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Aquaman’s 10 Greatest Villains, Ranked

As the half-Atlantean ruler of the world’s undersea civilizations, Aquaman swims in an ocean of enemies. Some lurk within the deepest components of the ocean whereas others disguise behind courtly robes within the Throne Room of Atlantis. Of course, the Aquatic Ace’s time with the Justice League has given him his fair proportion of surface-dwelling enemies too.

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As a personality who’s been regularly revealed because the Golden Age, Aquaman’s battles vary in tone from foolish to severe. The previous eighty years have seen the Protector of the Deep brawl with characters of all stripes, however a couple of rise above the remaining.

10 Qwsp Is A Malevolent Mister Mxyzptlk

For a time in DC Comics, each main hero had an omnipotent, mischievous imp inflicting points of their life. Superman had Mister Mxyzptlk, Batman had Bat-Mite, and Aquaman had Qwsp. An imp from the Fifth Dimension, Qwsp (first Quisp) had reality-warping powers that he used to help Aquaman and likewise pull pranks on him.

However, the ’90s noticed their relationship bitter when, after a while aside, Qwsp returned to Earth and encountered the newer, grimmer Aquaman. Qwsp modified his personal persona to match, however in doing so, turned malevolent. Qwsp’s rising energy required the intervention of each the Justice League and the Council of Interdimensional Imps to fight.

9 Scavenger Is A Sixties Supervillain Turned Sinister

Just as each DC hero has an impish enemy with mind-bending powers, additionally they have quite a lot of tech-wielding villains from the sci-fi sixties. Peter Mortimer, aka Scavenger, is one among Aquaman’s foes. He’s a sea-scouring scoundrel who sought treasure on the ocean ground.

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The first Scavenger has a sophisticated historical past. After battling Aquaman for an alien object referred to as the Time Decelerator, Scavenger’s molecules had been blasted via a Limbo-esque dimension. After his molecules reformed, he battled Aquaman another time and seemingly turned to the facet of excellent. However, his ethical reformation did not final, as Hawkman killed Scavenger for the creation and possession of violent pornography.

8 Siren Is Mera’s Evil Twin

While two villains named Siren have menaced Aquaman, the extra harmful is the primary. The twin sister of Mera, Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman’s romantic associate, Hila was the odd one out of her household, resulting in rebelliousness after which violence in opposition to the King of Atlantis.

Siren’s tales usually stem from her familial jealousy. As an an identical twin, she’s usually impersonated her sister to idiot Aquaman. Siren additionally led the Death Squad, a gaggle of elite underwater mercenaries, in a quest to assist Black Manta discover his organic son and kill Aquaman.

7 Nereus Is A Rival King To Aquaman In DC Comics

As King of Atlantis, Aquaman should cope with varied makes an attempt on his throne. One such challenger is Nereus, a army chief from the Kingdom of Xebel. An underwater kingdom typically at warfare with Atlantis, Xebel’s princess Mera disappeared from her betrothed, Nereus, in the future.

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When Mera returned and revealed she’d fallen in love with the King of Atlantis, Nereus refused to just accept it. Instead, he turned the Xebellian armies in opposition to Mera and her associate for not standing with Atlan, the unique King of Atlantis, when he returned after a millennium. Though routed, Nereus fled Aquaman and sought an alliance with Ocean Master.

6 The Trench Are Monstrous Fish-People

When Geoff Johns set his sights on Aquaman as part of the New 52 relaunch, he reinvigorated the character, very similar to he had with Green Lantern and the Flash. Johns expanded Aquaman’s lore and launched the idea of seven undersea kingdoms, lots of which appeared within the 2018 film, Aquaman. Undoubtedly essentially the most fearsome of all of them was the Trench.

A species of angler fish-like humanoids who stay within the Marianas Trench, the Trench tailored to their lightless setting after Atlan sundered Atlantis hundreds of years in the past. Neither good nor evil, the Trench comply with whoever wields the Dead King’s Scepter.

5 Charybdis Made Aquaman Lose His Hand

When DC rebooted their main heroes for the darker, grittier ’90s, Aquaman and his shiny orange tunic wanted a significant reinvention. Enter Charybdis, a terrorist with the power to steal others’ powers. Seeking to kill Aquaman, he and his spouse Scylla led Aquaman, Dolphin, and Aqualad right into a entice.

The confrontation did not go effectively, and Charybdis kills Scylla. Aquaman pursues Charybdis to land, the place, in an try to make Aquaman use his powers, the villain forces his left hand right into a pool of piranhas. Aquaman loses his hand and Charybdis falls into the water, merging with the fish to develop into Piranha Man.

4 Atlan Built and Destroyed Atlantis

Aquaman (aka Arthur Curry) wasn’t the primary king of Atlantis. That honor went to Atlan, a smart ruler who noticed the land develop into seven kingdoms beneath his reign. However, Atlan’s brother, Orin, was livid at his brother’s allowance of race-mixing and killed your complete royal household as punishment. His coronary heart damaged, Atlan sunk his kingdom together with seven mystical weapons he’d solid.

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Atlan slept for hundreds of years till he was ultimately returned to life by Vulko. Now going by the Dead King, Atlan sought to destroy Atlantis as soon as and for all, uniting the Trench and Xebel behind him to wage warfare in opposition to Aquaman.

3 The Fisherman Has A Lovecraftian Secret

The Fisherman is among the most mysterious of Aquaman’s foes. A hooded pirate specializing in theft, the Fisherman makes use of fishing-themed gimmick gadgetry to drag off his heists. However, the Fisherman was thwarted many instances by Aquaman’s forces on the ocean ground.

The Fisherman has appeared each alone and with teams like Kobra and the Society, making it tough for heroes to get a learn on the Fisherman’s id. This is as a result of the Fisherman just isn’t a person however somewhat an alien parasite that attaches itself to host heads and takes on the type of a hood, pumping the host filled with worry to do its bidding.

2 Ocean Master is Aquaman’s Tragic Brother

The story of Orm, the Ocean Master, is a tragic story. Traditionally, Orm is Arthur Curry’s half-brother, at the very least by love if not by blood. However, his brother’s heroic actions made Ocean Master extraordinarily jealous, which led him down a unending spiral of failed revenge plots.

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Alternately, Ocean Master has been portrayed as a human pirate, a human sorcerer, and an Atlantean xenophobic noble. Orm’s actions have ranged from outrageously violent to petty crime, one thing usually defined in-universe as psychological manipulation or amnesia. Still, Ocean Master’s assaults on the floor world have granted him a spot in DC’s highest circle of supervillainy.

1 Black Manta Is Aquaman’s Most Iconic Enemy

The red-eyed helmet of Black Manta is probably essentially the most recognizable picture in Aquaman’s rogues’ gallery, worn by a person devoted to the destruction of Aquaman. Much like Ocean Master, Black Manta has quite a lot of origins, starting from a kidnapped little one whose cries for assist weren’t heard by Aquaman to an autistic little one who was violently experimented on at Arkham Asylum, and at last as a mercenary employed to steal Aquaman’s blood.

Regardless of his origin, Black Manta is all the time a thorn in Aquaman’s facet. He’s tried to steal Aquaman’s throne, joined with villainous groups, and, most notably, killed Aquaman’s toddler son in entrance of him. Cunning, ruthless, and pushed, Black Manta is Aquaman’s best foe.

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