All RoboCop Rogue City weapons and where to find them


Since there are always bad guys in every corner of the city, it’s good to keep your options open and your trigger finger ready. RoboCop Rogue City offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from in your never-ending mission to enforce the law and protect the innocent citizens of Old Detroit.

In this RoboCop Rogue City weapons guide, I’ll tell you when and where you first find each weapon in the game and give you some tips you might find interesting about them.

Not counting your Auto-9 weapon and the OCP shotgun that you get from the Alex Murphy Edition, there are a total of 16 weapons to collect and use in his crusade against the criminals of Old Detroit. There are also a couple of melee weapons, namely the mallet and fire axe, in the game, but it appears that RoboCop is not programmed to wield them. Therefore they will not be counted.

RoboCop Rogue City Weapons List

Auto-9 handgun

Default primary weapon.

On its own, the auto-9 can guide you through the vast majority of the game’s content. Once you start experimenting with motherboards and chipsets, you get a versatile weapons platform that can quickly take down any enemy in the game. (As long as you have the right chip configuration for the right situation.)

Nothing beats the always reliable Auto-9. The rest of the weapons in the game are there to spice things up while you’re on patrol.

OCP Shotgun

DLC secondary weapon.

The OCP Shotgun is only available to players who have purchased the Alex Murphy Edition. It may be similar in many ways to the Combat Shotgun S12, but you will always have an instance in your secondary slot at the start of each level. It doesn’t really affect the game much considering you’ll have no choice but to replace it once all the shells have been spent. But it’s nice to have a shotgun as your primary secondary.

9mm pistol

Seen for the first time in TV station level.

The humble 9mm pistol is a good backup if no other secondary weapons are available. Although it is true that there is no other reason to choose one other than to say that you have chosen it. It’s fun to mix things up after a while, and the 9mm can be that change of pace you may be looking for on your second playthrough and beyond.


Seen for the first time in TV station level.

The micro SMG is the most common weapon you will find on the ground in all stages of the game. If it’s not your typical street thug, then it’s the “state of the art” UEDs that wield them to lethal effect. The fast rate of fire and high handling is what makes this weapon viable against any and all unarmed enemies.

74 assault rifle

Seen for the first time in TV station level.

The first assault rifle you encounter in the game is clunky and a bit unwieldy. But what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in stopping power. You can easily take down enemies at close range before using up all the bullets in your 30-round magazine.


First seen in Court store in the center.

The Micro SMG’s more powerful and reliable cousin, the SMG Tek, is better in almost every way. The only downside is that you won’t find many of these weapons early to mid-game. And I can argue even at the end of the game if you don’t know where to look.

heavy machine gun

First seen in downtown ghost house.

The heavy machine gun is my secondary option in most situations. Why wouldn’t you use a mounted weapon and attack enemies like John Rambo? There is no reason not to do it. In terms of practicality, the machine gun holds 100 rounds in its ammo box and is quite good even at longer ranges. More importantly, they become more common as armored enemies like UEDs will start carrying them as well.

combat shotgun

First seen in steel mill Level.

The best thing about the combat shotgun is that you don’t have to eject spent shells after firing. You can fire all 9 shots at as many enemies at close range.

.50 caliber heavy pistol

First seen in steel mill Level.

The .50 caliber heavy pistol has one job and one job only. Hit enemies with a single shot to the head or upper torso. What I really like about this gun is that it has one of the fastest reloads with a partial magazine. Almost comparable to the 9mm in that regard. It’s almost as good as your Auto-9.

KH-21 assault rifle

First seen in steel mill Level.

This upgraded assault rifle is a more stable version of the Assault Rifle 74. It only has the disadvantage of having a long reload time for an empty magazine. Good at medium speed even in automatic mode.

Grenade launcher

First seen in steel mill Level.

Grenade launcher enemies become much more dangerous the longer they remain in play. The potential for explosive damage for you is quite high if 2 or 3 projectiles explode near you. For some reason, when we use it for ourselves, the timed fuses are replaced with impact shells. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s just an observation worth noting. Good for crowd control and some degree of boss stun.

.50 caliber sniper rifle

First seen in steel mill Level.

The only normal “sniper rifle” in the game. You don’t see these types of weapons on the streets very often. But when you do, it’s usually a mercenary on an elevated surface, looking for a flash of bright silver.

In my experience, it is often unpredictable. I can’t quite explain why this is so. The visitor log is somewhat off when I use it. Although you may find it more reliable in your hands. Good luck finding one while patrolling.

RBS assault rifle

First seen at the end of steel mill Level.

There are a couple of things I like about the RBS Assault Rifle. On the one hand, it hits like a truck, and on the other, it’s fully automatic. But there are also negative aspects to consider when picking up the gun. The recoil is incredibly strong for a rifle, a problem that becomes evident when you look in and pull the trigger.

You’ll love this gun the moment you realize that the auto mode is best for hip-firing and the scope is for one-touch enemies on the head.

Rocket launcher

First seen at the end of OCP Bank Level.

The rocket launcher is one of the most unique weapons in your arsenal. The slow-moving rockets it fires normally will not be able to hit moving targets. But if you aim at a nearby surface, there is a chance that the radius of the explosion could kill them instantly. Or they won’t. I found that it depends to some extent on line of sight. So even if you shoot the sandbag in front of them, enemies behind soft cover will likely survive the splash damage from a rocket. How weird.

S12 combat shotgun

First seen in OCP Correctional Facility Level.

This upgraded shotgun hits harder than the combat shotgun. Additionally, it is semi-automatic. It is practically the OCP shotgun in everything except the model and name.

RBS Mk2 assault rifle

First seen in OCP Correctional Facility Level.

In my opinion, the best assault rifle in the game. This weapon has the stopping power of the first RBS and the recoil pattern of the KH-21. It is somewhat held back by its long reloading animation that appears to have a rod that runs along the entire barrel. The empty reload animation adds a bit of wind to the side.

Mk6 submachine gun

First seen in Detroit Gun EXPO Level.

As far as I know, the SMG Mk6 only appears in the Detroit Weapons EXPO level. There’s not much to say about it other than it’s great to see. Have fun while you can, you probably won’t see them again for the rest of the game.

cobra assault cannon

Seen for the first time during ‘No exit’ Level.

The Cobra Assault Cannon is a sniper rifle packed with explosive bullets. You only get this bad boy in a late-game encounter, but it’s by far the best introduction to a weapon in the entire game.

And that’s all you need to know about all the weapons in RoboCop Rogue City. Each secondary weapon brings something unique to the table. And that is very appreciated in a game in which almost no one is interested in putting down their weapons. But to you that’s just Old Detroit.

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