All Lake of Nine Collections (100% Completion)


The Lake of Nine in GOW Ragnarok is constantly updated with new activities and collectibles as you progress through the story, such as destroying Odin’s Ravens or collecting more artifacts. It is best to clear all items in this area after finishing the main campaign.

Key takeaways

  • There is 10 different types of collectibles and side activities at the Lake of Nine.
  • Some collectibles can be found easily on the ground, while others will require you to unlock the Draupnir Spear first.
  • Side Activities Includes destroying Odin’s ravens and fighting a mini-boss. Draeger Holes.
  • Some side activities like Remnants of Agard are unlocked only after beating the main story in GOW Ragnarok.
  • You will need to collect all of them to get 100% in the Lake of Nine area.

Important: More collectibles and activities are unlocked as you progress through the main campaign, so go for 100% completion after beating the main story.

Buried treasure

Location of First Buried Treasure (photo taken by us)

The first can be found near the buried treasure Ryder Fort Nine in the lake. However, to actually spawn the treasure in the location pictured above, you’ll first need to get your hands on a lore scroll known as the Demise of Destroyer. That scroll can be found in The. Applecore Located in Svartalfheim.

  • In addition to the scroll, you will also need to unlock the Draupnir Spear in GOW Ragnarok.
  • You’ll actually need to break through the ice wall with the spear to get your hands on the treasure.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the spare yet, consider checking out our guide on how to unlock it. Spear Drops. By our guide writer Abdul Hadi.
Location of the second buried treasure (photo taken by eXputer)

Another can be found on the ground near the entrance to the buried treasure. The abode of the invaders. Now, you have to make a deposit. Treasure map To create treasure. This map can be found in Ryder Fort, which is also located in the Lake of Nine. After getting the map, make your way to the location shown in the image above.


Location of The First Lore (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • The first legend can actually be found near the Mystic Gateway, near Rider Fort in GOW Ragnarok’s Lake of Nine.
  • You’ll need to go behind the gateway, and a legend can be read on a fragment of a broken tire statue.
Location of The Second Lore (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Finding the next piece of knowledge is much easier because it can be read from. Big helmet Of the statue in the lake of Nain.
  • You can find this large helmet near the bridge of the temple of Tyr, and the helmet icon can also be seen on the map.
Location of Third Lore (photo taken by us)
  • Once you get to the other side of the bridge to the Temple of Tire you will find the third piece.
  • It can be read from a. Columnar structure Stuck in the ice in the Lake of Nine.
Location of The Forth Lore (Photo courtesy of Xporter)
  • At the location shown in the image above, you’ll find your final story in the Lake of Nine.
  • However, there is one A wall of ice That you have to break in here using the Dropner Spear to access the knowledge.

A guiding light

Location of the first guiding light (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • The first guiding light is actually located right next to the first legend found across the mystical gateway. The abode of the invaders. It can be lifted from the ground.
Location of the second guiding light (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
  • Make your way to the big one Helmet construction Found in the Lake of Nine to get your hands on the second Guiding Light.
Location of Third Guiding Light (photo taken by us)
  • The last guiding light is located near it with the third piece of Lar. Columnar structure Found on the other side of the bridge to the Temple of Tyre.


Location of the first artifact (image captured by eXputer)
  • There are three Specimens in No Lake Area.
  • The first pattern is very well hidden. Under the Temple of Tyre.
  • You can access it from the edge of the large helmet in the Lake of Nine.
  • Destroy the ice covering the entrance, and you’ll find the first artifact inside.
  • Confuse the ice wall with the entrance to the Raider Stronghold, which is on the left.
Location of the second artifact (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • At the point shown in the picture above you will cross the stairs into the Lake of Nine.
  • Climb them, and it will lead you to a dead body with another artifact next to it.
Location of the third artifact (image credit copyright: eXputer)
  • The final artifact can be found near the entrance to the Raider Stronghold.
  • Basically, you have to go. Under the bridge of the Temple of Tyre.
  • Find a platform with another dead body, and the artifact is right next to it.

Odin’s Ravens

Location of the first Odin’s Raven (photo courtesy of us)
  • The first Odin’s Raven can be found near the entrance. The abode of the invaders.
First Odin’s Raven In-Game (Photo via eXputer)
  • He can be seen sitting on the structure shown in the picture above.
Second Odin Raven location (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • The second and last is Odin’s Raven at the Lake of Nine On the south side of the Temple of Tyre In GOW Ragnarok.
Second Odin’s Raven in-game (image credit copyright: eXputer)
  • As shown in the picture above, there is an opening to the south, and you will find the Raven here.
  • If you want to destroy everyone. 48 Odin’s Ravens In GOW Ragnarok, Then consult our guide on the subject. Senior Guide Writer Moeez Banuri.

Yggdrasil Rifts

Location of Yggdrasil Rift (photo taken by us)

Once Yggdrasil Rifts become available in different circle God of War Ragnarok, you can also find in a Lake of Nine. It is quite easy to reach due to its location. Playground where you fought Thor At the beginning of the campaign. The arena can be reached through the Temple of Tyre.

Draeger Holes

Location of Drager Hole (photo taken by eXputer)

The Lake of Nine only has one Dragger Hole where you can fight mini-bosses to get upgrade items. Blade of chaos. The Dragger Hole is located to its left. the abode of the invaders, And you can easily get it by traveling to the King’s Tomb in GOW Ragnarok.

Berserker Gravestones

Location of The Berserker Gravestone (screenshot taken by EXputer)

The only Berserker tombstone found in the Lake of Nine is located near Rider Fort’s mystical gateway. It is directly in front of it. Haleham Tower Also can be seen on frozen ice. Interact with the tombstone to fight the Berserker inside.

  • Make sure you also have Skofnung’s Inert Hilt, which allows you to interact with the tombstone.
  • This item is automatically obtained while playing through the main campaign.

Remnants of Asgard

Location of the remains of Asgard (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Remnants of Asgard only spawns after you complete GOW Ragnarok’s main campaign. There is only one such encounter in the Lake of Nine, and it’s very easy to find. Asgard is located on the remains of the encounter. Above the bridge of the Temple of Tyre.

Legendary chest

Location of The Legendary Chest (photo courtesy of us)

There is an ice wall that you can break through. On the west side of No Lake. Additionally you’ll need to get your hands on the Draupnir Spear to break through the ice wall. After breaking through the wall, a Frost Phantom boss fight will begin. Defeat the boss by destroying the pillars hidden around the arena.

The Legendary Chest in the Lake of Nine (Image courtesy of Xporter)

My experience at No Area Lake

In my experience, Spear and The ax Helped a lot in defeating the Frost Phantom boss guarding the legendary chest. Once you defeat the boss, you can unlock the only legendary chest in the Lake of Nine. I (PSN: ELiTExNoGuns) With the platinum GOW Ragnarok 60+ hours Here, so you can rest assured that the information I’ve discussed will help you complete the Lake of Nine area with ease.

God of War Ragnarok is a perfect ending to Kratos’ journey and completes the character arc. Atreus And Freya as well as. It brings back. The Muspelheim Trials As well as this but with a different and better twist. There are many more realms you can explore, and the boss battles are just amazing, one in particular Heimdall.

This concludes my guide on the location of all collectibles including the Artifacts and Odin’s Ravens in the Lake of No in GOW Ragnarok. I have not only included all the stockpiling locations, but also mentioned the side encounters in the area. I hope the guide helped you achieve 100% completion in Lake of Nine. Let me know what you think about it. Ragnarok, God of War In the comments below!

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