All options of lies and truths



Lies of P incorporates a lying mechanic that allows players to choose their responses and choose whether to tell the truth or lie, resulting in different immediate rewards, outcomes, and even different endings.

Read on as we list all the choice dialogues in Lies of P and categorize them between lies and truths.

All the lies and truths in Lies of P

The answers you choose during choice dialogues are often easy to tell if they are aligned with the truth or not, as long as they are usually contextualized by previous events or dialogues. However, it can be confusing which ones to choose as the story progresses, especially since the answers are not labeled as truths or lies. Furthermore, lies are not necessarily linked to bad outcomes, just like truths.

Listed below are the encounters in which you will have to choose a truth or lie answer, and their respective answers labeled accordingly as truth or lie.

Location (Nearest Stargazer)

Inside the house on Elysion Boulevard

San Frangelico Cathedral Library

Venigni Works / Elysion Boulevard

Rosa Isabelle Street Sewer

I saw the message he left, saying he loves you.

I’ve never seen that happen before.

Hotel Krat (after defeating the Puppet King in Chapter 6)

Hotel Krat (after defeating the Puppet King in Chapter 6)

Large Exhibition Conference Room

Hotel Krat (after defeating the Corrupted Parade Master in Chapter 9 and accepting his side quest)

Hotel Krat (after defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in chapter 11)

Geppetto sparked a puppet frenzy

Hotel Krat (after deciphering Alidoro’s cryptic vessel)

I think he was just a talented Stalker.

He was Eugenia’s older brother.

Ascension Bridge /
Arche Abbey Cradle of the God*

Give him peace / I gave him peace*

Let her live / I freed her from Arche Abbey*

*The action you took with Sophia will determine which of Simon Manus’ two answers will be the truth or the lie.

Despite being a choice dialogue, the first encounter at the door of the Krat Hotel does not count towards determining the end of the game.



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