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Core points of Gamers

All new Legend skins within the Unshackled Event for Apex Legends

The Unshackled Event is a two-week Apex Legends thematic occasion accomplished within the type of the previously three-week thematic occasions we’ve seen for the previous few seasons. It brings with it the return of the Flashpoint Limited Time Mode (LTM) and 40 brand-new in-game cosmetics. Of these, fairly a couple of are new Legend skins, together with 4 Legendary-tier skins. Let’s have a look.

Unshackled Legend Skins

All Unshackled skins are Legendary or Epic tier, and may be discovered within the 40-piece thematic assortment, except for the limited-time Seer pores and skin from the Prize Tracker. You can unlock the gathering items through Unshackled Packs (solely accessible throughout the occasion), in addition to through Apex Packs and crafting year-round. Here is each Unshackled Legend pores and skin in Apex Legends.

Bad Bot (Legendary Pathfinder pores and skin)

Machine Language (Legendary Crypto pores and skin)

Machine Language

Quantum Collision (Legendary Wraith pores and skin)

Quantum Collision

Slingshot (Legendary Valkyrie pores and skin)


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Collateral Damage (Epic Fuse pores and skin)

Collateral Damage

Death Row (Epic Revenant pores and skin)

Death Row

Desert Doctor (Epic Lifeline pores and skin)

Desert Doctor

Plum Juice (Epic Wattson pores and skin)

Plum Juice

Trapped Dynamite (Epic Seer pores and skin)

Trapped Dynamite

The Unshackled Event runs in Apex Legends from April 19 to May 3.

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