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Apex Legends Ballistics is the newest Assault Legend arriving in Season 17: Arsenal, and there’s plenty of experience behind this senior’s gray hair. Beware the old in a profession where men die young is a saying that certainly applies to this legend. Learn more about who Ballistic is, his abilities, and how to play him with this guide.

Ballistic, whose real name is August Brinkman, was the sole owner of the Brinkman fortune, which was based on shady deals. His parents died due to his criminal activities, leaving August an orphaned billionaire with a self-destructive bent, leading him to turn to the Thunderdome Games in his youth for excitement.

The next time we see him, Ballistic is right at home at the Apex Games, showing youngsters that he has more than enough to take them all on.

All ballistic skills

Ballistics is a raid legend whose abilities focus on suppressing enemy teams. He is a weapons specialist with an arsenal of tools on his person that he carries with him at all times.

Listed below are all of Ballistic’s abilities:

  • Slingshot (Passive Skill) – Ballistics is the only Legend capable of carrying three weapons instead of only two lies the others. She can access her third weapon by opening her inventory or by using her character’s utility action. While this weapon can be used like any other, the downside is that you cannot use any attachments.
  • Whistler (tactical ability) – Ballistic pulls out a special weapon that can shoot enemies and cause their weapon to overheat. Overheat deals damage to them and you can lock on enemies by holding down the tactical button which can curve through obstacles.
  • Tempest (Ultimate Ability) – When Ballistic uses his Ultimate, he gives nearby teammates faster reload speeds, movement, and even infinite ammo. His slingshot will automatically upgrade to gold and be equipped.

How to unlock ballistics in Apex Legends

You can buy Ballistics for 12,000 Legend Tokens either 750 apex coins to unlock him as a playable Legend. This can be done by going to the Legend tab in the Lobby right after logging into the game.

Legend Tokens can be acquired by leveling up your Apex Legends account. Save up to 12,000 and you can unlock any legend of your choice. Apex Coins are more premium and can cost real life money to purchase or open Apex Packs. Either of these two can be used to unlock Ballistics.

That’s the Apex Legends Ballistic character guide. Let this article be the one to help you master the Season 17 legend. Check out more of our Apex Legends guides.



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