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Amanda Deibert Talks About Getting Dangerous with Darkwing Duck

The terror that flutters in the night is back and ready to save St. Carnard from dastardly danger and unruly rascals! dynamite entertainment darkwing duck will continue the adventures of everyone’s favorite intrepid bird, focusing on his double life as the squawking, unyielding hero of the night and as Drake Mallard, Gosalyn’s loving father. The creative team for the series will consist of writer Amanda Deibert, artist Carlo Cid Lauro, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Deibert discussed why the series is so compelling to write and what drew her to joining. In addition, the writer explained where the darkwing duck The comic fits into terms of the original 1990s animated series continuity while teasing the potential for more crossovers between the winged scourge and other members of the larger Disney Universe.

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CBR: Thanks for your time, Amanda. How did you get involved in this series? Were you a fan of the character at first?

Amanda Deibert: Nate Crosby asked me if I would be interested in working on a new dark wing series, and I jumped at the chance. I really enjoyed the series as a kid. I love parody and humor.

The animated series did a good job of establishing Darkwing Duck as an established hero, without having to dive too deep into the origins. Will the series follow suit, or will there be some kind of introduction for newer fans who may not have seen the original cartoon?

Let’s jump right into Darkwing as the hero – things kick off with a ceremony honoring him for all the ways he’s helped St. Canard. I thought this was a great way to quickly introduce new fans to the world, but without having to reboot with a full origin story, and seeing a lot of our favorite characters all over again.

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Speaking of which, where does this comic fit into the continuity, even if it was pretty loose in the original series?

This comic would come near the end of the original series, so the relationship dynamic is very well established.

Darkwing is the king of alliteration and creating the ultimate superhero, or should he be a super duck? — phrases. What was it like for him to plunge into the mind of the mighty mallard and come up with almost Shakespearean descriptions?

I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the typo that changes the course of the comic interview. I’m the writer having the MOST fun with these descriptions.

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the the artwork for the series looks fantastic. How was this process of collaborating with the rest of the creative team to map out the main beats and callbacks from the original series here?

Oh, Carlo Lauro’s art is just beautiful. He does a perfect job of capturing nostalgia in a way that feels beautiful and fresh.

Darkwing Duck is part of a larger universe of cartoon characters, especially with Launchpad McQuack as a key figure in duck tales. Is there a possibility of a crossover with other characters?

There’s a sprinkling of [a] crossover, but not a ton in this arc. If you continue, you could see more appear.

Dynamite Entertainment’s Darkwing Duck #1 hits comic book stores on January 4, 2023.

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