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All LEGO Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones Minikits

This information will present you the place to seek out all LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Episode 2: Attack of the Clones minikit places. Minikits will be difficult to find since a few of them will be hidden very well in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. They are value it to seek out although as accumulating all 5 in every degree rewards you with a ship to make use of in free play mode.

The recreation truly lets you purchase hints within the type of “Rumors” which value 30,000 studs every. Though the costly value of Rumors will be minimized by buying sure upgrades. If you’ve performed by a degree and are having points discovering a specific one, a rumor for the remaining minikits will probably be obtainable to buy in your holoprojector.

But this information will present you all minikit places in Episode 2 so that you don’t need to waste studs find them for your self. There are a complete of 25 minikits in Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

A Wrestle With Wessel

Maybe Just One More Time minikit

This minikit will be discovered surrounded by electrical currents. This comes proper after ending the ultimate energy coupling gate simply earlier than the part is over. The electrical currents received’t hurt you so you may drive over and accumulate the minikit.

Rumor: “Ignore Obi-Wan’s advice about this particular power coupling!”

Shiny Hologram Edition minikit

This minikit requires you to destroy all of the hologram minikit projections throughout the metropolis chase sequence. After you’ve destroyed them, the minikit is yours.

Rumor: “Collect the whole set!”

Fresh Off the Van minikit

This minikit will be discovered after destroying some cargo carried by a forklift early into the extent.

Rumor: “No time to wait for this delivery!”

Instant Delivery minikit

This minikit is cleverly hidden behind a big minikit hologram projection within the center part of town chase sequence. Fly by the hologram to seize the minikit.

Rumor: “That minikit hologram looks like it could be hiding something… But what?!”

Advertising Overload minikit

This minikit requires you to destroy all of the promoting boards within the ultimate elements of town chase sequence. You can do that simply by prolonging your battle with Wessell.

Rumor: “Too many ads around here… Someone should do something about that!”

After getting all A Wrestle With Wessel minikits, you’re going to get the “Naboo Royal Cruiser” as a reward.

The Hunt For Jango LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 2

The Hunt For Jango

Reception minikit

This minikit requires that you just destroy 5 satellites within the degree.

Rumor: “Those satellites belong to the Trade Federation on Geonosis. Wipe them out!”

Mini-Comet minikit

This minikit is inside a small comet which you need to blow as much as accumulate the minikit inside.

Rumor: “What an oddly-shaped asteroid…”

Rock On minikit

This minikit will be discovered beneath some bigger asteroids within the degree. You might need to go searching the extent to seek out it.

Rumor: “Mind how you go around the larger asteroids…”

Tunnel Vision minikit

This minikit will be discovered inside the biggest asteroid. You need to fly by its tunnels to seek out it.

Rumor: “Only capable pilots can navigate asteroid tunnels. And only capable-r pilots can find goodies hidden inside!”

I Wanna Rock minikit

This minikit will be discovered floating close to one of many 5 satellites.

Rumor: “Eyes peeled for anything of value in that asteroid field…”

After getting all The Hunt For Jango minikits, you’ll get “Jango’s Starship” as a reward.

Droid Factory LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 2

Droid Factory

Factory Sample minikit

This minikit is on the manufacturing flooring the place new droids are being assembled. Keep your eye on the meeting line for when the minikit passes after which shoot the equipment in order that the collector drops down so you may seize it.

Rumor: “Ahh… Nothing beats that new minikit smell!”

Art Critic minikit

This minikit is additional away from the droid manufacturing flooring the place you’ll discover a robotic arm portray the forged of LEGO Star Wars. Wait for the machine to color a minikit earlier than blasting the portray and utilizing the elements to construct one your self.

Rumor: “Such amazing artwork is too good for this world. You’ll have to break it!”

Smuggler Juggler minikit

This minikit is behind a secret space within the droid manufacturing flooring. You’re going to wish a personality that may use explosives and a personality that may use hooks. Look for the orange, metallic contraption and blow it up which is able to reveal a brand new space so that you can enter. There is a minikit inside you need to use the hook to accumulate.

