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Core points of Gamers

All Machine Strike Challengers in Horizon Forbidden West

Machine Strike, the board minigame discovered internationally of Horizon Forbidden West gives gamers with a soothing technique sport on the sting between chess and Risk. While items might be purchased in a number of locations, challengers will solely exist within the bigger cities. We’ll go over the place to seek out all the challengers and what problem stage they are going to be at.

Chainscrape Challenger

The first of the challengers gamers run into is the tutorial runner in Chainscrape. She’ll be in a separate a part of the bar that’s closed off from the remaining. As such, she’ll supply gamers a full tutorial run in addition to a newbie vary of challenges for the participant to finish. Beating all of her challenges grants gamers a Bristleback Strike piece.

Barren Light Challenger

On the outskirts of Barren Light, the place there’s a grouping of tents, gamers ought to be capable to discover the second challenger calling out to passersby. He’ll be sitting alone at a small desk, solely massive sufficient for the sport. He remains to be technically a beginner-level Machine Strike participant, however gamers might wish to purchase some new items so as to battle him. For beating all of his challenges, gamers will obtain a Charger Strike piece.

Plainsong Challenger

In the higher left part of Plainsong, gamers can discover this challenger hidden between the highest and third stage of the construction. Players can discover her sitting amongst different Utaru lounging on this small part. She is one other beginner-level challenger. Beating all three of her challenges will reward gamers a Plowhorn Strike piece.

The Base Challenger

After Erend joins the remainder of Aloy’s group on the Base, gamers can problem him to a sport of Machine Strike. He’ll be out in the principle residing space of the Base, the place nearly all of the companions hang around. His problem varies relying on which challenges gamers strive towards him.

Arrowhead Challenger

When gamers first enter Arrowhead, they need to see a few folks hanging round a ramp. Players can discover the primary intermediate-level challenger simply up that ramp. Make certain to take a look at some totally different Machine Strike items earlier than heading right here. Beating all the three challenges right here will reward gamers with a Skydrifter Strike piece.

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Scalding Spear Challenger

This challenger can be straightforward to seek out in Scalding Spear. Head up the ramp to the proper of the doorway into city. This intermediate Machine Strike participant can be near the Herbalist. Beating all of those challenges will grant the participant a Bellowback Strike piece.

Salt Bite Challenger

Just exterior of the doorway into Salt Bite, gamers can discover this challenger close to the campfire. This is the final of the intermediate challengers. Make certain to choose up some new items right here earlier than heading to the subsequent challenger. For beating all the challenges, gamers will obtain the Longleg Strike piece.

Hidden Ember Challenger

Near the middle of Hidden Ember, gamers can discover the steps by the workbench. Head up them to succeed in the challenger right here. They’ll be the primary expert challenger, giving gamers extra of a problem. Beating all three challenges right here will grant the participant a Rollerback Strike piece.

Fall’s Edge Challenger

This challenger is a bit more durable to seek out. Inside the settlement, gamers ought to head additional in till they attain the small physique of water. The expert challenger can be on prime of the platform above. For beating all three of the challenges, gamers will obtain a Sunwing Strike piece.

Thornmarsh Challenger

Much just like the final challenger, gamers will discover this challenger on a platform above pink water close to the middle of the settlement. This character is the final expert participant that Aloy might want to defeat. Players ought to swap up their items as soon as they’ve beat this challenger. Completing all the challenges right here will grant gamers a Shellsnapper Strike piece.

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The Bulwark Challenger

The first skilled participant might be present in The Bulwark. Head into the primary space with a campfire contained in the wall. This ought to have a path that leads as much as the Stitcher. They can be up right here to the left. Once gamers beat all three of the challenges, they are going to obtain a Ravager Strike piece.

Stone Crest Challenger

This is one other straightforward one to seek out. Head up the steps to the proper of the campfire close to the entrance of the settlement. The path will lead gamers straight to a different skilled challenger. Players will obtain a Widemaw Strike piece for beating all three challenges right here.

Tide’s Reach Challenger

Aloy can discover the primary professional challenger in Tide’s Reach. He’ll be on the prime of the steps, off to the left of the Melee Pit. Players will obtain a Scorcher Strike piece for beating the challenges right here.

Cliffwatch Challenger

To discover this challenger, gamers might want to head down the steps close to the campfire. Here gamers can discover one of many Expert-level challengers within the sport. Remember that after this, each following challenger can be a stage greater than the final. Beating all of their challenges will grant gamers a Clawstrider Strike piece.

Legacy’s Landfall

When gamers enter Legacy’s Landfall settlement, they’ll shortly discover the Machine Strike challenger. They can be within the first tent off to the proper. After this professional participant, solely the Master can be left to defeat. Players can be rewarded a Rockbreaker Strike piece for beating all three of those challenges.

The Memorial Grove Challenger

Inside the Memorial Grove, gamers can discover The Maw, a spot the place every kind of challenges might be made. Players will know they’ve reached the Maw as soon as they attain the massive painted wall. Turn proper from right here and observe the trail to succeed in the ultimate two Master Machine Strike gamers. Beating these two gamers on their challenges will grant gamers an Elemental Clawstrider Strike piece.

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