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All Meteor places after a Star Shower in Rune Factory 5

Star Showers are a phenomenon distinctive to Rune Factory 5. They happen randomly. After a Star Shower day, Meteors will fall within the areas round Rigbarth. They could be mined for Starfall crop seeds.

Meteors can spawn in 5 places on Phoros Woodlands, Kelve Volcanic Region, and Lake Yumina. Here are all of their potential places.

Meteor places in Phoros Woodlands

Meteor places in Kelve Volcanic Region

Meteor places in Lake Yumina

There is normally just one Meteor in a area at a time (so there are three to search out each after Star Shower day). Meteors disappear when mined and you’ll have to await the following Star Shower to search out extra Starfall seeds. It’s beneficial that you just save, seek for every Meteor, and mushy reset the sport.

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Moreover, everytime you load a save file, each rock that you just’ve hammered within the three areas—together with Meteors—will respawn. After you’ve mined the Meteors, save and reload it. By the tip of the day, you’ll have mined a ton of Starfall seeds.

Depending on the season that you just harvest them in, these seeds can develop into one in all 4 Starfall crops: Starfall Strawberry (Spring), Starfall Corn (Summer), Starfall Pumpkin (Autumn), Starfall Potato (Winter). You can plant them in your farm dragons to get the crop you want. Quite a lot of boss monsters actually like them!

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