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All items in Call of Duty MW2 Neymar Jr bundle

In Call of Duty MW2 and Warzone 2, players can purchase various bundles and cosmetics that feature different Operators. The Neymar Jr pack is now available in-game, and soccer fans are excited to see one of the biggest superstars in the game. In fact, Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi will also arrive in different packs during Season 1. Here are all the cosmetics, blueprints, and items players can get from the Neymar Jr pack in Call of Duty MW2 and Warzone 2.

CoD MW2 Neymar Jr Bundle Price, Cosmetics, Blueprints & More

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The Neymar Jr pack can be bought in the Store tab and costs around 2,400 COD Points This package features eight different elementsincluding one Operator mask and two weapon blueprints.. Weapon blueprints already have attachments equipped, making them good to use right off the bat. Blueprints are customizable and you can experiment with different attachments in the gunsmith. Here are all the items in the Neymar Jr. Operator Pack.

  • Operator skin of Neymar Jr.
  • Finishing move of all kicks
  • The Dreaded: Blueprint BAS-P SMG
  • Longball: SO-14 Battle Rifle Blueprint
  • Ocean Gym: Vehicle Skin
  • Speed ​​Boost Weapon Sticker
  • Neymar Jr 10 Gun Charm
  • emblem of run faster

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Neymar Jr’s operator skin and All Kicks finishing move are the highlights of this pack. The Brazilian soccer star now has character skins in different games, including Fortnite and Call of Duty MW2. The BAS-P SMG is a new weapon added with the Season 1 Battle Pass, and players can get one of the best blueprints for this weapon by purchasing the Neymar Jr.

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