All the magical creatures ever in the Hogwarts legacy



A magical experience would not be complete without seeing and encountering the various magical creatures that inhabit the land at Hogwarts Legacy. These are creatures that avid fans of the franchise are familiar with, from the books and several Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

In this guide, we’ve listed all the confirmed magical creatures that have appeared in the Hogwarts Legacy trailers and gameplay showcases so far.

The beasts

Beasts are creatures that live on Earth, but do not have enough knowledge or understanding of the laws of magic. Some beasts are gentle, but others are ferocious and can be deadly if encountered.

the owl

Owls are creatures known for their intelligence when it comes to spatial recognition and sense of direction, so they are commonly groomed to be postal carriers. The most famous owl is of course Hedwig, Harry’s own owl companion.

Calf of the Moon

Mooncalves are creatures that only come out during a full moon. They have long necks and big eyes. They are generally valued for their dung which makes an excellent fertilizer.


Kneazels are creatures that almost resemble real-life cats. They are known for their deep understanding which helps them understand a person’s character or intention. Most notable is the knee-jerk Crookshanks, Hermione’s pet.


Hippogriffs are mythical creatures with the body of a horse, but the head and wings of an eagle. They can be dangerous when encountered in the wild, but they can be tamed and domesticated. It seems that hippogriffs will be one of the main modes of transportation outside the walls of Hogwarts.


Graphhorns are large, four-legged creatures with horns and tentacles at the end of their snouts. It is a dangerous creature to encounter in the wild, but it can be tamed.

The troll

Trolls are huge, savage creatures known for their lack of common sense. Because of this, they are one of the creatures in the game that can be easily controlled by using opponents as soldiers.


Acromantulas are huge, tarantula-like creatures that are very hostile towards other creatures. He is known to have a taste for human flesh, but an acromentula named Aragog is surprisingly one of Hagrid’s companions, and therefore not hostile to the giant.

The dragon

Dragons are large winged creatures with an aggressive nature and are often considered dangerous. They are considered to be one of the creatures that cannot be tamed and have killed wizards, which Hagrid may have neglected to care for the dragon himself.

The Golden Snidget

Golden Snitches are bird-like creatures and are the origin of the Golden Snitches used in Quidditch matches. Due to their weakened bodies and their vulnerable state, they were replaced by the mechanical Golden Snitch.


Horcruxes are creatures that resemble mushrooms and are often found living in patches and planted on the ground.


Nufflers are small creatures known for their penchant for shiny objects. Once they fixate on something they want, they will do anything to get their paws on it. They also have a small stomach pouch that they can use to store what they can catch. No matter how many things they put in it, their stomach never swells. The most famous nuffler is Newt Scamander’s Teddy.


Fwoopers are bird-like creatures that closely resemble owls. He has a very high-pitched tweet that can drive anyone who hears it to insanity.


Dugbogs are worm-like creatures that resemble dead tree branches when they are stationary. They are often treated as pests, especially when they get too close to mandrake farms.


Thestrals are winged creatures that almost resemble a skeletal horse. They can be tamed, but only seen by those who have seen death themselves. They are often used as an alternative mode of transportation to ferry students.


Creatures are creatures that have the intelligence to understand magical arts. Apart from wizards and witches, there are some other beings whose knowledge of magic is different from each other.


Goblins are a race of creatures known for their intelligence and mastery of metalworking. He is also good with finances, and thus his goblins who head and manage Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Despite this, some wizards still think they are a lesser race and are being treated badly, which may lead to the Goblin Rebellion which is one of the game’s main plots.

The house elf

House elves are creatures often seen as servants who work for wizards. Despite their frail appearance, house elves are known for their own magic, some even powerful enough to wield wizards. The most notable house elf was Dobby.


Spirits are beings that are essentially dead, but still manage to exist and interact with the mortal world.

the ghost

Ghosts are basically the spirits of dead people who live in the world of the living. Some of them are often present with the teachers and students of the academy. The reason they are not considered creatures despite having knowledge of magic is that they prefer to keep matters of the living and the dead separate.


Dark creatures are not categorized under the three creature types, but still play some role in the story, often as enemies that players may encounter in the game.


Inferi are the reanimated bodies of dead humans through the power of the Dark Arts. They are this world’s counterpart to zombies and because of their lifelessness and insensibility, they do not feel pain and appear invincible. Only by using fire can they be completely destroyed.


Dementors are dark creatures born from the strong negative emotions of other beings. They also feed on humans, sucking their souls until they become mere husks, still alive but akin to brain dead. They cannot be directly destroyed by any other magic and can only be repelled, but using magic that affects human emotions can essentially cut off Dementors from their source of existence.


These are creatures that appear to belong to other taxa, but are classified differently or not classified at all.


Despite looking like a living creature and actually having feelings, mandrakes are still thought of as living plants. If disturbed, mandrakes emit a high-pitched screech that can be deadly to those exposed to it.


Poltergeists are spirit-like creatures that commonly haunt places. It is believed that Pews, the poltergeist that haunts Hogwarts, was born out of the mischief of students, and is also known to have come with the building.

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