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Core points of Gamers

All Football Frenzy Quests & Rewards in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games for the whole family, with new content coming regularly to the game, including exciting events like Football Frenzy. Interact with various soccer fields spread across the map and play with friends as you try to score goals and win those royal victories. Complete some unique challenges in any of the standard modes to earn rewards, like an exclusive soccer-themed spray.

All Football Frenzy missions in Fortnite

You can complete these missions in any of the standard Fortnite modes, like Battle Royale or Zero Build, and it doesn’t matter if you play solo, duos, trios, or squads. Hovering over each challenge in the Quest menu will reveal the locations of all the soccer fields that you can use to complete these tasks:

  • Eliminate 3 opponents in a single match (3)
  • Hit an enemy from more than 75 meters away (1)
  • Land on a soccer field and finish in the top 10 players in a single match (1)
  • Score a goal in 2 different matches (two)
  • Slide and dance within 10 seconds of scoring a goal (1)
  • Visit 2 soccer fields in a single match (two)

This is a great way to see soccer-themed items on the map and also earn rewards like extra XP and an exclusive soccer spray.

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All Football Frenzy rewards in Fortnite

These rewards will only be available until December 3, 2022so get them before they disappear by completing the above challenges.

  • Each mission: 20k XP
  • Complete Soccer Missions (4): Go for Goal Spray

Celebrate the World Cup by completing these soccer-themed missions and earn the exclusive Go for Goal spray that you can show off to your friends as you interact with the special soccer fields available on the map and flaunt your Let Them Know skins and accessories. These are also a great way to earn some extra XP and claim whatever you want from the battle pass before it’s gone.

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