Apple Mixed Reality Headset Display Specs Leaked Ahead Of The Official Reveal



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  • Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset has recently suffered a massive leak, with its display specs leaking before the official reveal at the WWDC event next week.
  • The credible insider Ross Young has said that the headset will feature a Micro OLED screen, a 1.41″ diagonal panel screen, and a pixel density of 4000 PPI.
  • The highly anticipated headset also reportedly features a staggering 5000 nits of brightness. The analyst compares it to a 4K experience for both eyes, respectively.
  • It’s price is rumored to be $3000, targeting a more formal audience instead of gamers alone. Regardless, many developers have already teased games for the awaited device.

Apple’s heavily anticipated Mixed Reality headset display specifications have reportedly surfaced online, revealing compelling details that have stunned the community. The upcoming headset, rumored to be dubbed the Reality One and Reality Pro for different models, features impressive display specs that surpass the existing VR headsets on the market. A credible insider, Ross Young, has revealed the exact specs for the new flagship VR/AR device.

It features a staggering Micro OLED screen for both eyes and a commendable 1.41 diagonal panel. The current VR headset panels on the market bolster an aspect ratio of 9:10. If the 1.41″ diagonal panel and the pixel density of 4000 PPI specs are true, then we can expect an aspect ratio of 9:10 along with a resolution of 4156×3740. In other words, it is not unfair to claim that both our eyes will get the 4K resolution treatment, as teased by Ross.

Moreover, the Mixed Reality headset features a staggering 5000 nits of brightness. To put things into perspective, this is much higher than some of the best VR headsets, like the PSVR 2 and Oculus Quest 2; Microsoft HoloLens only had less than 500 nits, making Apple’s new headset ten times better in terms of the raw brightness. However, there is no need to worry, as these 5000 nits will not resemble the aftermath of a flashbang attack.

The high amount of nits is mere “peak brightness,” which will create a display unrivaled by any of Apple’s rivals on the market. Apple is going all out with its flagship VR/AR device, both in terms of the massive rumored price and the specifications to balance each other out. The VR/AR headset is out of reach for most of the audience, with its rumored price hovering around $3000 in the community, as hinted by credible analysts in the past.

Apple is not specifically targeting the gaming industry as the Reality Pro headset seems to be more on the higher-end side and will be used by other, more formal enterprises around the globe. Regardless, it has not forgotten gamers, as many titles are already seemingly planned for the new headset. Many developers have collectively teased the prospect ahead of the official Apple event on June 5 at WWDC next week.

Previous reports have also suggested that the upcoming Reality One and Reality Pro headsets will not require iPhones to operate, featuring tools like “in-air typing” to make it convenient for the user. Moreover, there are no controllers for the alluring device, turning users into controllers instead

The Mixed Reality device will prove to be heaps above the current competition with regard to brightness and display alone, leaving others to catch up behind. The leaker is a display analyst with over 25 years of experience in the field and has shared many insights in the past. Nevertheless, take everything with a hefty pinch of salt; many details, including the price and hardware specs, will likely be confirmed in the upcoming Apple event.

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