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All Stabbomancer Class Combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands permits Bunkers and Badasses followers to really craft some distinctive builds because of its in-depth and strong multiclassing system. Those with a penchant for sneaking and stabbing will discover that every of the 5 subclasses pairs nicely with the core Stabbomancer expertise.

Stabbomancer Multiclassing

  • Frost-Shivver: Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker
  • Bonecarver: Stabbomancer and Graveborn
  • Clawstalker: Stabbomancer and Clawbringer
  • Trapscallion: Stabbomancer and Spellshot
  • Mistdancer: Stabbomancer and Spore Warden

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Being a melee class stuffed with sneaking and stabbing, the Stabbomancer pairs nicely with the opposite melee courses just like the Clawbringer and Brr-Zerker. Increased essential injury is just like the sprinkles atop the very tasty ice cream of these heavy hitters. Throw in turning invisible for decidedly sneakier and beefier hits and there is a lot to like.

Fatemakers that wish to make a delicate ranger will wish to pair the Stabbomancer with the Spore Warden. This creates a stealthy arrow-slinging loss of life machine. There is not any class that does not combine nicely with the Stabbomancer. So go forth, experiment, and succeed with your whole sneaking and stabbing endeavors.

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