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Andor’s Finale Was Inspired By the Russian Revolution, Anti-Apartheid Protests

The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 12, “Rix Road,” now streaming on Disney+.

Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy recently revealed that the Star Wars The show’s first season finale was inspired by real-world history, including the Russian Revolution and anti-apartheid protests.

Gilroy discussed how actual historical events informed Andor Season 1, episode 12, “Rix Road”, in an interview with Term. “It’s so unbelievably sad how easily all the things that seemed sad at one time throughout history are available, and they just keep repeating themselves,” she said. “There are things throughout the show, and I don’t want to go through and quote chapters and verses, but this is the Russian Revolution. This is the Montagnard. This is an interesting thing that happened in the Haitian Revolution. This is the ANC. Oh , this is the Earth Gun Building, Palestine. This is the Continental Congress.”

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“This goes all the way… I mean, you could drop a needle on the last one, I don’t know what recorded history is, 3,000 years, legitimately recorded, I mean, slavery, oppression, colonialism, bad behavior, treason, heroism. , I mean, it’s a continuum,” Gilroy continued. The showrunner, who wrote the script for “Rix Road,” also included at least one major callback for Star Wars‘ fictional timeline, too. the Andor The season 1 finale post-credits scene shows the ongoing construction of the Death Star, teasing the direction of the show’s second season.

Tony Gilroy Talks Andor Season 2

Gilroy recently provided fans with an update on Andor Season 2 progress, confirming that principal photography was on track to begin on November 21, 2021. There’s no indication production missed this start date, so it’s safe to assume cameras are on. currently filming the second season of the Disney+ series. Gilroy added that Syril Karn actor Kyle Soller was scheduled to appear in the first footage shot for the season. This does not necessarily mean that the Sóller scene will open Andor Season 2 itself though, as movies and TV shows are often filmed in a non-chronological order.

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As production continues Andor Season 2 is clearly speeding up, with Gilroy previously warning fans not to expect to see the next batch of episodes before 2024. The showrunner explained that the sizable gap between seasons is because the post-production speedup would increase dramatically. Andorbudget of . “The only place you can speed up processes is in publishing, and the only way you can speed up publishing is with money, and money is tight,” Gilroy said. “So, I really don’t know, there would have to be some serious motivation next May or June or something.”

All 12 episodes of Andor they are now streaming on Disney+.

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