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All Gungrave GORE Abilities List

Gungrave GORE is an action-packed shooter where success depends on how you use the abilities that the anti-hero Beyond The Grave has at your disposal. Simply shooting the enemies won’t be enough, as you need to quickly destroy them before a new wave arrives. Fortunately, there are plenty of powerful abilities that you can use to take out dozens of enemies at the same time. Here’s a list of Gungrave GORE abilities so you can be even deadlier.

Gungrave GORE Skills Guide

  • Burst mode: rapid fire
  • Blood Cannon: Launch the enemy into the air and shoot them.
  • Death Spear – Charge up your weapons to deal one-shot damage that can instantly kill enemies.
  • Wrecking Point Upgrade
  • Wrecking Shot – Ultimates that deal high damage and use up wrecking points.
  • executioner’s blood
  • Funeral Strike – Swing the coffin to damage and knock down enemies.
  • Fury Mode – Allows you to increase your damage in a short amount of time.
  • Horror Earthquake –
  • Power Smash – Slams the enemy to the ground, dealing damage to nearby opponents.
  • Storm Barrage – Shoots rapid fire damage in all directions.

Gungrave GORE Funeral Strike Completion Skill List

  • Cannon of Doom – Funeral Strike finishing ability where you kick enemies.
  • Wheel of Death: A saw blade comes out of the coffin to finish off enemies.
  • Fatal Charge: You can charge and knock down opponents.
  • Wind Sweep – Coffin swing that knocks back enemies.

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Gungrave GORE Storm Barrage Finishing Skill List

  • Storm Barrage: Dodge Shot – Combo move that allows you to dodge and shoot in all directions.
  • Storm Barrage: Jump Shot – Use this combo to jump while shooting in all directions.

All demolition shot skills on Gungrave GORE

  • Blood Rain – Your coffin, Death Hauler, launches multiple mini-rockets.
  • Death Drive: The Death Hauler splits into two large swords that you use to slice and dice.
  • Death Sentence: The coffin transforms into a laser gun that can shoot in all directions.
  • Doom’s Rain – The coffin fires six homing missiles at enemies.
  • Graveyard – This is a special ability that slows down the movement of enemies.
  • Hellbound – Coffin converts to minigun that fires high caliber rounds.
  • Hellfire – Death Hauler turns into a flamethrower.
  • Raging Inferno – Use a combination of coffin to hit enemies near you and pistols to shoot them.
  • Seed Fall – Your coffin turns into a cannon that fires a round that pierces through enemies.

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