Another PlayStation Showcase Could Happen Later In The Year, Rumor Says



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  • The PlayStation Showcase has just come to pass in recent times, airing live on May 24, 1 PM PST, and revealing multiple third-party games for the future. One can argue that the biggest revelation of the Showcase was the extended gameplay trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • Despite a fairly commendable line-up of titles such as Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, Phantom Blade Zero, Bungie’s Marathon, and Alan Wake 2’s gameplay, many are of the opinion that the PlayStation Showcase was weak this time around. 
  • A new rumor relating to the whole situation says that there’s another PlayStation Showcase that will happen later in the year and presumably, it will highlight games that have been “rattling around.”  

Fans and followers appear to be in a divide with the 2023 PlayStation Showcase. Some laud it with praise for revealing more of the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and announcing Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater while others frown upon the situation and mock the company for a weak overall display. According to a new rumor, though, PlayStation could be doubling down on announcements with another showcase later in 2023.

This information comes from Colin Moriarty—a known industry insider and former Senior Editor at IGN—who sat down on the Iron Lords Podcast in a new episode to talk about all things PlayStation Showcase. For the record, the person in question has his own podcast show as well, called Last Stand Media. Somewhere during the discourse, particularly around the 2:09:51 timestamp, Colin says the following,

I’ve heard from people that I know and I think it’s fairly obvious that there will be another PlayStation Showcase later in the year. I assume it will be more focused on some of these games that are rattling around.”

Now, it’s middle ground to say that the PlayStation Showcase was average at best, as it did come forward with rip-roaring Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 action. Not just that, but Bungie’s Marathon—a next-gen revival of a lost IP—Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the next Assassin’s Creed, and Final Fantasy XVI all had their time in the spotlight, including a flurry of PS VR2 titles, but you cannot deny the lack of first-party reveals in the event.    

We’re yet to gauge what front-running studios like Housemarque, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica Studio—the famed creators of God of War—are cooking. In addition, the rumored Ghost of Tsushima 2 and the already confirmed-to-be-happening multiplayer game spun off The Last of Us missed the action as well. Mind you, this was the first PlayStation Showcase in twenty months after the 2021 reveal—huge expectations were associated. 

With such a long period of wait, Sony didn’t pack enough punch this time around, but perhaps, what happened is part of a grander strategy where the company has purposefully held back from showcasing more of what’s being worked on. Who knows? It might all pay off sooner or later, but for right now, it is what it is, and it’s not a lot to write home about. 

In case you missed it, the PlayStation Showcase went live on May 24, 1 PM PT and rotated around revealing upcoming PlayStation games, including multi-platform ones as well. Apart from the major announcements and reveals during the event, a number of interesting indie titles were highlighted, including a sequel to Ghostrunner that showed off our katana-slashing protagonist on top of a supremely futuristic motorbike. 

In retrospect, the previous PlayStation Showcase’s catalog was much superior in the context of first-party PlayStation titles, for it paved the way for God of War Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Marvel’s Wolverine to come out into the open, not to mention the remake announcement of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. On a side note, though, the latter is still green-lit and proceeding just as it should.

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