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Apple TV+’s Echo 3 TV Review

Apple TV+ continues to build on its impressive pedigree of creative talent in front of and behind the camera with its original military thriller series. echo 3. Created by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Mark Boal (the wounded locker, zero thirty dark), the show is loosely based on the 2018 Israeli TV series when heroes fly, though moved to an American perspective following a different conflict zone. Featuring an all-star cast and filmed on location in Colombia, with the involvement of local production teams and the Colombian government, the series combines high-stakes action with emotional intrigue that will keep audiences guessing about the characters’ motivations and loyalties throughout its inaugural season. .

Shortly after the wedding of Prince (Michiel Huisman) and Amber Chesborough (Jessica Ann Collins), Prince is called to serve overseas with his military special operations squad, including Amber’s older brother and longtime friend and comrade-in-arms. from Prince, Bambi (Lucas Evans). Amber has international activities of her own, working as a scientist in Colombia, where she is kidnapped near the Colombia-Venezuela border. Determined to win back their lost love, Prince and Bambi venture into the most dangerous corners of South America, using their military expertise to locate her and confront her kidnappers, only to discover that the situation is far more deadly and complicated than they thought. they expected.

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On all the international stages of jet-setting and tense action, echo 3 keeps the focus squarely on its three leads as they overcome their own differences, both past and present, towards the common goal of Amber escaping with her life. The show lives and dies by its leads’ relationships, and thankfully Huisman, Collins and Evans deliver, underscoring a sense of enduring familiarity and an interpersonal history rife with mistrust and unresolved tension. Huisman and Evans, in particular, have a lot more to do than scowl in their designer jackets and wield assault rifles with aplomb, diving into some genuinely gripping material when the gunfight ends.

The action throughout echo 3 Similarly, it has a sense of committed intimacy, with the cinematography and choreography making viewers feel like they’re in the heat of battle. This level of tension and suspense carries over to the dialogue-driven scenes, particularly with Amber left at the mercy of her captors as they interrogate her as to why exactly she is such an interesting person. Collins can even delve into some exciting stunt work, including a harrowing sequence in Episode 5 that serves as one of the standout action set pieces of the first half of the season.

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echo 3 amber

Where echo 3 Hesitations is in its sense of pacing, with some expository conversation and minor character introductions distracting from the larger narrative taking place. When Huisman, Collins, and Evans are on screen, they command attention, and each time the story moves elsewhere, it begins to falter before refocusing on the leads. Running for 10 episodes, echo 3 it may have worked better with a shorter episode order or even as a feature film, as evidenced by the uneven pacing.

Boal has re-created the military-oriented action thrillers he excels at, along with a solid cast and some seriously gripping action sequences. With a focus on complex character relationships, authenticity in contemporary politics, and strong performances from its leads, echo 3 is another addition to Apple TV+’s growing library of prestige programming. While the show may not win over those who aren’t outright fans of the genre, geopolitical action-thriller enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy in echo 3.

Created by Mark Boal, Echo 3 debuts Wednesday, November 23 on Apple TV+.

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