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All of Season 1’s Major Deaths, Explained

The following contains spoilers for 1899 season 1, now streaming on Netflix, and a mention of sexual assault.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Netflix 1899 is how cryptic it is, piecing together another great puzzle like creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar did with Dark. In this case, there are a lot more unsolved mysteries and missing people, leaving viewers scanning the episodes for clues.

The thing is, it’s pretty uncertain if the event is supernatural, something religious, or if people’s imaginations play, just like the devil’s hour amazing space-time conspiracy. But in this case, because everyone is trapped at sea in a Bermuda Triangle-like story, it’s even harder to understand who the puppeteer behind it all is. The truth is that all these dominoes that are thrown imply many deaths. Let’s dissect who bites the dust.

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Young Ada from 1899 is disabled

Ada is one of the Danish immigrant girls in the lower cellars. She ends up following a green beetle and meeting the mysterious Daniel, who sneaks aboard with her son, Elliot. Sadly, she is found pale and dead, which fans later learn is because Daniel disabled her mind. She is hacking this world, which is a situation similar to the Matrix or digital construction in do not worry honeybut why the boy and other random victims have to leave is never revealed.

1899 Krester and Yuk Je jump overboard

1899 has the Krester family suffering

While Daniel works with Maura (his wife) and Elliot to get her to wake up in the real world, her father, Henry, is also manipulating the situation to stop them. He activates a sound trigger, a ticking clock, which causes most people to jump overboard and drown. Sadly, Ada’s older brother Krester and Ling Yi’s mother Yuk Je die this way. Krester is a compassionate soul, since his religious mother, Iben, mistreated him for being a queer. However, Yuk Je’s death feels like karma after forcing her daughter into prostitution.

Flashbacks to 1899 contain many deaths

1899 reveals that Maaura is in a womb of pain

As Season 1 gives insight into the characters’ backstories, fans discover that Eyk (the ship’s captain) lost his family when his depressed wife burned down their house. Ramiro and Ángel murdered a priest and fled Spain, hiding that they are a gay couple on board. Tove (Ada’s older sister) killed her rapist after she beat up Krester for being gay. Lastly, Ling Yi accidentally killed Mei Mei by over-sedating her tea, allowing him to steal the teenager’s identity and tablet.

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The storm of 1899 is a deadly wave

1899 drowns Anker, Franz and Iben

In the final episodes, the ship is hit by a storm, leading to dark fates for many survivors. Olek, the Polish kiln worker who fell in love with Ling Yi, is swept off the deck by powerful waves. As floodwaters flood the cabins, Tove’s father, Anker, stays with Iben and realizes that he cannot leave his wife, despite his intolerance. They drown, as well as one of the first officers, Franz, who sacrifices himself to get Tove to safety.

The furnace room from 1899 is also ruined

1899 reveals that Maaura is in a womb of pain

As the storm ravages the ship, Lucien goes into shock and dies, having the seizures for which he expected to receive treatment in America. However, it is difficult to empathize with him, since he abandoned his friend Jérôme, who slipped on board and was left in charge of Lucien’s wife. Also, as the hull is hit, pieces of the ship fall off and crush Angel.

The 1899 reset kills Eyk and everyone else

1899 has many deaths

Henry had a spy on the ship all this time in another first mate, Sebastian. He uses a similar device that Daniel has, disabling Eyk while the captain tries to help Maura. However, when Henry and Sebastian believe they have Maura’s key to reset the world the way they want, they discover that Daniel’s trick gives her the power to reset it differently. Maura runs away and restarts the simulation, killing everyone, including Daniel and Elliot, but this wakes her up in the real world. While Maura unplugs her full recovery-esque headphones, sets the stage for her to find who is physically alive in season 2 and frees them too.

1899 Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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