Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List – All Ranked Legends



A-Tier Legends for Season 17

Great picks for Season 17, but not enough to be considered the best. These Legends have great utility in combat, which makes them work well in most Apex Legends modes.

Tier A: Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List
Recognition Legend: Bloodhound


Bloodhound is the ultimate Recon Legend, being able to use his abilities to benefit them and their team to the fullest without the drawbacks that other Legends of his class often have. You simply can’t hide from a Bloodhound because they will be able to scan you through walls, providing a wealth of information to the Bloodhound and his allies. This gives you an idea of ​​how many hostile legends are nearby and whether or not they’re spread out, which can help you decide whether or not to push. When the time comes, Bloodhound can activate his ultimate, giving them a huge boost in speed and tracking enemies’ footprints and other tell-tale information, ensuring no one can hide when Bloodhound comes looking.


Created to be a predator, Ash is well suited to hunting down other Legends with his skill set. His ability to scan kill boxes to reveal the locations of enemy teams is great if you’re looking for a fight or want to avoid one. Ash’s tactical ability will force enemies to stay and fight no matter how low their health is. He is able to surprise enemies with his ultimate, allowing him to open a rift in the void to teleport anywhere, opening up possibilities for multiple ways to gank ill-prepared enemy teams.


The new guy came to play with a lot of toys, as Ballistic’s extremely useful passive allows him to carry three weapons at the same time. He even carries a modified smart gun, which he uses as his tactical ability to superheat enemy weapons, damaging those who are hit and leaving them vulnerable for a period of time. Ballstic is great for pushing back, as his ult gives nearby teammates unlimited ammo, increased movement and reload speed, and turns his third weapon into gold while the ability is active.


Bangalore has been one of the best raiding legends since Season 1, and her skill kit hasn’t changed much since then because she’s always been that good. Her passive ability allows her to move faster when she is under fire, allowing her to keep up with even Octane. Bangalore can use her tactical ability to spew smoke offensively and defensively, blocking the enemy’s vision and throwing the battlefield into mass confusion. Her ult isn’t as good as Gibraltar’s, but she’s more useful as a means of knocking enemies out of their hideouts and vantage points than dealing damage.


Catalyst has been a great pick since she made her debut, and Season 17 still makes her a great Legend to pick up. She can block doors with her passive ability, locking enemies inside or outside a building. With her tactical ability, she can set traps using her ferrofluid, which will slow down enemies upon activation and damage them, which can stop any offensive attack. Catalyst’s ult blocks the enemy’s line of sight by summoning a massive wall of ferrofluid, which will slow and blind enemies foolish enough to walk through it.


Rule the skies with Valkyrie, as her skill kit allows her to hit almost any vantage point in the game. Her passive allows her to fly around the area for a few seconds, allowing her to keep repositioning herself in the middle of any fight. Her tactical ability to launch miniature missiles at enemy legends can even be used while she’s in the skies, which can briefly stun enemies or force them out of cover if they choose not to move. Valkyrie’s ult essentially turns her into a portable jump tower to allow her team to reposition at any time, which can be a lifesaver in battle royale mode.

crazy maggie

Mad Maggie’s Pure Offensive kit focuses on dealing punitive damage to the enemy team. No one can hide behind cover with her tactical ability, forcing them out. Mad Maggie can even track the enemies she has damaged to make sure no one escapes her. If you want a purely devastating character, Mad Maggie is a great optional pick for Apex Legends Season 17.


Horizon’s control over gravity has great advantages in fights where she can send herself or anyone else flying. Her tactical ability grants her vertical mastery to scale almost anything, and it’s surprisingly hard to hit her once she hits the air. Her ultimate is excellent at keeping enemies in her spot by absorbing them into each other, providing an opportunity to throw grenades in her direction while they are completely defenseless.



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