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Andor’s Rebellion Is Built on Lies and Distrust

The following comprises spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 4, now streaming on Disney+.

When Han Solo got here again to avoid wasting Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope, the Rebel trigger might need moved him, however he largely did it to avoid wasting his new buddies. The shut bond of the unique trilogy’s core characters made them much less a combating squad and extra a household — actually in all however Chewie’s case. The unfastened community of insurgent cells proven in Andor usually are not like that; as an alternative they’re constructed on lies, mistrust and anger.

In Season 1, Episode 4, Cassian Andor is launched to a brand new group of rebels after being contracted by Luthen Rael to steal a bunch of cash from the Empire. But Luthen lies to their chief Vel Sartha and he or she, in flip, lies to her group after they protest the inclusion of a brand new face simply earlier than their operation. The rebels’ worries are utterly based in actuality. Cassian will not be dedicated to the trigger. He’s a morally gray mercenary whose mission is trying to find his sister. Since the Empire wasn’t even current within the first three episodes, to Cassian it’s an summary risk. Most Star Wars rebels have deeply private causes for combating, however Cassian might have by no means even seen a Stormtrooper earlier than. If Vel Sartha knew that, she’d kill him on the spot.

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Even although the Rebel Alliance was in full swing throughout the occasions of Rogue One, audiences noticed hints of this in Saw Gerrera’s habits on Jedha. When Imperial pilot Bodhi Rook defected with the message concerning the Death Star, the group almost killed him somewhat than take a look at his proof. Even Jyn Erso, a identified affiliate of Gerrera, is delivered to the Rebel Alliance in handcuffs. The Rebellion is not all heat and Force fuzziness. War is brutal, so to actually have a likelihood the Rebels need to be ruthless. That movie confirmed how military-style hierarchy of the Rebellion mirrors the authoritarian nature of the Empire, similar to when Cassian killed an ally somewhat than permitting him to be captured throughout his introduction.

Things don’t bode properly for the remainder of Andor‘s insurgent cell, as a result of Cassian proved in each the earlier episodes and in Rogue One that he is a survivor. When this heist goes down, if anybody will get away with the prize, it is going to be him. And Cassian’s not going to put down his life for these folks, a minimum of not and not using a private purpose to take action. The crew of Rogue One — the shuttle not the movie — all had private causes for taking up that mission and dying for one another. It was the fruits of Cassian’s hero’s journey as a lot because it was Jyn’s. At this level in Andor, when the going will get robust for this cell of rebels, Cassian is extra prone to flee than struggle to the demise.

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But if the Rebel Alliance have been already the fully-formed combating pressure followers noticed in Rogue One, Andor could be a a lot much less fascinating present. Star Wars: Rebels was the primary undertaking to disclose that discreet insurgent cells as soon as labored in ignorance of one another. Tactically sound as a result of no cell may quit others, this created a gaggle of fighters predisposed to mistrust and who used unhindered violence in an effort to survive. Gerrera’s crew is the instance of this in each story, together with probably Andor. The query is that if this technique allowed them to construct the Rebellion that took down the Empire or if it slowed that victory by needlessly scattering their assets? That’s the form of factor Star Wars followers can (civilly) debate lengthy after Andor ends.

The battle towards totalitarianism is central to the Star Wars mythos, but it is typically paired with the religious and ethical wrestle within the Force. Andor completely blends the unique trilogy’s battle with the ethical ambiguity of the heroes and villains discovered within the prequel period. Rebellions are constructed on hope, however there’s additionally some darkness of their basis.

New episodes of Andor stream Wednesdays on Disney+.

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