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All Frozen Rebel areas in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

One of the challenges in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is to search out the entire Rebel Locations in Hoth. We have pictures that can assist you discover all of those Rebels. You’ll want to search out 10 Rebels to free all of them.

First Rebel

To the correct of the touchdown pad is the primary one.

Map Coordinates

Second Rebel

Go a bit north to search out the subsequent frozen Rebel, they’re subsequent to a black pc.

Map Coordinates

Third Rebel

You’ll discover this third Frozen Rebel to the east of the final one.

Map Coordinates

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Fourth Rebel

The fourth Frozen Rebel shall be south of the final one.

Map Coordinates

Fifth Rebel

Between the earlier two Frozen Rebels, contained in the room would be the fifth.

Map Coordinates

  • X: -33.3
  • Y: -0.1
  • Z: -1.2

Sixth Rebel

To discover the sixth Frozen Rebel shall be north up the identical hallway.

Map Coordinates

  • X: -30.0
  • Y: 0.0
  • Z: -21.9

Seventh Rebel

The subsequent Frozen Rebels are on the opposite aspect of the map. Find this one with these map coordinates

Map Coordinates

Eighth Rebel

The eighth Frozen Rebel is to the south of the final one, and is near the subsequent one, proper earlier than the command middle.

Map Coordinates

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Ninth Rebel

The ninth Frozen Rebel will must be discovered by means of puzzle. To enter the room with a Kyber Brick inside, you should destroy the console within the middle of the room and activate the presentation.

Map Coordinates

After that, you may want to position them within the appropriate order. From left to proper, it must be:

  • AT-ST
  • TIE Fighter
  • AT-AT
  • TIE-Bomber

Once you may have all 4 within the appropriate order, the door will open. Go inside and free the ninth Rebel.

Tenth Rebel

The last Frozen Rebel is hidden behind a locked door. The password is discovered within the beneath coordinates.

Map Coordinates

Get the password with C-3PO and go to this location to search out the key entryway.

Map Coordinates

Break C-3PO in two and have his two separate physique elements undergo the tunnel. Then, have him reassemble and put the code into the pc terminal within the room. From there, the door will open, permitting you to get the final Frozen Rebel within the room throughout the corridor.

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