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All One Piece Warlord Devil Fruit Powers, Ranked By Strength

Only a handful of anime and manga series have lasted for more than two decades, and One piece It is one of them. One piece It has been praised for its detailed and emotional storytelling, and it helps that it takes place in a massive world filled with interesting characters. The World Government may appear to provide order, but it is a major antagonistic force. Once they allied with a group of powerful pirate captains, who were supposed to deal with other pirates.

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This group was known as the Seven Warlords of the Sea. These warlords were considered one of the great powers in the world, which is understandable since they all possessed powerful haki and/or devil fruits. For the most part, those warlords with devil fruit powers were formidable, but some of the devil fruits were much stronger than others.

8/8 The Chop-Chop fruit makes Buggy immune to slashing attacks.

Buggy may be a big coward, but he still managed to become a warlord. This appointment only happened because he was once a part of the Roger Pirates. He accidentally ate the Chop-Chop no Mi, a paramecia that gives him the ability to split his body into pieces. Then he can ride again at will.

He can telekinetically control his split pieces, which is good for surprise attacks. The best thing about this Devil Fruit is the fact that it makes Buggy immune to all slash attacks. Even Mihawk couldn’t cut it. Buggy can also split his body to dodge ranged attacks.

7/8 Gecko Moria can create an army of zombies with the Shadow-Shadow no Mi

Gecko Moria cutting and stealing Luffy's shadow in One Piece.

In the past, Gecko Moria fought against the powerful Kaido and survived, and that is part of the reason why he became a Warlord. However, he has suffered nothing but losses since his debut, which is incredible given the fact that his devil fruit allowed him to create an army of zombies.

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Shadow-Shadow Fruit gave him the power to manifest and control shadows. He could use her shadow to fight in her place, and he can instantly switch places with her at any time. She could steal other people’s shadows and infuse them into corpses to create zombies. He can also absorb shadows to make himself bigger and stronger.

6/8 Kuma can repel anything with the Paw-Paw fruit.

Bartholomew Kuma with his paw outstretched in One Piece.

Bartholomew Kuma was the King of the Sorbet Kingdom before joining the Revolutionary Army. He apparently agreed to become a World Government warlord to keep his daughter safe. He ate the Paw-Paw no Mi, which gives him a pair of paws in the palms of his hands.

She can use these legs to repel anything that makes contact with her. He can block all forms of attack with lightning-fast reflexes, and can repel air to produce devastating explosions. His melee attacks contain a large amount of force and can send an enemy flying elsewhere. Kuma can also repel pain, exhaustion, and injury from a person’s body.

5/8 The sand and sand fruit made the crocodile intangible

Crocodile laughing because none of Luffy's attacks hurt him

Crocodile was the first villain to give Luffy real trouble because the Straw Hat captain couldn’t use Haki at the time. He ate the Sand-Sand no Mi, a powerful Logia that allows him to create, control, and transform into sand.

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Like other Logia users, Crocodile possesses intangibility, which means that most non-Haki attacks pass through his body safely. He has honed this intangibility to the point that it occurs instinctively. He can create weapons out of sand and powerful sandstorms, and can absorb all moisture from living and non-living things.

4/8 Boa Hancock can petrify enemies with the Love-Love no Mi.

Boa Hancock turns men to stone during the Summit War

Boa Hancock was the only female Warlord, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful pirate in the world. She was forced to eat the Love-Love no Mi, a paramecia that suits her perfectly. She allows her to turn people to stone, but she can only do so if the target wants her to.

He can petrify people by physically attacking them, and can fire heart-shaped ranged attacks to petrify them as well. Thanks to her beauty, Hancock can petrify entire crews, making her one of the strongest women in the world. One piece.

3/8 Doflamingo turned a rope into a weapon with the String-String no Mi.

Doflamingo attacking Luffy with his rope in Dressrosa

Doflamingo stole King Riku’s throne and ruled Dressrosa as a tyrant, nearly destroying the Kingdom with his Devil Fruit. He ate the String-String no Mi, which allows him to create and manipulate strings. This rope may be thin, but it is very sharp and extremely durable.

This rope can cut through meteorites like butter, and can trap an entire kingdom inside a birdcage made of rope that retracts and destroys everything in its path. Doflamingo can use this string to heal his own injuries and can use people as puppets. In his awakened form, he can transform all non-living things into strings.

2/8 The law can manipulate space with the Op-Op fruit

The Op-Op fruit that alters the objects within its sphere in One Piece

Trafalgar D. Law is part of the Worst Generation, and was offered a Warlord position by the World Government because he possesses a highly coveted Devil Fruit. Op-Op Fruit is a Paramecia that allows her to manipulate anything within a designated spherical area.

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You can use this ability to control the movement, physical configuration, and orientation of any object or living thing. He can dodge attacks with ease and can immobilize dozens of enemies by removing and rearranging their limbs. The user can perform life-saving surgeries that are otherwise impossible, and in their awakened form, space-altering power can be applied to weapons.

1/8 Blackbeard can nullify other devil fruits with the dark-dark fruit

Blackbeard uses his devil fruit, the Yami Yami no Mi, in one piece.

Blackbeard became a warlord when he captured Ace, and he only wanted the position so he could gain access to Impel Down. He went to great lengths to acquire the power of the Dark-Dark Fruit, a Logia that allows him to create and control darkness.

This Lodge does not provide him with intangibility, and that is because he is a living black hole. He can absorb anything into his darkness and then shoot it. The force of darkness is incredible and can destroy most things in its path. This is without a doubt one of the strongest Devil Fruits in the series, especially since he can nullify the powers of other Devil Fruits through touch.

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