Rumor: “This droid is never going to drop anything without some interference…”

Fancy Fan Fix-up minikit

This minikit will be discovered by activating the Imperial frequent console at the start of the extent after which leaping down the chute. You want an Imperial character for this and after leaping down the chute, you need to see the minikit after leaping on prime of the urgent machine.

Rumor: “Sometimes you’ve just got to go against the flow!”

Conveyor Belt Backtrack minikit

For the Conveyor Belt Backtrack minikit, go to the furnace at the beginning of the conveyor belt and shoot the contraption on prime of the bridge. Climb the ladder to get to the minikit on prime of the furnace. You want a personality who can shoot by objects to get to the second minikit.

Rumor: “While you’re here, why not fix up some of this dodgy machinery?”

After getting all of the Droid Factory minikits, you’ll get the “Jedi Starfighter” as a reward.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Petranaki Panic

Petranaki Panic

Gate Expectations minikit

This minikit is behind the big metal gate which requires you to make use of one of many androids to decode the gatekeeping machine. You can use R2D2 to decode and open the gate after which seize the ultimate minikit.

Rumor: “There must be a way to open that main gate…”

Big Bully! minikit

This minikit will be acquired after destroying the 5 mini-castle within the degree.

Rumor: “Looks like someone’s had some fun in the sand. Ruin it!”

Out of Sight, Out of Mind minikit

This minikit will be discovered within the enviornment inside on of the numerous alcoves surrounding the realm. You want a scavenger software to interrupt down the bars and seize the minikit.

Rumor: “Something’s stashed behind one of the entrance doors.”

Turret Target Tasks minikit

This minikit requires that you just shoot down 5 floating targets. There is an object subsequent to metal door that you could destroy with explosives to rebuild as a turret.

Rumor: “A turret can be used for more than taking down the arena creatures!”

Fancy Door, Fancy Contents! minikit

This minikit will be discovered behind some metal bars on the opposite facet of the place the second minikit is situated. You want a personality who can use explosives to interrupt down the bars and get the minikit.

Rumor: “If the door is silver, there must be something even better behind it!”

After getting all of the Petranaki Panic minikits, you’ll get the “Republic Assault Ship” as a reward.

The Battle of the Jedi

Scavenger Hunt minikit

This minikit is within the first space of the extent, go searching for the primary level to shoot the web launcher at after which use the atmosphere to climb your solution to the web. You want a personality just like the Scavenger that may use a web launcher to get to first minikit. You’ll need to do some platforming to get to the highest which has the minikit.

Rumor: “Top tip: Scavengers can access hard-to-reach areas with their crafting ability.”

Gold Digger minikit

For the Gold Digger minikit, when you get to the second space of the extent, the one with the ravine beneath you, there’s a golden merchandise protruding from the wall. Find that merchandise after which use a personality with a robust blaster to destroy the gold exterior and get the minikit beneath.

Rumor: “Make use of high-powered weapons to retrieve this minikit!”

Cave Dweller minikit

Once you’re contained in the darkish cave stairs, search for a door that may be destroyed by a scavenger character. This minikit is inside this location.

Rumor: “These caves are just begging to be scavenged…”

Bug Repellent minikit

This minikit is in the identical space with the golden pipes, there may be an Imperial console the place you want to insert the sample which will provide you with the bricks you need to use to assemble a turret. After development, 4 enemies will spawn which you’ll need to take out earlier than getting the minikit.

Rumor: “There must be a way to deal with the infestation in the hangar…”

Lost and Found minikit

There is a minikit within the space with golden pipes that’s hidden behind some furnishings. You’ll have to modify to a Force-sensitive character to maneuver objects round and seize the minikit.

Rumor: “There’s bound to be some good loot among all that loose cargo in the hangar!”

After getting all The Battle of the Jedi minikits, you’ll get the “Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer” as a reward.

That’s it for LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga All Minikit Locations in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. You can take a look at our different LEGO Star Wars guides you is perhaps concerned about.

Check out this Youtube video from Game Guides Channel the place it’s proven the place you could find all minikits for the Hunt For Jango degree.

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