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Anya’s School Assignment Highlights Loid’s Commitment as a Spy

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 20, “Investigating General Hospital/Cracking the Puzzling Code,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Along the Spy x Family, Loid Forger has mentioned his career as a psychiatrist to cover up his real work as an undercover spy. His cover must be strong to protect his identity and mission, but Episode 20 demonstrates the extent of Loid’s dedication to maintaining this facade.

When Anya receives a school assignment that requires her to follow someone at their workplace and give a report on their work, she first reaches out to her adoptive mother. Although Yor seems like the obvious and most reasonable choice at first glance, Anya’s telepathy reveals that what Yor has in mind might not be up to Eden Academy’s standards. Instead of planning to take Anya to city hall, Yor envisions taking her for a murder. Anya turns to Loid, who surprisingly shows no doubt and reveals that she actually works at the hospital as a psychiatrist.

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Anya goes to work with Loid

Loid takes Anya with him to Berlint General Hospital, surprising fans with an inside look at the scope of her undercover identity. Anya, who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes, happily accompanies her adoptive father to investigate her work as a psychiatrist. Because Loid’s co-workers adore her and her curiosity leads her to her usual antics, Anya uses her telepathy to better understand Loid’s purpose for working at the hospital, even if she doesn’t understand herself. completely.

While Loid admits to himself that it would have been easier to fake his job as a psychiatrist, he acknowledges the benefit of working at the hospital. Since many prominent politicians and businessmen frequent the hospital, working there gives Loid the ability to infiltrate his circles and gather intelligence. Some of his fellow operatives are also stationed at the hospital for this very reason. Equipped with espionage opportunities and a secret passage used to sneak missions, Loid’s work at Berlint General Hospital aligns perfectly with his mission as Agent Twilight.

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Although Loid is dedicated, he is overworked

Spy x family ep 20 Loid Forger and Handler

As any excellent spy would do, Loid does everything he can to maintain his cover and create opportunities to gather intelligence. Although he could easily have the resources to establish a cover without adding unnecessary stress to his workload, Loid actually works at the hospital in addition to carrying out his mission and spending time with his family. Everything Loid does is in the name of Operation Strix. There is no feat too onerous or insignificant that Loid will not overcome for the sake of keeping the peace between Ostania and Westalis.

However, Loid’s dedication could easily lead him to overwork himself, even if he doesn’t show it. The burden of his life as a spy is already heavy and he requires her to live selflessly in order to complete his mission. He must discard any ambition and desire, shaping his life to meet the needs of Operation Strix. In addition to carrying out missions, many of which are dangerous, Loid also dedicates herself to his family both to solidify his cover and to contribute to the ultimate goal of Operation Strix. Episode 20 shows Loid trying even harder by working as a psychiatrist. Loid’s load is heavy, but he proves time and time again just how capable he is as the world’s greatest spy.

There has never been any doubt about Loid’s dedication to his work as a spy. Almost every episode of Spy x Family it shows that his mission to keep the peace between Ostania and Westalis remains at the forefront of his mind as the main motivator for everything he does. Although Loid may be juggling multiple roles and the burden of his mission, his dedication and desire for peace give her the strength to continue his work as a spy while he maintains the cover and is an excellent father to Anya. .

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