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Arcadian Valley Destiny 2, located on Nessus, is a hub of intrigue and combat. Serving as the crash site for the Golden Age colony ship Exodus Black, it is now home to various factions vying for control and hidden knowledge. The dynamic history of this location involves a unique biosphere, the ill-fated colony ship, and the subsequent struggles of various factions.

Key Takeaways

  • Destiny 2 Arcadian Valley on Nessus is a location with a rich backstory and history involving a colony ship and the Vex.
  • The region is home to the Vex, a time-traveling robotic race that has transformed the natural landscape of Nessus into a machine world.
  • The Arcadian Valley is the site of the crash of the Golden Age colony ship Exodus Black, which has left behind many mysteries and secrets to uncover
  • Players can explore the region as part of the campaign or endgame activities.
  • Public Events, Lost Sectors, and Strikes are all available to players in the Arcadian Valley, providing challenging combat encounters and valuable rewards.
  • The Vex are known for their ability to manipulate time and space, making them unpredictable opponents in combat.
  • Exploring the Arcadian Valley is a great way to gain experience points, reputation tokens, and valuable loot while also uncovering more about the history and lore of the universe.
  • Players should be prepared to face off against the Vex in combat, using cover and mobility to avoid damage and switching weapons to deal with different enemy types.

IMPORTANT: By doing quests in Arcadian Valley, you can get many good weapons like Sturm and Drang.

Overview Of Arcadian Valley

Arcadian Valley is a location in Destiny 2, set on the planetoid of Nessus, which was believed to be uninhabitable during the Golden Age. However, centuries ago, the colony ship Exodus Black crashed on Nessus, specifically in the Arcadian Valley region.

  • The location is characterized by its lush forests, flowing rivers, and ancient ruins, which the Vex, a time-traveling robotic race, has taken over.
  • The Vex is known to transform areas they occupy, making them dangerous and unpredictable.
  • Players can visit the place as part of the Destiny 2 campaign and as part of endgame activities.
  • The area features public events, lost sectors, and strikes, as well as hidden areas and quests to discover.
  • Players can also find resources to collect and gear to upgrade in Arcadian Valleys.
  • In addition to being a visually stunning location, it has a rich backstory in the Destiny 2 universe.
  • The crash of Exodus Black and the ensuing conflict with the Vex have left many mysteries and secrets to uncover.
  • As players explore the area, they will discover more about the history of Nessus and its inhabitants.

Exploring Nessus

 Arcadian Valley Destiny 2 Exploring Nesus
Exploring Nesus

Nessus is a fascinating destination, offering various adventures and activities for players to explore. Based on the search results provided, here are some tips for exploring Nessus in Destiny 2. Here are some ways for you to explore Nessus:

  1. Adventures: Nessus is home to several Adventures, which are 15- to 30-minute missions with unique objectives.
    • These missions provide engaging content and opportunities for players to uncover the planet’s secrets. You can refer to the list of Adventures on Nessus to plan your exploration.
  2. Lost Sectors: There are five Lost Sectors on Nessus, marked on the map, offering hidden loot and challenging encounters. These areas provide a rewarding experience for players who enjoy delving into secret locations and defeating powerful enemies.
    • Walkthroughs for each Lost Sector can be found to assist you in navigating them.
  3. Public Events: Nessus features Public Events, dynamic activities that players can participate in to earn rewards and engage with other players.
    • The nature of Public Events on Nessus may have undergone changes, as mentioned in one of the search results.
  4. Treasure Expedition: There is a specific mission called “Expedition Nessus” that involves digging up treasure and hauling it to an extraction point. This mission was added during the Season of Plunder.
    • When undertaking this expedition, expect encounters with both Cabal and Fallen enemies as you collect treasure.
  5. Vex Structures: Nessus is largely terraformed by the robotic Vex, featuring its unique structures and architecture.
    • Take the time to explore these bizarre structures while on the planet, as they provide an immersive and visually stunning experience.

