builds data that you receive will increase in quantity and quality for each successive opponent.

Some of the build data sets you receive at the later stages of the arena will rival the best PVP build in AC6, making them a very valuable resource.  

F Rank Encounters

You will have access to the Rank F arena encounters in Armored Core 6 as soon as you unlock the Arena game mode. Each battle in Rank F will reward you with two OST chips upon completion. There are three F-rank mercenary encounters in AC 6.

Here are the detailed rewards for each fight: 

Opponent Name  Rewards
“Invincible” Rummy  COAM: 35000, Mad Stomp Emblem, “Invincible” Rummy Data Preset 
Index Dunham COAM: 37000, Burn Pickaxe Emblem, Index Dunham Data Preset 
G6 red COAM: 40000, Hermit Emblem, G6 Red Data Preset 

E Rank Encounters

The E Rank Encounters in Armored Core 6 Arena are unlocked after completing the “Attack The Watchpoint.” You get OST chips (two) on successful completion of every encounter in this rank. There are a total of four encounters within this rank.

Here is what you get after each battle:

Opponent Name  Rewards
Nosaac COAM: 43000, Bitter Promise Emblem, Nosaac Data Preset 
V.VI Maeterlinck COAM: 45000, Infection Emblem, V.VI Maeterlinck Data Preset 
Little Ziyi COAM: 47000, Yue Yu Emblem, Little Ziyi Data Preset 
V.VII Swinburne COAM: 50000, Guidance Emblem, V.VII Swinburne Data Preset 

D Rank Encounters 

This set of battles becomes available after clearing the “Ocean Crossing” mission in the main story. Every fight in this rank will give you three OST Chips, various data presets, and COAM. 

There are six total encounters in this rank with the following rewards:

Opponent Name  Rewards
G3WU Huahai COAM: 52000, Li Long Emblem, G3WU Huahai Data Preset 
Ring Freddie COAM: 53000, Candle Ring Emblem, Ring Freddie Data Preset 
V.V Hawkins COAM: 56000, Reconfig Emblem, V.V Hawkins Data Preset 
G5 Iguazu COAM: 58000, Head Bringer Emblem, G5 Iguazu Data Preset 
Rokumonsen COAM: 60000, Shinobi Emblem, Rokumonsen Data Preset 
G4 Volta COAM: 62000, Cannon Head Emblem, G4 Volta Data Preset 

C Rank Encounters

The C Rank Encounters in Armored Core 6 Arena are unlocked after the “Attack The Refueling Base” mission. The OST Chip reward for each C Rank encounter is three chips per encounter.

Just like E Rank, there are four battles in this bracket with the following rewards:

Opponent Name  Rewards
V.VIII Pater COAM: 64000, Dual Nature Emblem, V.VIII Pater Data Preset 
Sulla COAM: 66000, Entrange Emblem, Sulla Data Preset 
“Chatty” Stick COAM: 68000, Circus Emblem, “Chatty” Stick Data Preset 
Middle Flatwell COAM: 70000, Tsubasa Emblem, Middle Flatwell Data Preset 

B Rank Encounters

You can participate in the B Rank Arena Encounter in Armored Core 6 after completing the “Attack The Old Space Port” mission in the main storyline. Every opponent in B Rank fights will give you four OST Chips. There are five B Rank Encounters in total. 

Here are the rewards for every B rank fight: 

Opponent Name  Rewards
V.III O’Keeffe COAM: 72000, Barren Emblem, V.III O’Keeffe Data Preset 
“Cinder” Carla COAM: 74000, Full Course Emblem, “Cinder” Carla Data Preset 
Coldcall COAM: 76000, Deadsled Emblem, Coldcall Data Preset 
V.IV Rusty COAM: 78000, Steel Haze Emblem, V.IV Rusty Data Preset 
Honest Brute COAM: 80000, Milk Tooth Emblem, Honest Brute Data Preset 

A Rank Encounters

A Rank is the second highest rank of Armored Core 6 Arena mode, with five fights in total. You must complete the “Destroy The Ice Worm” mission to unlock all battles in this rank. Each fight in A Rank rewards you with four OST Chips (except for King, which gives you six OST chips), COAM, and your opponent’s data presets. 

Here are the detailed rewards for each fight:  

Opponent Name  Rewards
G2 Nile COAM: 83000, Deep Down Emblem, G2 Nile Data Preset 
V.II Snail COAM: 85000, Open Faith Emblem, V.II Snail Data Preset 
Chartreuse COAM: 87000, Umber OX Emblem, Chartreuse Data Preset 
Thumb Dolmayan COAM: 90000, Astghik Emblem, Thumb Dolmayan Data Preset 
King COAM: 95000, Aster Crown Emblem, King Data Preset 

S Rank Encounters

The S Rank is the last set of encounters you can play before playing through the whole game and entering the New Game+. This is the highest achievable rank level in the normal game. Furthermore, Rank A and Rank S encounters will have some of the best builds in AC6. With two battles, both opponents in S Rank Encounters drop six OST Chips Each.  

Let’s look at the individual loot for each opponent:

Opponent Name  Rewards
G1 Michigan COAM: 97000, Ligar Tail Emblem, G1 Michigan Data Preset 
V.I Freud COAM: 100000, Locksmith Emblem, V.I Freud Data Preset 

Armored Core 6 Arena In New Game+ 

A preview of the analysis tab in AC6 New game+.
Analysis tab screenshot in AC6 New Game+.

After you complete your first playthrough of Armored Core 6, you will start again from the beginning of the story with your collected items. Here, you will get to play through the entire game once again. The New Game+ will have additional missions and content in it. The Armored Core 6 Arena menu will also appear with a new analysis tab. You can fight additional mercenary ACs on an even higher difficulty for greater rewards

The Armored Core 6 Arena game mode is a battle simulator that allows you to farm COAM and OST Chips for your Armored Cores. There are twenty-nine simulated fights against different enemies of increasing difficulty in the first playthrough—the rewards for clearing each battle increase with the difficulty level.

If you want to learn more about Armored Core 6, try reading about all the stats in AC6 or how to beat Cel 240 in the main story. If you are having trouble progressing through the early game, try learning about the best parts of AC6.


Image Credits: FP Good Game and Gamer’s Little Playground

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