Among Us 2023 Roadmap Reveals New Map and More



Developer Innersloth recently released the Among Us 2023 roadmap that revealed a new map and more.

While Innersloth didn’t reveal the release dates for its new content, it did reveal what new content is coming this year. First on the list is the UI/UX updates for the game. This meant cleaning up the account merge flow, updating the store to make it easier to navigate, making it easier to report a toxic player, and much more.

It was noted that the following set of plans were not in any particular order, so some of these might be released before others. The first was Map 5, a brand new map for players of the game to explore. They didn’t reveal the theme, but they did say that it will include a lot of new tasks for players to figure out, so it’s something to look forward to.

Matchmaking will also improve this year. Since there have been new modes, new roles and the introduction of customization of your lobbies, there is a need to improve the matchmaking process. This will make it easier to find games.

There will be a redesign for Quick Chat as it is an integral part of Among Us. Innersloth plans to refine the dialog options while making navigation easier.

There are plans for collaborations and the developers are very excited about it. They teased that there will be big ones planned for this year.

Among Us fans will be looking forward to a lot this year as Innersloth is stepping up its game.

among us 2023 roadmap

Among Us is available now for mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.



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