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All Mission types in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

In Darktide, there are a variety of missions that players can accept and carry out in the name of the God-Emperor. These missions comprise the bulk of the Darktide experience and feature varied objectives. Our guide explains all of these mission types and their objectives below.

List of Warhammer 40k Darktide mission types

Seven missions are featured in Darktide, but if you’re playing during the Pre-order beta, some may not be available. Regardless, these missions come in various types and feature unique objectives. Some quest types may also have secondary objectives, such as finding Grimoires or Scriptures, while others only appear on certain maps. Check out the list below for the full breakdown of all mission types in Darktide:

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  • Strike
    • Goal: Strike missions usually require players to interrupt enemy attacks. This usually translates to removing demon growths or stopping other themed attacks.
  • Breaking off
    • Goal: The Disruption mission asks players to stop various Chaos plots.
  • Research
    • Objective: Research missions task players with scanning various objects using a servo-skull. You can also complete an achievement by getting a Data Interrogation without an incorrect Auspex entry.
  • Espionage
    • Goal: This mission is a Work in progress since we have not yet found this mission in the Beta. We imagine the name-based objective will include feeding false information to the forces of Chaos.
    • Murder
      • Goal: Assassination missions revolve around killing a notable Chaos leader or target. Usually this means there is a boss battle at the end of the mission, like Captain Henrik Turnat.
    • Repair
      • Goal: The Repair Mission tasks players with repairing a key piece of equipment or power systems.
    • Raid
      • Goal: In raid missions, players often collect various resources from supply depots.

In general, there is a wide variety of missions to choose from in Darktide. You may not find some missions in the Beta or full version, since the missions are on a rotation cycle. About every hour, new quests with secondary objectives and special events will appear on the map, so check back later if there’s a particular quest you want to complete. You can also complete a Penance called point of view for the Sharpshooter class by playing one of every mission in the game.

How to select a mission in Warhammer 40k Darktide

If you have just completed the prologue and want to start a quest, you can visit the Quest Terminal. You can find the Quest Terminal in the center of Mourningstar, and accessing the terminal shown below will allow you to accept new quests in Darktide. You can find this terminal running directly from the initial spawn location in Mourningstar

Image from Pro Game Guides

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