A big aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe involves its heroes righting their own mistakes or fixing the problems of others close to them. Whether it’s Shang-Chi trying to save his father from continuing a streak of violence or T’Challa making Wakanda a public nation, there’s always something to do to right wrongs. Perhaps the biggest example is Tony Stark’s mistake of creating the AI, Ultron, without clearing it up with his team. Because of this, he nearly wiped out the planet when Ultron gained consciousness and concluded that humanity needed to be eradicated.

While Ultron was utterly defeated in The Avengers: Age of UltronThere have been some theories that claim that his defeat was merely a postponement of a greater plan. That was best mocked in a passing line at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that Shuri’s AI Griot could be one of many that could one day destroy Earth. That’s a funny comment about the older generation being wary of technology, by the way, but there are some solid reasons to worry. But while the line was meant to be a sweet moment for a mother and daughter, it could tease the return of Ultron, who has been planning a secret invasion for a decade.

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The MCU’s Ultron Has Been Working In The Shadows

Age of Ultron 2015

When Ultron was defeated, the first step was to have Vision cut off the AI ​​from the rest of the web. That was so that his consciousness couldn’t hide on the Internet and escape to a new location. After that, the team had to destroy all the drones, including Ultron himself, to ensure that he couldn’t return. While this worked, for the most part, the damage was already done when his actions in Sokovia changed the world forever. But how could Ultron return when the end of him was apparently so final?

The reason for this involves Griot and AI as a whole. Essentially, Ultron probably would have foreseen that The Avengers would find a way to stop him after his Vision body was taken from him. To prevent his end, it is possible that he hid a copy of himself somewhere on the web that was designed to collect data and slowly gain strength over time. With how turbulent the world was in the MCU after his defeat, this would allow the newly updated Ultron to be even smarter and more conniving than ever before. But this was only the first phase of his plan, for by the time he got enough strength and information, he could turn most AIs, like Griot, into his users and create a sneak attack on the Internet, based in Wakanda.

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Ultron could turn the world even more against Wakanda

Wakanda landscape forever

Having Ultron’s actions based in Wakanda would make it seem like the nation had launched a very detailed internet attack on the world. Considering how far along the country is, it would make the world believe they planned it and further fuel the flames of war. So with the world now at Wakanda’s throat, he wouldn’t be able to find out that Ultron was behind it all. With the free AI, he could use the vibranium ore to create a new body that is indestructible and improved over the old one.

To make matters worse, only the Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye are alive to know what Ultron is capable of, but other than that, this new generation of heroes may not know how to beat him. As a result, it would be like fighting him for the first time. But since this was Ultron’s plan all along, he would further cement him as one of the MCU’s greatest enemies, not because of his strength but because of his terrifying ability to plan for the future.

See the Wakandan AI in action in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, now in theaters.