The Mysteries Of The Valley

The is the site of the crash of the Exodus Black, a Golden Age colony ship that was launched before the Collapse.

  1. The ship carried thousands of people, including scientists, engineers, and colonists, who were meant to establish a new civilization on a faraway planet.
  2. However, something went wrong during the ship’s journey, and it crash-landed on Nessus in the Arcadian Valley.
  3. The Vex have the ability to manipulate time and space, and their investigation of the ship’s wreckage led to a number of unusual phenomena on the planetoid.
  4. The Vex constructed structures and machines throughout the Arcadian Valley, transforming the natural landscape into a machine world.
  5. As players explore it, they will uncover more about the history and secrets of the Exodus Black crash and the Vex’s presence on Nessus.
  6. For example, players can investigate the ship’s wreckage in the Exodus Black area and participate in the Exodus Siege Strike, which takes place on the ship’s ruins.
  7. Players can also discover hidden areas and quests that shed more light on the mysterious properties of the Vex and their strange influence on the planetoid.

Combat And Activities

 (Adventure, Nessus) Arcadian Valley Destiny 2 Exodus Siege
Exodus Siege

One of the main activities in Arcadian Valley is Public Events. These events are timed encounters that can be triggered by players or occur naturally during exploration.

  1. The events can range from eliminating Vex threats to defending against waves of enemies or defeating powerful bosses.
  2. Participating in Public Events is a great way to earn experience points, reputation tokens, and valuable loot.
  3. Another activity in Arcadian Valley is Lost Sectors. These are hidden areas that can be discovered while exploring the region.
  4. Lost Sectors feature unique challenges and mini-bosses to defeat, and completing them will reward players with loot, experience points, and reputation tokens.
  5. Some notable Lost Sectors in the region include the Ancient’s Haunt and the Carrion Pit.
  6. Arcadian Valley is also home to Strikes, which are missions designed for fire teams of three players.
  7. The Exodus Siege Strike takes place in the ruins of the Exodus Black colony ship, and players must navigate through the Vex defenses to complete objectives and defeat a final boss.
  8. Strikes offer challenging combat encounters and unique rewards for players to obtain.
  9. Players should use cover and mobility to avoid taking damage and be ready to switch weapons to deal with different enemy types.
  10. Using weapons with elements corresponding to the enemy shields (such as Solar for Vex with Solar shields) can also be an effective strategy.

Secrets And Discoveries  

One of the hidden quests in Arcadian Valley is “On the Comms,” which involves players receiving a transmission from a stranded Cabal soldier.

  1. Players must track down the soldier and assist them in their mission, which takes them through several Vex-infested areas in the region.
  2. Completing the quest will reward players with powerful loot and reputation tokens.
  3. Another secret in Arcadian Valley is the location of the Pallas Galliot; a crashed Cabal ship that is hidden deep in the region.
  4. Players must navigate through a series of tunnels and Vex defenses to reach the ship, where they can find valuable resources and gear.
  5. The Pallas Galliot is also the location of one of the Lost Sectors in the region, providing players with even more challenges and rewards.
  6. Other hidden areas in Arcadian Valley include hidden caves and tunnels, as well as secret platforms that require players to jump and navigate through the air to reach them.
  7. These areas often contain valuable loot and resources, as well as provide stunning vistas of the region’s landscapes.
  8. To uncover these secrets and discoveries in Arcadian Valley, players will need to explore the region thoroughly and pay attention to their surroundings.
  9. Some secrets require specific actions or quests to trigger, while others can be discovered simply by exploring off the beaten path.


In conclusion, Arcadian Valley is a location full of intrigue and combat, located on the planetoid of Nessus. The area’s rich history involves the crash of the Golden Age colony ship, Exodus Black, and the subsequent struggles of various factions to control the region. The Arcadian Valley is characterized by lush forests, flowing rivers, and ancient ruins that have been taken over by the Vex, making it a dangerous and unpredictable place to explore. 


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