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All Of Riri Williams’ Ironheart Suits In The Comics, Ranked

Thanks to the incredible performance of Dominique Thorne in Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMCU fans have finally been introduced to Champions member and Iron Man fangirl Riri Williams. Although she is a different character in wakandan forever Than the comics, one thing that’s no different is how quickly you build armor. In just seven years, Riri has created several armors, constantly improving along the way.

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While Riri is a long way from having as many suits as Tony Stark, she’s still doing pretty well. Unlike Iron Man’s other allies, Riri upgrades her Ironheart suits after fighting enemies, learning from her mistakes, and becoming a better hero with each new armor she forges.

6/6 Ironheart Model 1 had to be rebuilt after its first mission

Riri Williams’ first Ironheart armor was a reverse-engineered version of Tony Stark’s own Iron Man suit. She designed it at MIT in secret, only to be discovered by the campus and forced to go on the run. While this suit represents Riri’s ingenuity, it is also the weakest armor she has ever built, despite how expensive it was.

The original version of the Mark I was only able to survive a single test flight and completely collapsed once it came into contact with a truck which it stopped with the greatest force the armor could offer. The second version of the suit was considerably better, giving her force fields to trap people attacking her, and the usual repulsor blasts for offense’s sake. This was a considerably more useful version for superhero activities, but it wasn’t long before Riri ditched the armor entirely and upgraded it to something more useful.

5/6 Weirdworld made Riri’s armor magical but weaker

Ironheart with a fantasy version of his armor.

Ironheart’s Weirdworld armor made its first appearance in champions vol. 2 #25 By Jim Zub, Max Dunbar, Sean Izaakse, Marcio Menyz, Nolan Woodard, and Clayton Cowles. Unlike his other armor, it is not a technological marvel. Instead, Weirdworld’s armor is made of chain mail and relies heavily on magical power to be effective.

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Riri did not actually build the suit, and instead found her existing armor transformed into the Weirdworld suit after being transported. While her normal armor possessed the power to fly and project energy, her new armor was flightless and instead relied on a magical mace to deal damage. Riri only kept the Weirdworld suit through a few issues before finding a way to restore the champions’ memories, and with it, his original powers.

4/6 Ultimate Ironheart has armor similar to Riri’s model 2

Ultimate Ironheart working with the Ultimates

Ultimate Universe Riri Williams made her first appearance in spider man ii #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Elisabetta D’Amico, Justin Ponsor, and Cory Petit. She didn’t appear in the book for very long, but she was already part of the Ultimates in her introduction. The Ultimates force everyone who doesn’t have a secret identity to join them, so it’s no surprise Riri made it to the team.

While the Ultimates are a powerful superhero team, the universe as a whole is a weaker version of the main Marvel Universe timeline. With that in mind, Ultimate Ironheart’s armor is probably much weaker than anything Riri has come up with. It’s also not as well designed as some of the later sets of it.

3/6 RiotHeart’s armor is useful but doesn’t beat anyone powerful

RiotHeart, Spider-Punk and Captain America

On a different Earth, Riri Williams joined Hobie Brown in a battle to save America from the threat of Norman Osborn. Even without Tony Stark to inspire her, Riri managed to create an armor of her own, known as the RiotHeart. This version of Ironheart resembles her Model 2 armor of hers, but with significantly more hard rock vibes in the armor design art.

RiotHeart is a key member of Hobie Brown’s band of heroes, but she is known more for her intelligence than the strength of her suit. She’s capable of defending herself, but it’s clear that this suit isn’t meant to cause any sort of widespread destruction, primarily to keep her safe from enemies like Kraven and Taskmaster. Her intelligence allows her to steal Norman Osborn’s own War Machine armor for theHowever, the end of an adventure and incorporate it into yours for an update.

2/6 Ironheart Model 2 was strong enough to fight multiple supervillains

The Ironheart Mark II armor with Riri

Riri leveled up when she created the Model 2 version of her armor. Once again modeled after a version of Iron Man’s own suit, Riri’s new armor was significantly more advanced. In fact, the Model 2 was so advanced that Riri couldn’t fly it without the help of an artificial intelligence. Fortunately, she got one in the form of an AI version of Tony Stark himself, who served both as a partial operator of her armor and as a mentor to her in helping her adjust to the world of superheroes.

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In the Model 2, Riri went on several of her first adventures. She single-handedly took on enemies like the Rhino and took on Dr. Doom’s Doombots without much trouble. She was also asked to join the champions, which caused her to lose this outfit. The champions faced Thanos, who took Riri’s armor and destroyed it with terrifying ease.

1/6 Ironheart Model 3 taps into Riri’s experiences as a superhero

Riri Williams in her new Ironheart armor

Riri’s newest armor is the most powerful. After the armor she used to fight Thanos was destroyed, it didn’t take long for Riri to recover and create a new armor, upgrading herself as her mentor has done multiple times. This new armor takes minimal inspiration from the Iron Man armor, looking nothing like previous versions and instead taking on a personality of its own, just like its own version of the classic Iron Man armor.

The Model 3 armor takes ideas from some of his previous battles, including one against the Chitauri, resulting in a faster and stronger suit than what he had before. She even created her own artificial intelligence to help her operate the suit, shying away from Tony Stark’s ghost as her AI. Since Riri doesn’t want to harm anyone, she has loaded the suit with non-lethal weaponry like sonics (much like the rescue armor). While Riri will likely upgrade to the Model 3 in the future, this is the suit that she has held onto the longest, at least for now.

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