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All Graveborne Class Combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes class constructing to the subsequent degree due to multiclassing. Bunkers and Badasses permits Fatemakers to select their most important class and spec right into a secondary class, spreading 44 talent factors nonetheless they see match. The Graveborne acts as a necromantic basis for its 5 offshoots.

Graveborne Multiclassing

  • Brr-Reaver: Graveborne and Brr-Zerker
  • Gloombringer: Graveborne and Clawbringer
  • Deadshot: Graveborne and Spellshot
  • Morticulturalist: Graveborne and Spore Warden
  • Bonecarver: Graveborne and Stabbomancer

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The Graveborne could be specced in one in all two instructions, Leech injury or further results on spell casting. As such, lessons just like the Spellshot pair remarkably nicely with the Graveborne. After all, nothing pairs higher with spell casting like extra spells. But, that is to not say that Leech builds aren’t viable with lessons just like the Gloombringer and Bonecarver.

That being mentioned, there could be some distinctive combos. Those that wish to stay out their “Lich King” fantasy can mix the frozen may of the Brr-Zerker with the Graveborne. Ice and Leech injury hold foes locked down whereas concurrently sapping their life power.

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