Amnesia The Bunker is delayed due to unforeseen issues



Frictional Games recently Announced that his new upcoming video game entry, Amnesia The Bunker, will be delayed.

Amnesia The Bunker was supposed to release on May 16, 2023. Last month the game was pushed back a week, but now a new delay has been announced. It will now be further delayed to June 6, 2023.

“The release of Amnesia: The Bunker has been delayed by two weeks due to unforeseen certification issues,” said Frictional. “This decision is crucial to ensure that we don’t ship the game with these issues.”

“The additional time will allow us to correct the issue and ensure the best possible gaming experience at launch. We thank you for your understanding and patience.”

“The alternative would have been to ask the team to work weekends or nights, but that’s not something we do here at Frictional,” revealed creative lead Fredrik Olsson. This now confirms that the game will be delayed further.

The developer said that a free demo will be released on Steam next May 22, 2023.

Amnesia The Bunker will be released on June 6, 2023 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.



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